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Bethge & Söhne Watches

Bethge & Soehne manufactoryThe history of the watch company Bethge & Soehne watch manufactureBethge & Söhne for decades stood his passionate to a perfect performance and absolute reliability. The company was founded by Richard Bethge and his wife Emily in 1939. Pioneering spirit of Richard, his great ability and self-confidence allowed him to lay the foundations for one of the oldest family watch manufactures in Germany. In a very short period of time the number of employees of his company has increased from 7 to 100, which could be called "economic miracle". Created by him a pilot's watch had already become legendary at the time. However, his life's work was the founding of the watch school in Pforzheim, which was under the watchful guidance of his for 23 years.
With the entry into the company of his five sons -Joachim, Hans, Rolf, Heinz and Wolfgang - an expansion of the watch company Bethge & Sohne has increased substantially. Being skilled watchmakers and connoisseurs of instrumental mechanics, Joachim, Hans and Rolf engaged directly own designing and manufacture of watches, while Wolfgang began the successful development of distribution networks throughout the world. Soon the company Bethge & Söhne gained a reputation as one of the world watch market leader in production and reconstruction of dials, keeping it to this day.
Bethge & Soehne company staffToday the watch company Bethge & Soehne watch creatingBethge & Söhne is under the direction of Heinz and Wolfgang. The entry into the company of Alexander Bethge, the son of Heinz, ensured the continued existence of family watchmaking. This is especially appreciated their loyal customers and employees of the company.
The history Bethge & Söhne brand is inextricably linked with the history of their legendary pilot's watch. The watches of Series B1 in 1930 - 40th years produced for the German Military - Air Force. A model watch of this series is equipped with a mechanism ETA 2824-2, and a dial is covered with a sapphire crystal.
Stunned by the great adventure and discovery, the company Bethge & Söhne unveiled the watch Humboldt I. This model combines the elegance and luxury. This style attribute is made up of high quality parts "made in Germany". Every detail is carefully made by outstanding masters of the company. In steel 48 - millimeter case is placed mechanism ETA-VAL. 7750. The dial, presented in black, beige and white colors, is covered with mineral glass.
The company has also presented a model of a wristwatch Magellan II, which is a true masterpiece of watchmaking, combining the valuable know - how of the past. The attractiveness of this exceptional chronograph mechanism with Val. 7750 lies in its careful decoration and the beauty of hard manual work. The wristwatch Magellan II has maximum accuracy, quality and reliability. To buy this watch model – it means to get timeless classics.
Following this Bethge & Soehne watch assemblymodel, the companyBethge & Soehne watch creating has presented a model for diving Nautica Diver. With an impressive design and the case of stainless steel that can withstand the pressure of 20 atmospheres, Nautica Diver watch is perfect for those who are looking for top technical excellence and design implementation. The watch is equipped with an automatic ETA 2824-2. The dial covered by a sapphire crystal is available in blue and black colors. Despite its advanced options, to buy a watch Nautica Diver can be quite by a reasonable price.
Qualified specialists of Bethge & Söhne, applying its advanced technical expertise in watchmaking, are creating advanced gauges of time corresponding to the taste of demanding customers.

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