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Delaloye Genève Watches

Nicolas DelaloyeNicolas Delaloye was born in 1970 and was educated at one of the most prestigious watchmaking schools in Geneva, where he became a watch craftsman. After getting a brilliant education, Nicolas cooperated with famous watch brands, perfecting his professional skills. After working at many famous companies, Nicolas decided to create his own wrist watches, that would reflect his own vision of both  wrist watches' technical part and design.
 At the moment watchmaker Nicolas Delaloye works on his own, amazing and enchanting everyone with his passion for creating unique and original movements, which are great examples of mature classic watchmaking traditions with the independent watchmaker's original innovative elaborations. The main criteria, Nicolas is guided by in his wrist watches creation, is the great respect for the old watchmaking traditions, created by the past centuries' great watchmakers, their craftsmanship, their pieces' excellence and genius. Thanks namely to the inspiration, Nicolas gets from the great watchmaking experts' works, the wrist watches, created by him are absolutely unique watchmaking art masterpieces, made of thoroughly selected materials, high countermark gold for the cases, high quality natural nacre for the dials, natural leather for the straps.
 The best engravers and guilloche experts work on Nicolas Delaloye's watches' creation. And, finally, Nicolas Deleloye wrist watches are produced on the basis of manufacture ND 01 movements.
 Nicolas chooses experts, who share his point of view and know the heritage of the famous watch craftsmen, accumulated for centuries, very well to elaborate and produce his watches. This knowledge has to be combined with the individuality of the expert, who will be able to give the classic traditions a new modern breath.

Delaloye watch assembly

 The “ND 01s” movement.
 The creation of the manufacture movement took Nicolas Delaloye about 2 years of hard and meticulous work. The mechanical ND 01s movement with manual self-rewinding indexes hours and minutes on a supplementary disk, situated at the “6” position. The movement's total diameter is 28 millimeters and its width doesn't exceed 4.4 mm.
 The ND 01s caliber has a 72-hour power reserve, provided by the barrel, the hidden ratchet-wheel gear and the so-called “wolf's teeth” system. The balance's frequency is 18000 oscillations per hour, the movement is also supplied with a Breguet balance-spring. All movement's gear details are executed by hand, all other movement details are polished. The movement is made on the basis of 22 sardiuses. Each movement is supplied with a plate with an engraved number, that corresponds with the number, engraved in the watch's case.

mechanism ND01s mechanism ND01s mechanism ND01s

The collections.
 Nicolas Delaloye wrist watches are represented by men's and women's wrist watches and wrist watches with complications.
Chronograph ND 41.c.r Men's Nicolas Delaloye watchesWomen's watch Delaloye Genève are distinctive for their consistent elegant classic “outlook”. Round cases, Arabic hour indexes and the “light”, nonintrusive dials' execution are characteristic of the watches. Men's Nicolas Delaloye watches are distinctive for the classic manhood of design, usage of gold for cases production and usage of natural leather for straps production.
 Women's Nicolas Delaloye wrist watches are the perfect classics of female charm, the talented designer managed to reflect in his every model. The same as for the men's collection, these watches are characterized by round cases and “clear” dials.  The women's watches are made, using hand engraving. Women's Nicolas Delaloye watches are classic in their design and very feminine.

 The complications.
 Nicolas Delaloye also produces watches with complications.
 For example, the “Chronograph ND 41 c.r.” model is “vested” with a 41-mm case, made of 18-carat red gold. The model's dial is made, using silver circular finishing, which harmoniously combines with the guilloche tracery, made of red gold in the center of the dial. The plated Arabic numeric indexes are made of red gold. The meters, situated at the “3”, “6” and “9” positions are made of nacre.
 The Chronograph ND 41 c.r. model is based on the Valjoux 71 movement with manual rewind and 14 lines (31,2 mm.), a line is a traditional watch movement size measure, that equals 2,255 mm., with the column wheel and 19 sardiuses and also the Breguet balance-spring. The case back is double – made of sapphire crystal and red gold. The power reserve is 40 hours. The watch's strap is made of natural alligator leather and supplied with a fold-out red gold buckle.

Chronograph ND 41.c.r backside

 The Perpetual Calendar ND 41QP.r model is executed in the best classic Swiss watchmaking traditions. The 41-mm round case is made of 18-carat red gold, which is originally supplemented by a blue guilloche dial. The plated hour indexes and hands are made of red gold. The model operates on the basis of its personal caliber is supplied with such complications, as a perpetual calendar, day, month and a leap year indicators. The case back is made of sapphire crystal.
 The movement with manual rewind has a 3-day power reserve. The model's strap is made of natural alligator leather and supplies with a fold-out buckle, made of red gold. The model's water resistance is 30 metres.

Perpetual Calendar ND41QP.g and Perpetual Calendar ND 41QP.r

 The third model, presented by Nicolas Delaloye in the “complications” category is the “Perpetual Calendar ND41QP.g.” model. One of the main motives at this model's creation was the classic combination of black and red colours. The watch's case, made of 18-carat red gold, has the diameter of 41 mm. The dial is made of black carbon, the numeric indexes are bright red.
 The watch operates on the basis of the exclusive ND 01 caliber and are supplied with such complications, as a perpetual calendar, day, month and a leap year indicators. The case back is made of sapphire crystal, the power reserve is 3 days. The model's water resistance is 30 metres, the strap is made of natural leather and supplied with a fold-out buckle, made of red gold.
 In one word, Nicolas Delaloye watches are for those, who prefer the permanent consistent sophisticated and elegant classics, executed in the best Swiss watchmaking traditions.

New Timepiece with Perpetual Calendar by Nicolas Delaloye New Timepiece with Perpetual Calendar by Nicolas Delaloye
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