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Angelus Watches

AngelusAngelus watch company Angelus watch mechanismswas founded by Stoltz brothers in 1891 in a small Swiss city of Le Locle, which is a home for many famous brands of international renown. Creating both pocket and wrist watches, the company won success among other successful Swiss companies rather fast. Angelus brand has been using the most progressive movements in its watches since its creation. Angelus laid great emphasis on technical innovations in its formation and after 30 years of hard work, shortly before the Second World War, they submitted to the public's approval their wrist watch, that was a huge rarity and oddity for the time – the Chronodato chronograph, combining the functions of an aviation chronograph and a triple complicated calendar (weekday, date and month). This fundamentally new time measurer with a fascinating movement was put in various beautifully crafted cases. The Chronodato model was the company's biggest-selling creation. Angelus brand has never been afraid of bold decisions, so, in 1957 they planned a very ambitious project – the production of an automatic Tinkler watch with a complicated repeater, counting quarters of an hour (it had been almost impossible to indicate time in the darkness before luminescent coating was invented and the first repeaters were created for people, who travelled day and night). This project was materialized and only 100 pieces of this amazing watch saw the light of day. But this watch's production process turned out to be much more labor-consuming and expensive, than the company had expected, that's why the watch came in retail for a rather high price. Soon the watch was withdrawn from shops because of the small number of sold pieces. Nowadays finding a rare piece of this model, which will become a great and precious addition to any collection, even the most exquisite one, is a great luck. Angelus brand continued high quality watch production and presented another novelty for the period's watchmaking industry in 1978 – a wrist watch with a five seconds repeater. We can only guess if the company'sAngelus governmentAngelus knew, that their offspring's days were numbered – the revolutionary quartz watch epoch was coming. The same way as any other company is due to collapse and catastrophic consequences without proper financial support, Angelus company closed its doors in the beginning of 1980s, having failed to refocus its production.
 Nowadays an Angelus watch is a great example of perfect price and quality ratio for any collector. A lot of pieces with complicated movements and great style can be found on sale. The 8-days power reserve, chronographs, Moon phase indicators, full calendar and alarm functions – all this can be found in great legendary Angelus watches.

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