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Bertolucci manufactoryThe Bertolucci watch brand issalon Bertolucci wrapped in the love halo and has begun with the love story. And it is no mere chance at all that romantic and dream of eternal beauty dominates in its timepieces. In 1965, an Italian, Remo Bertolucci met Pierrette, a young woman, who had came from Switzerland on vacation on the Italian Riviera. Love at first sight made Remo move to Switzerland. Later he decided to join the family watch-manufacturing business whose founder was Robert Chopard. In 1936 Robert took Marcel Michelotti as an apprentice who later became a successor to the watch company because of the absence of other candidates. For some time Michelotti himself faced with the same problem as he had not got sons and his daughter Pierrette could not aspired to that role.  But her meeting with Bertolucci influenced the course of history of the family business. And little by little Bertolucci discovered his own passion to the world of watches. Since 1973 he started making mechanical accessories of various kinds of complexity and in 1987 launched his own brand. Bertolucci's house began operating in Neuchatel. The new brand was exceptional by its style: joining of two strong and original cultures gave its fruits, and  Bertolucci's products later singled out at the world watch market with their uniqueness and specificity. Bertolucci is the result of the Italian creative idea and the Swiss elegant feeling of style. Refinement, sensitivity and elegance became fundamental elements of this brand's watch creation. Remo's source of inspiration was pebble shores of his childhood. Bracelets and cases of his first collections were overfilled with shapes of the water world, later they were added with components of the Mediterranean flora in forms of flowers and leaves... Bertolucci's style was called “Mediterranean ” by designers. Women's watches, based on poetry of the Italian South andBertolucci watch mechanism the Swiss experience of production, later set the leading positions at the world watch market. After the first Pulchar collection Bertolucci's name resounded throughout the whole world and was on lips of lovers and connoisseurs of the watch art for a long time. Thanks to his first collection Bertolucci entered the world of luxury and supplied himself  “a place under the sun” at the market. In 1999, a year of the company's success peak, he got into an accident with the car and had to sell the company whose power grew Bertolucci watch diallike a snowball. The brand lost its ground, and in 2005 the Dickson Group took over and decided to breathe new life in the formerly successful Bertolucci watch brand. Great experience in the area of trade and real material means intended for the brand's rebirth allowed to resume the company's prevailing position at the watch market for a short period of time. Its rebirth has changed the company's location and now the company's main office is situated in Geneva. Bertolucci timepieces combine two principles: aesthetic and functional. Bertolucci quartz watches are very precise (+/- one second a week). Self winding watches of complex assemblies are one of the most difficult watch resolutions, and precision of such movement cannot be absolute (+/- one minute a week). Only  noble and durable materials are being used to make watches: stainless steel and 18 carat gold. All watches of the Bertolucci brand are water-resistant. The backcase are secured down by four screws around the sealing to provide maximum water-proofness. Push-buttons should not be operated under the water in order to avoid water intrusion that may worsen the movement operation. The company uses only scratch resistant sapphire glass. Bracelets with a clasp or a buckle perfectly fit a wrist and their size is easily regulated. The company offers straps of different colours for those who prefer soft genuine leather, silky sateen or rubber. To bring elegance Bertolucci designers use precious stones: brilliants and sapphires that give peculiar shine watches. The Bertolucci company produces  timepieces both for women and men. But the company's head, Phillipe Bellier, says that the watch line for women is more important for the company as it specializes in such products and intends to expand the production. Among admirers of the brand's timepieces there are ex-President of the USA George W. Bush with his spouse Barbara, Sharon Stone and Catherine Deneuve.

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