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Chronotech Watches

ChronotechThe young Italian brandChronotech Chronotech has gain a strong position on the global watch market in a very short period of time and began to compete with many large watch brands.
The watches Chronotech are produced by Italian concern Global Watch Industries, known for its watch lines for fashion houses GF Ferre, companies Diadora, Romeo Gigli, as well as youth line of watches Blumarine and Billionaire. For creating a new brand were involved 22 best designers of the concern. Products Chronotech have already managed to conquer the markets of Europe, America and Japan. The success of the brand is due to a right policy: initially the brand focused its attention on contemporary design, variety of colors and eye-catching detail.
The daring design solutions are the basis of philosophy Chronotech. Italian watches are characterized by unique design, quality and reliability. They are designed for stylish people who prefer to stand out from the general crowd by their originality and eccentricity. All watches Chronotech are equipped with Japanese and Swiss mechanisms. Bracelets are made of polished stainless steel, they are anti-allergenic, and glass of dials is mineral glass, processed by coating Anti-Scratch, which is very resistant to scratches. Chronotech manufactures both mechanical and multifunctional electronic watches.
After the release of the first collection Chronotech came to the history of watch making art. This is a truly unique series of wristwatches with an unprecedented design: the glass of these watches is shaped like a prism. After the first successful experiment with the design of glasses Chronotech focused its attention on them. Volumetric of cases and glasses is distinguishing feature of the company Chronotech.
The first collection of Chronotech is called Prisma, based on the name - design originality of watches. The shape of the prism has appreciated by lovers of originality. Over time, these models became a feature of the brand Chronotech. Watches Chronotech are presented in 2 lines - male and female. The models "PRISMA ONE" and "PRISMA TWO'',"COLOR CRYSTAL", "PRISMA TATOO", "PRISMA LOVE", which have cases in shape of the heart, sports model "PRISMA EVO" stand out in this line of watches.


"PRISMA DELUXE" and "V.I.P." are designed for the female half. On the watch dial of model Prisma VIP there aren’t figures, they are replaced by zircons. Ladies watches Chronotech are not only stylish watches, as well as a wonderful accessory exclusive jewelry.
Collection "CHARMS" stands out among the women's wristwatches Chronotech. A small round case of the models is made of steel; the bracelet is framed by pink zircons and decorated with pendant in the form of umbrellas and hearts of both black and white stones.
Chronotech is a combination of quality and reasonable price, buy watch Chronotech can people with average incomes.
Line of watches "NEW GLOBE", "3D", "OBLO" is also very extraordinary.
Chronotech"BLUE VOICE" is anotherChronotech line Chronotech that entered into the world of watches, as an innovation. They are equipped with the technology Bluetooth.
The model "DUAL FACE" deserves special attention. These models can only hit by the flight of the creative designer thinking. This two – sides watch absorbs two styles: one watch for the day, others - for the evening. On both sides of the case of this Italian watch there are dials: one side is sustained in a traditional and elegant, the second - in the sport.
The brand also focuses on the production of sports chronographs. As part of this style stands out the watch Active, which, thanks to its versatility, is very suitable for people who lead active lifestyles. Watches were issued in 2008. They have special countdown timers and a second time zone, alarm clock and lunar calendar.
Brand doesn’t stay away from the world of sports. In 2005 the company Chronotech signed a sponsorship contract with the racing team Mild Seven Renault F1 and released a collection F1. These watches are absolute winners; they adorned the wrist of racers at the victorious finish line. The case shape of models F1 repeats the oval steering of the car. The case is made of stainless steel with silicon inclusions. The watch is multifunctional: indicating of time in two time zones, alarm, countdown and fluorescent lighting.
Italian watch company CHRONOTECH is the official partner and sponsor of football club AC Milan.

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