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Elgin Watches

Elmer Yurs at Elgin manufactoryElgin watch companyElgin was launched in 1864, soon after the Civil War. In 1867, the first clock was produced and placed at the BW Raymond railway station. During the next 100 years the company had released over 60 million clocks and watches. Elgin company presented its first wrist watch in 1910, and had come to the fore in the American watch market. Initially, the company was known as National Watch Company. But the brand hasn't maintained this name, and in 1874, it was renamed  Elgin National Watch Company. The company has contributed to the development of the elegant accessories, and the customers all over the world called these models “watches by Elgin”. This name had been widely known till 1960. In this year the company halted the watch production and changed its name to Eldgin National Industries.  Eldgin was the first company, that began to develop pocket watches with the porcelain dials and the interchangeable movement parts. Till 1850, the watches had been produced mainly by hand. But the members of Eldgin company realized, that there were great prospects of producing the high quality watches at the affordable prices. Having adopted this concept, the company got involved in the production of factory-made parts instead of hand-made elements. Eldgin watches have never been considered elite products, but these models have taken its honorable place in the middle price bracket in the watch market. Up to the present day, many watch fans buy Eldgin models for their private collections, as the company has released such a great number of watches and interchangeable watch parts, that you can easily repair even the most old model by Elgin. So, after a century, one can use any Elgin watch but very carefully. They say, a mechanical watch cannot compete in its precision with a quartz one, that is why there is a widely-spread opinion, that nothing is better than a quartz watch. At the present time you can buy Elgin watches in the specialty stores and  antique shops. You can also purchase these watches by making an on-line order.

Elgin manufactory

Elgin mechanism schematic image Elgin mechanism Elgin mechanism

 Elgin manufactory

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