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Jochen Benzinger"How the standard movements are transformed intoBenzinger manufacture the unique watch”.
Jochen Benzinger learned the art of engraving in the German town of Pforzheim from one of the best masters. Soon he received a diploma and an award for his special talent. In search of new opportunities, he studied the rotary engine of the ship. In 1985 he joined the company Kollmar, which has been around for five generations and has an excellent reputation of rotary motors workshop.
Today Jochen Benzinger offers a variety of unique models of wristwatches.
The Greek mythology tells of the birds with colorful plumage and with gold and scarlet tails. By the end of their lives, they build nests from the twigs of myrrh. The nest and the bird are burning fiercely at the end of the dust, from which the young phoenix reborn. It is a symbol of resurrection and immortality. It is that myth became the basis for creating a unique model of Jump Hour PHOENIX. 40 - millimeter round case with a perfectly integrated breathable strap and crown in the shape of the bulb is made of high-grade steel manufactured in Pforzheim. On a luxurious sterling silver dial it is present the luxurious hand engraving on the theme of phoenix. The progress in this amazing timepiece is ensured by the guilloche and handmade skeletonised    mechanism Kasper 1415 with manual winding. Besides the beautiful engraving the dial attracts attention with its blued second hand of unusual form.
  «Groot Rijkswapen» is the personal coat of arms of the Netherlands monarch. The shield shows a gold lion with a crown and a sword in his right hand and with seven related to bundle arrows in the left hand, which represent the seven provinces of the Benzinger watch mechanismsUnion in the area of Utrecht. It also has a FrenchBenzinger motto «Je maintiendrai», which means "I will support." It is that powerful emblem located on the dial of this gorgeous model, Coat of Arms of the Netherlands. 42 - millimeter powerful  case, covered on both sides of durable sapphire crystal, is executed of high-grade steel, made in Pforzheim. It is housed guilloche and handmade skeletonised mechanism Unitas 6498 with manual winding. The watch transition bridge is also skeletonised and as a lion. On the dial of sterling silver are situated the blued hands. The handmade strap is made of alligator skin and has a double folding clasp.
The watch model «Russian Double Eagle», in which creation the masters were inspired by Russian arms, is a true example of the indefatigable Russian spirit. The eagle, which is represented on the Russian emblem, symbolizes strength, courage, foresight, and immortality. He is the king of the air and the messenger of the higher gods. The case in diameter 42 mm is made of stainless steel. It has settled the "heart" of this wonderful mechanism - guilloche and skeletonised mechanism with manual winding Unitas 6498. On the dial it is executed a beautiful engraving with an eagle emblem of Russia. The handmade strap is made of alligator skin and has a double folding clasp.
Jochen Benzinger offers unique wrist mechanisms for true connoisseurs of all surprising. These watches are the creations of endless possibilities of the human mind and skill.

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