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219 Kukulkan12. is a strange formula,Mayan calendar discovered during the archeological excavations of temples, reared by one of the most mysterious civilization, that is Maya. Since the discovery, this mysterious numeral has been exiting scientists and archeologists all over the world. It caused a huge number of talks and versions, and at last, it was explained as the warning about the coming mysterious cosmogony or the end of the world...
Armageddon, Judgment Day, the end of the world or Apocalypse – the humanity is waiting for this day with curiosity and fear. One of the most ancient calendar of the world  is  Maya's calendar. It ends on December, 20, 2012. This fact caused the appearance of new research guidelines, different theories, arguments and debates. Is the theory about the end of the world true? Only our powerful Time can give an answer... By the way, some words about the Time. Maya's calendar was created by  Maya civilization in ancient America and used by the different tribes, such as toltecs and aztecs. The most interesting fact is, that it is Maya's calendar, that correlates with the astronomical year better, than, for example, Gregorian calendar. The letter is the most popular calendar today. Maya's calendar and the so-called oracular numerals have caused different talks, that excite the people’s minds. So, Joachim Rittsteig, the German scientist and mathematician, insists, that he has cleared up the Maya's mystery. As he considers, the numerals tell us about the location of hidden treasure, buried in Guatemala. According to the scientist, it took him about forty years to decode one of four Maya's manuscripts, that has borne a charmed life. The manuscript, consisting of 74 pages, is known as “Dresden Code”. It is now stored in Dresden. The length of the mysterious manuscript is about 3.56 meters, the size of a page is 20.5 x 9 cm. The elegance of lines and the wonderful colour of the manuscript, except its content, makes it an unique treasure, that has maintained the history and the secrets of the most ancient civilization.
Another, more popular version, tells, that the appointed by the ancient priests date is the day of the end of human civilization. Certainly, all the talks about the Apocalypse are groundless, as Maya's calendar indicates only the end of the Fifth Sun's Cycle. This fact is proved by the scientists, who have dedicated their lives to the researches of the mysterious manuscript. And it means the beginning of a new epoch...
However, the world's industry responds to the end of the world theory by manufacturing the certain “Apocalypse” products. So, the watchmaking industry doesn't stand aside...
219 watch company is one of the watch brands, that have began with the production of watches, distinguished by their fascinating and exciting design. The company positions itself as the first “Apocalypse” brand, that releases the watches with a certain, a bit terrifying, but at the same time interesting philosophy, that brings the watch owner to the ancient civilization. The company's name was not chosen by accident. It has a sacral meaning, that reminds us of the ancient prophecy, discovered during the archeological excavations of Maya's temples. The combination of numerals was also found there. So, 219 watch brand has began its activity with the release of original wrist watches, that are created according to the motif of the sacral Maya's calendar. This watch brand has established its own time reading system, referred to one of the most famous and mystic calendars.
mechanism  07.171 ValgrangesThe first 219 wrist watches – Kukulkan219 Kukulkan – was named after one of the supreme deities of Maya's mythology – the Deity of Rain and Wind, the founder of many large cities and the ancestor of several dynasties. Kukulkan watch is dedicated to 2012, the year when the Fifth Sun's cycle will end, and according to Maya's calendar, it is the year when the humanity will face the global changes.
According to Kukulkan watch producers, they have tried to express the secret of Maya's prophecy. While creating this watch, the craftsmen paid a great attention to the pictograms of the South American tribes. These pictograms are depicted in the watch dial. The watches are created according to the best traditions of the Swiss watchmaking and released in the limited edition of 12 items. As about the technical characteristics of the watch, this model is a great example of the Swiss design and quality. The watch is powered by the ETA A07.171 Valgranges movement. The watch case is made of white gold. The watch bezel and nubs are encrusted with emeralds, extracted in Brazil and Colombia.
The main distinctive feature of Kukulkan watch is certainly its dial, that reflects the company's philosophy. There are pictograms instead of numerals on the dial. There is the Maya's calender, engraved on the watch back. The model comes with the genuine crocodile leather strap.

219 at GTE 2012  Geneve, January 2012
219 at GTE 2012 Geneve, January 2012

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