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De Havilland Watches

Patrick GuerneJean-Daniel CarrardDe Havilland is a watch company, creating wrist watches for pilots. The company was founded by 2 friends – Jean-Daniel Carrard and Patrick Guerne. Jean-Daniel Carrard is the founder and the director of JDC Electronics SA company in Yverdon-les-Bains in Switzerland. Carrard is the inventor of the magnetic sensors mechanisms control system, he is heading the company's research department and he's the author of measuring instruments for meteorological stations' navigation. Moreover, Carrard is a film director and a photographer. Patrick Guerne is the founder and the director of a graphic arts company in La Chaux-de-Fonds. He is an aviator and also an inventor, a film director and a photographer. The friends, both ex-test pilots, decided to create a watch, that would keep information about take-offs and landings time and count the flight's total time in 2003. The idea of such a watch creation came to them while piloting a biplane – a plane with 2 pairs of wings, situated one above the other. The construction enables you to get a bigger square of wings and ascensional power with a smaller wingspread, which is very importaint, when you have a lack of soundness. The thought of such a watch was very logical, because piloting a biplane and using a pen and paper is not convenient. The log-book function could be carried out by a regular watch, supplied with some necessary functions.
De Havilland watch strap with clasp Carrard and GuerneDe Havilland watch mechanism united their knowledge and skills and, as a result, De Havilland company was set up. De Havilland watches are supplied with a log-book function, an altimeter or an altitude measurer – the air navigation instrument, that measures the flight altitude. De Havilland watches are characterized by single-piece waterproof cases and the unique control system with the help of magnetic sensors.
 De Havilland watches are an embodiment of innovative technologies. The exclusive models are characterized by a lot of functions, necessary primarily for pilots. Every watch detail is chosen in a way for it to be convenient in usage: the crown, the chronograph buttons without springs, the rotating bezels, the strap buckles. The experts didn't forget about the movement too: it was decided in favour of quartz movements, that can provide the watches' precision.
Aviation steel watch Elevation Titanium watch DH-100De Havilland company offers unique models, supplied with the functions, that can be used by pilots even while wearing pilots' gloves. One button action and the menu, where you can find any information, is opened. The rotating bezel starts acting as a cursor scroll,360 enabling you to “travel” around the functions. The watch is equipped with a calculator, a log-book with all flight data, where you can enter the take-offs and landings times, an altimeter and a barometer – an instrument for atmospheric pressure measuring.
 The round 43-mm De Havilland watches' cases are made of steel or titanium. The multicolored dials are supplied with Arabic digits and 2 hands, covered with luminescent coating. A little below the “6” index, there's a small LCD-display, which prints all information the pilot needs. The dials are protected by sapphire crystals, covered with antireflective coating. The models are supplied with leather straps of different colors with steel or titanium buckles, depending on the case. There are serial numbers on all watches' case backs. The models are water resistant up to 50 metres. The watches are equipped with Swiss quartz movements.
 Convenient and sustainable De Havilland watches with multiple functions are what pilots need. The ex-pilots created unique models, that have all the necessary information for pilots.

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