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Biegert & Funk Watches

As Mark Biegert and Andreas Funk, founders of the company Biegert & Funk, tell the company was founded two years ago. It was then was implemented the original idea of creating watches that will index time in "written" form, and not with usual numbers. Even for the founders of the company their venture to create unusual and original watches was unexpected. That is why today work on the development of Biegert & Funk is continued with great enthusiasm. As the representatives of the company mentioned their products - is unique, because each model is a solid piece of metal.

Andreas Funk and Mark Biegert
Andreas Funk and Mark Biegert

Biegert & Funk watches are constructed very simply. On the dial display (as already mentioned - a solid piece of metal) are located different letters, at first sight - scattered. However, it need press the button on the right side specifically designed for this purpose so on the display are displayed words, telling the current time. For creation of cases the company uses stainless steel. As for the letters on the display, Biegert & Funk watches are presented with English letters. However, you can order watch with German and even French letters. But that is almost the same, because it is one Latin alphabet! However, the original watch is not limited to just one "chip" - the letters. Biegert & Funk is also able to index calendar and date, so you need only to press twice the same special button on the right side of the case and on the display is showed the date. As one of the brightest representatives of the production Biegert & Funk can be called a novelty presented by the company in 2012 - Qlockwto W watch, which producers, by their own admission, dedicated to people who are feeling the shortage of time for reading.

Qlockwto W watches
Qlockwto W watches

Of course, the manufacturers have set very difficult task, if we talk about reading in general. However, owners of the watch can read something from his dial. The first model of the company was Qlockwto W watch, which is a portable version of the first wall clock, which has done quite a lot of noise.
I think that in the wall version, this type of indexing is more suitable. But it may be that I'm just old-fashioned and I will be filled up the comments. So leave my personal opinions to myself ... To buy watch Qlockwto W is possible for 550 Euros, so representatives of Biegert & Funk have estimated their new device. Wrist watches are presented in stainless steel case of black or steel color. Buyers have the opportunity to choose a watch strap: rubber or leather. Watch dial in square form. On it is placed a table with 110 letters of the Latin alphabet. As the producers mention this random spreading of letters is special "mystical aesthetics” of the novelty. Among other things, it should be noted that the size of the case of Qlockwto W - is 35x35 mm. In addition to the time this watch also index by day of week and seconds. It is expected that the watch will go on sale in autumn 2012.

Biegert & Funk also took part in the famous annual international watch exhibition BaselWorld 2012, presented it first wristwatch in the world of time indexing by the using of words, not numbers, and having received a warm response of experts and visitors. Today is quite difficult in some way to qualify the work of creative and original designers. We can only wish them good luck and say that only time will show whether the letter could be competitive on the battlefield with different numbers ...

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