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Caterpillar Watches

Caterpillar is one of the greatest world companies which produces agricultural and construction engineering, also it produces clothes, footwear and many other accessorizes and watches.Original watch models Caterpillar produces using the brand CAT, these are exclusively male watches.
American company Caterpillar was founded in 1890 by a Californian engineers Benjamin Hoult and Daniel Best.
Everything started by the the design of tractors foremost construction. Track-type Caterpillar machinery even played the great role in the II World War. Later the company started collaboration with famous designers and started to produce an ultrastrong footwear and clothes for people of stern professions like builders, diggers, agronomists and others. In a short period of time Caterpillar created and released collections which became popular all over the world. Soon it started to design and created unique watches, which depict a typical character of CAT brand.
CAT watch are characterized by a massive case where it is impossible to find any glamorous extravagances, which is the main particularity of CAT watch models. An owner of CAT watch should be a handsome man, who is fond of sport or any other way of living fast, who wants to reach the peaks of their life. Those who has already got a CAT watch are self-confident and strong people.

CAT Statement S4 Caterpillar Shockmaster CAT Active Steel

CAT watch are made of infallible materials, cases are made of stainless steel. Dials of different colors are covered by a mineral crystal. Water resistance is from 500 to 200 meters. All the models are supplied with Japan movements Ronda, ISA, ETA, Citizen, Miyota. Genuine leather straps or silicone or rubber straps are decorate the models. Also by the wish of the owner watches can be decorated by a metal bracelets.
Original Cat watches are presented in some collections: Statement, Active Steel, Yellow Steel, Urban Steel, CAT Racing.
Statement collection contains models intended to the people who value reliability of watch in any conditions. All the models of Statement collection have round cases, supplied with strong bezels. In this collection simple models are presented together with watches supplied with chronographs, decorated with rubber straps of steel bracelets.
Active Steel collection is presented bu the models made especially for sportsmen. The external view of the watches shows that they belong to sport-lux watch category. The models have round cases, supplied with strong bezels. Chronographs are also contain this collection. Their bezels are PVD coated.
Yellow Steel models shows a perfect combination of silver, black and yellow colors. Yellow is the first color of this collection: bezels, dials, straps or hands are yellow.

CAT Yellow Steel Evotwist CAT Urban Steel Northcape CAT Racing Race

Urban Steel collection is presented by models which cases are squared and round. So, sport watches supplied with digital dials can be found here.
CAT Racing collection includes classic models which cases and bracelets are made of steel. Dials are supplied with Roman numerals and too than original. In this collection such a unique watch model as chronographs (with black or silver bezels where Arabian numerals are placed) can be found. Such a wonderful idea of placing numerals in the bezels makes the models a bit aggressive. The models are supplied with compass and many other functions necessary for divers. However the models of CAT Racing collection can be used not only by divers, anyone can wear them daily.
CAT watches are chosen by sportsmen, divers, extreme fans and also those who want to find something new in their lives and who want to reach new peaks.
CAT watch can be bought from the official traders.

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