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Cédric Gorgas y GalanCédric Gorgas y GalanBurGond watch construction is a founder of the Swiss BurGond watch company producing original design watches based on legends and myths of the ancient Kingdom of Burgundy.
Tribes of Burgundians come from Northern Europe settled down in the territory between Rhine and Danube. They protected eastern borders of the Roman Empire. In 443 carrying out Caesar's order, Burgundians left the banks of Rhine and started developing new territories in the northern part of modern France and Switzerland. The army of Burgundians provided a safe crossing through the Alps and protected the Empire against enemy raid. In the 6th century an independent state named Sapaudia (what means the land of firs) was founded. The capital was called Geneva. It was an important historical period of integration of northern races with Celtic and Gallic tribes.
An old legend about Nibelungs is connected with just the establishment period of the Kingdom of Burgundy. Inside the epos elements of Scandinavian, German and Celtic  myths interlace with one another. The legend says that the son of the Neerlande's (the modern Netherlands) King Siegmund and the Queen Sieglinde, a brave knight Siegfried fell in love with the king's sister of the neighbor kingdom of Burgundy, Kriemhild. The girl of amazing beauty but with cruel heart refused all aspirants to her hand and heart. But the young knight, charmed with her beauty, decided to conquer the princess's love at all costs and went to the city of Worms-on-Rhine (former capital of Burgundy).
GondebaudBefore departureGondebaud watch backside Siegfried went to his father's blacksmith named Mime. At the smithy he himself worked out his own blade, and Mime told him the secret about the dragon Fafnir ruling the forest alone. The person who would kill him and take a bath into his blood then would be protective from any kind of arms. The road to Burgundy run through the forest. The brave knight joined battle with the terrible dragon and defeated him. He took a bath in its blood and his skin became protective except a small part on his back on which a leaf had fallen.
Soon Siegfried reached the mystery land of the Nibelungs and won Alberich the dwarf. As the knight kept him going, the dwarf presented Siegfried with a part of his treasure: the legendary sword Balmung and the magic cape able to increase its master's strength in ten times.
Come to the capital of Burgundy, Siegfried was met by the king's commander named Hagen who was secretly dreaming of marriage with the princess. The invulnerable and brave knight won the commander, married to the princess and became a heir to the throne of Burgundy. The knight and the princess were founders of the royal dynasty of Burgundy.
Cedric Gorgas Galan used old engravings demonstrating scenes from myths and legends of the folklore to decorate dials of BurGond watch brand. He is a great patriot of his country, for that reason the company has such name in honor of brave and courageous warriors of the Kingdom of Burgundy whose descendant Cedric Gorgas Galan is considered himself.
Godomar watch backsideBurGondGodomar watches are assembled by hand and mainly made to order. The brand's production consists of two collections. The Gondebaud model from the same named collection is a men's wristwatch of perfect classical design. To make the dial a petrified tree, delivered from the island of Madagascar, is used. Its age is more than 200 million years. Thanks to this the designer has managed to unite past and present. The case is made of 18 carat red gold. The red gold hands are hand-made. The genuine crocodile leather hand-made strap has a butterfly-shaped red gold buckle. The automatic movement is Soprod 9040 with a 42 hours power reserve. The dial is decorated with an old Celtic engraving and protected by the sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating on both sides.
Exoticism of the Godomar model from the Godomar collection is the case material. The case is made of Damascus amagnetic steel and cut similar to tree's rings. The metal case is engraved with gold and silver. The white gold hands are hand-made. The ostrich leather strap has a butterfly-shaped buckle. The oversized rotor is in 18 carat white gold. The automatic movement is Soprod 9040 with a 42 hours power reserve. The dial is decorated with an old Celtic engraving and protected by the sapphire glass with an anti-reflective coating.
BurGond timepieces will perfectly underline your vivid individuality and impeccable taste. Perfect performance and manual work is the reason to purchase a BurGond watch.

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