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Daniel Roth Watches

Daniel RothThe Swiss Daniel Roth watchDaniel Roth manufactory brand was founded by an independent watchmaker, Daniel Roth, in 1989 in Vallee de Joux. This expert's name has become significant in the high watchmaking art since the first Daniel Roth watch's creation. Professionals appreciated Daniel Roth watches at once, because all watches are equipped with high quality movements and numerous function complications and originally designed supplementary indicators. Daniel Roth offered a new original watch cases shape in the form of a truncated ellipse on its sides, which made the brand's watches recognizable. In 1999 Daniel Roth watch brand was taken over by Gerald Roden, who kept the watch company's traditional elaborations and designed the company's future development concept. In 2000 Daniel Roth watch company, together with Gerald Genta company, was bought by Bulgary group, which invested funds into these watch companies' further technical development to organize a full cycle watch production. In the same year Daniel Roth company started designing its own wrist watch caliber. Main research was made in Meyrin  (a Geneva suburb). Later the elaboration was passed to a manufacture in Le Sentier, situated in the famous Swiss Vallee de Joux, 1000 metres above the sea level between the Jura mountain ranges. Daniel Roth company's main productive facilities are situated in Le Sentier, where the new pieces' creation and quality control take place. Most watch details are produced at this very manufacture and many watch movements are assembled here too. The watches'Daniel Roth watch assembly engineering prototypes are being tested at the manufacture for months. Only after this the watches are put into production. Daniel Roth manufacture creates almost all elements itself, thanks to its high technical equipment status. With the help of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) programs, sketches are transformed into 3-dimensional models, that are embodied into real wrist watch models after the long production, testing and control process. Daniel Roth manufacture increases its production capacities in order to reach maximum independence from suppliers. A significant part of the movements, produced at the watch manufacture is marked with the “Geneva Seal”.
Daniel Roth manufactoryIn 2007 the production at Le Sentier was broadened. Daniel Roth has retired from the watch company's government, but Daniel Roth watch brand still keeps the spirit of traditions and the strive for the watches' highest quality, established by the brand's founder. Thanks to the watches' unusual design, their movements' technical input and the highest execution quality, Daniel Roth watch brand's recognizability and prestige stay the same.
Daniel Roth brand's watches are represented by 2 collections: “MASTERS” and “ACADEMIE”. The MASTERS watch collection consists of the following lines: “Tourbillon”, “Perpetual Calendar”, “Striking Watches”. The “Tourbillon” watch line is divisible into the following series: “8 Day”, “Retrograde Date”, “Perpetual Calendar”, “Tourbillon Lumiere”. The “Perpetual Calendar” line is divisible into the following series: “Instantaneuse”, “With moon phases”, “Time equation”, “Chronograph”.
 The ACADEMIE collection consists of the following lines: “Chronograph Vintage”, “Ellipsocurvex”, “Metropolitan DT”, “Athis”. The “Ellipsocurvex” line is divided into the following series:  “Chronomax” and “Papillon”. The “Athis” line is divisible into the following series: “Athis I”, “Athis II”, “Athis III”.
Daniel Roth watch assembly The  “8 Day TourbillonDaniel Roth watch assembly Power Reserve” watch model has a supplementary drive gear, driven by 2 side crowns. This system provides the model's 200-hour non-stop power reserve. One more of peculiarity of the watch is its bifacialness – it has 2 dials. The case is fold-out and there are the date indicator and the power reserve indicator on the “second dial”. One more famous men's wrist watch model from Daniel Roth is the “Masters Tourbillion Lumiere” with a carved movement, consisting of 200 engraved and hand polished to a mirror finish details. Daniel Roth latest model, the “Elipsocurvex Minute Repeater”, has a repeater with a distinctive gong sound – something between the piano and the xylophone sound. The sound's length and purity are provided by the original placement of the gongs, hung in the movement's central part, which provides their maximum sound. Daniel Roth watch manufacture also produces limited edition watch series. One of such series is the “Giocatore Veneziano” with hand rewind. The dial is hand painted with enamel –  the player's figure is taken from Caravaggio's painting. The watch's case is made of white gold. The watch has the following functions: hours, a minute repeater with an hour and a quarter-hour stroke. The “Vintage” wrist watch series has models with cases, crooked in the shape of a wrist. Different materials are used at the cases production: white and rose gold, platinum, steel. The watch's dial is made of sapphire crystal. The model's straps are made of crocodile leather. Daniel Roth watch brand pays great attention to their men's and women's wrist watches' design: the guilloche watch dials, the “Cotes de Geneve”-decorated platinum movements, the blue hands. The high quality watches with multiple function complications and hand-assembled movements have become a subject of prestigious expensive watch collectors' and connoisseurs' hunting. You can buy a Daniel Roth brand wrist watch at watch boutiques.

Daniel Roth chronograph schematic image The schematic image of Daniel Roth watch with perpetual calendar The schematic image of Daniel Roth watch with tourbillon


  lines/series Daniel Roth
Perpetual Calendar
Striking Watches
Chronograph Vintage
Metropolitan DT

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