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01The One Watches

Anton KraftIn 1998, designer Anton Kraft decided to developsalon 01The One a wrist watch, that would  differ from the generally accepted standards, namely, a watch with LED display, and a new time reading system, that would revolutionize the watch market. These watches are called binary, ie, the usual decimal numbers substitute for binary numbers. However, in 1998, because of the lack of technical resources Anton Kraft was not able to create such a watch, though he registered for a legal protection of his ideas, to develop them in the future. In 2004, Kraft teamed up with the owners of the watch company in Hong Kong, who brought the technical capabilities, required for the development of Anton's projects. In 2005, 01The One company was established in Hong Kong. The name of the company is based on the IT code for all computers — the binary code with the numbers 0 and 1.
The original idea of the designer helped him to create the unique models, that soon conquered large parts of Europe, America and Asia. Today you can buy 01The One watches in the boutiques of more than 20 countries.
01The OneFor the author of 01The One watches, it is very important to create not only the time measuring instrument. The uniqueness of these watches lies in their design,01The One in the original time reading system. These watches are ideal for people, who dictate their own style, who are interested in exclusive things, and who prefer to differ from other people. From the very beginning, Kraft ignored the style-dictators and consumer forecasts of fashion. He always wanted his products to be different and unique. 01The One watches have became the embodiment of free-style, that attracts many watch fans.
According to the kind of the time reading system, the watches can be divided into  several categories.
1. The circular time reading system - the original location of the usual watch hands on the dial with two round diodes graduations, with small and large circles. The inner diodes correspond to the hours on the dial, ie the same location of numerals on the dials of normal watches. And between the numerals 12 and 3, 3 and 6, 6 and 9, 9 and 12 there are diodes, corresponding to the nearest main diode. For example, a diode, located close to 12 on the right side, corresponds to 1:00, and the diode to the left of 3 corresponds to 2:00. So, to read the time, you do not have to make any effort, because everything is so simple and easy, as on the ordinary watch dials with usual hands.
The outer circle of diods corresponds to the minutes:01The One the upper diode - 60 minutes, the right one — 15 minutes, the lower one – 30, and the left diod — 45. The diode, that are next to 60 on the right means 5 minutes, the diod on the left of 15 - 10 minutes. In addition to all these diodes, in the central part of the dial there are four diodes, corresponding to the minutes from 1 to 4. To determine the exact minute, you should add the meaning of the light diode (from 1 to 4 minutes) to five minutes.
2. The next category of the time reading system is as original as the first one. On the watch dials there are three stripes of diodes: a big stripe with 12 diodes corresponds to hours from 1 to 12, the second small stripe with 5 diodes corresponds to the minutes from 10 to 50, and the third stripe with 9 diodes – to the units of minutes from 1 to 9 minutes. To read the time with the help of these watches is rather simple.
3. The third group of watches with the binary time reading system is represented by the models with two strips of diodes. The first one has the hour graduations and numerals 1, 2, 4, 8, the second one has the minute graduations and numerals 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32. To determine the hour, you need to summarize the light diodes. It is worth saying, that this group differs from the first two categories. It is rather complex in comparison with them.
New and unique models by 01The One company will certainly underline the vivid images of their owners.

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