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Most expensive women's watches
(Part 1)

the most expensive perfume in the world - Clive Christian No. 1Speaking of watches, wethe most expensive fountain in the world often have in mind the men’s models, unfairly leaving aside the watches for women. An expensive watch of famous Swiss brand, complicated by various functions and decorated with precious materials, is usually the man’s pride who can afford such a masterpiece. Of course, unable to carry a variety of expensive jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings, bracelets, etc., men have no choice but to adorn themselves with elite wristwatches of famous companies. And the more expensive the men's wristwatches, the higher the status and position of their owners in society. This desire to possess the most precious things can be traced everywhere, not just among fans of watchmaking. For example, what else do you need, if you have the most expensive car in the most expensive garage, the most expensive alcohol in the bar, the most expensive clothes in the wardrobe, the most expensive foods and delicacies on the table, and the most expensive watch on the wrist? It's no secret that every person on the Earth is the brightest individual with his own features, both positive and negative. There are no two identical people. Nevertheless, throughout his existence, the person tends to stand out of the crowd, emphasize even more clearly his strengths and abilities, to show that he is not like others, that he can afford the most expensive and almost unobtainable. In this respect, women do not differ much from men, they also, if not more, need to be bright, individual personalities and shine by their uniqueness and originality in any society. For example, noticing a similar dress or accessory on any familiar or unfamiliar lady is a tragedy for all women.
Returning to wristwatches, it is worth to say that in our online watch magazine you will find an interesting article on the most expensive wristwatches of more than one million dollars cost. In the present article we'll look at the world's most expensive watches, created exclusively for the beautiful half of humanity.

The best

the most expensive handbag - 1001 Nights Diamond PurseBeing unique, original and authoritativethe most expensive earrings - Harry Winston in the eyes of others is one of the reasons why a person seeks to become the owner of the most expensive things in the world. On the other hand, you may have noticed that all the precious things have a special charm and appeal, which is hard not to pay attention. All of the most expensive attracts visitors like a magnet, leaving memorable experience in the hearts of people. If a person, who knows absolutely nothing about elite alcohol, is offered an expensive wine without saying a word, he would drink it as an ordinary wine and wouldn’t think about the cost of the drink. But if we tell him the price of the wine, he would drink it with great pleasure and honor to the high cost of the drink.
The category of "the best" includes items, the prices for which sometimes seem to be beyond the clouds and unrealistic. For example, I was cut to the heart by the price of the most expensive women's handbag. This luxurious accessory called “1001 Nights Diamond Purse” costs 3.8 million dollars. The price of the product is explained by the manufacturer, “House of Mouawad”, with its expensive decor – incrustation with 4517 diamonds, 105 of which are yellow, 56 - pink and 4356 - transparent stones. The amazingly expensive lady’s accessory is made in the elegant form of heart. The most expensive handbag hasn’t found its owner yet, but I'm sure a real lucky lady will have it. However, this precious bag costs "pennies" compared to the cost of the most expensive company in the world. To date, the most expensive company in the world, working in high technologies, is Apple that reached 222 billion dollars. It should be said that Apple has finally overtaken its main rival - Bill Gates' company, the price of which is around 219 billion dollars. Another example of accessory in the category of "the most expensive" is a piece of jewelry from the house “Harry Winston”, pear-shaped earrings, created in 2006, the price of which reaches 8.5 million dollars.

the most expensive company - Apple

the most expensive soap - CorAmong expensive items aroundthe most expensive Christmas tree toy - Hallmark Jewellers the world there are things I had even no idea about until I came across their description in a variety of sources. And now I burn with impatience to share this interesting information with our dear readers. First, there is a unique soap called Cor, a piece of which weighs 120 grams and costs $ 125. The price per kilogram of the "wonder soap" is 1041 dollar. The high price of the personal care product from the company “Plank” is due to the presence of silver in its composition, which has an antibacterial and anti-aging effect on skin. Another example of the most expensive knick-knack adorns the New Year. The most expensive Christmas tree toy is created by the company “Hallmark Jewellers”, adorned with precious stones, which raise its cost up to 130 000 dollars. Well, it’s clear that stones have to be expensive. But a slice of french fries, which was sold for 75 100 dollars at an auction, is simply incredible. As it turned out, the result of such an incredible price was a marketing company, conducted by MacDonald's in 2005. Two Americans had a dinner at the restaurant of MacDonald's and found a slice of potato fries, which was specific: it had a profile of the American President, Abraham Lincoln. The potatoes piece was named - Lincoln Fry. Then, it was widely used in advertising campaigns of MacDonald's. In fact, Lincoln Fry, flashing in television commercials and sold for fabulous sums at auction, turned out to be a simple piece of polyurethane of 10 cm in length.
the most expensive dog - Tibetan mastiffAnother examplethe most expensive french fries - Lincoln Fry of the most expensive purchase is a unique animal - the Tibetan mastiff puppy, which was first brooded by nomads in North India and Central Asia. A woman from China, which had long sought just such a rare breed, bought that wonderful dog for 580,000 dollars. The next object from the category "the best" is a purchase one cannot touch, but eat with pleasure. Thus, the most expensive dinner, which Roman Abramovich had with his son and three business partners in New York, cost 47,221 dollar, including the tip - about 52,000 dollars. That's a bite! By the way, the American couple sitting at the next table with the guests from Russia admitted they had decided that those people simply had won a large sum of money in lottery and decided to celebrate kingly.
Finally, it is worth noting that any rating and review of the world's most expensive items include watches, which unlike, say, soap carry both material value and great cultural significance. Any watch can be viewed from a philosophical point of view, since it represents time. Today we know that one of the most expensive watches in the world is just a model, created for beautiful ladies in 2008. This is a women's watch from the Swiss company
the most expensive watch - Chopard “Chopard”, which is completely covered with diamonds. Three main stones on the model (white, red and blue) have a form of heart, and the total weight of diamond splendor is 200 carats. At first glance you might think that this is a gorgeous bracelet, but at a close look you’ll notice a tiny dial, under a small plate of which there is a tiny movement. A loving man can buy the watch “Chopard” for his queen for 25 million dollars. For comparison, I would say that, according to statistics, the most expensive men’s model today is a wrist watch “Vacheron Constantin Tour de I'lle”, the price of which is about 1.5 million Abramovich's most expensive dinnerdollars. And a men's vintage watch from the Swiss company “Patek Philippe” of reference 1527, issued in 1943, was sold at Christie's auction for 5.7 million dollars.
Even the most sophisticated antique pocket (or coach) watch from the Swiss company “Patek Philippe” named “Henry Graves Supercomplication” for 11 million dollars could not surpass the most expensive female watch by Chopard.
Perhaps, such a high price for a women's watch is due to the fact that woman knows how to appreciate the precious time better than man. Woman treats the time with a special awe, watching her children grow up, then her grandchildren, herself getting older and wiser. For any woman the most expensive things are not material, but spiritual. Concluding this overview of the most expensive things in the world, I would like to emphasize one thing that really touched me. At some Internet forums devoted to watches, one of the ladies answered the question "Do you know the most expensive women's watch in the world?" with the words "The one my son bought me after he got his first paycheck." Indeed, we may measure our own state, boost off with number of cars, houses, apartments and other necessary material property, but to see how happy and healthy family and close friends are is the world's greatest wealth and most valuable pleasure.

Women's watch — decor or functions?

According to statistics, currently more than a half of the whole watch industry
women's watch makes watches for men. However, I should remind our readers that, according to historical sources, the first watch was made just for a beautiful lady. Archives of the Swiss company “Breguet” contained valuable documents, proving that in 1890 watchmaker Breguet received an order of a unique women's watch for Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister. The description of the masterpiece that has come down to us says it was a women's watch of oblong shape with strike and "free movement", equipped with a corrugated silver dial, Arabic numerals and a thermometer. That watch became a grand revolution in the whole world of watchmaking, and when in 1812 the process of creating the model was completed, the customers received an amazing, totally flat women's wristwatch attached to the bracelet of gold threads and human hairs. Last time that work of horlogerie was mentioned in documents in 1855, then the watch was lost, and it was impossible to determine the location of the legendary model.
The appearance of this women's watch served as an initial stage of watch fashion, set by women, but the wide spread of women's watches was only in the 80s of the XIX century. While men paced grandly with pocket watches, chains of which looked out from pockets of vests, beautiful ladies decorated their wrists with beautiful watches, which at that time were more like massive jewelries. They were provided with absolutely primitive movements, unlike their appearance: precious stones, mother-of-pearl, gold and other precious materials. So far, the watchmakers, designing models for women, decorate them with fabulous jewels and other decorative most valuable elements, and the women's watches often combine two functions: time meter and perfect accessory.
The reason why the most expensive watches in the world are women’s models is their rich decoration in a variety of jewelry. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other stones, as well as platinum and gold in different colors increase the cost of women's watches several times, while the men’s models are often more modest in terms of precious materials, but more difficult from the technical point.
Blancpain Women Flyback Chronograph watch backsideNevertheless,Blancpain Women Flyback Chronograph women, trying to keep up with the male population, every year are more and more demanding to their watches. They don’t want to buy just a beautiful thing, but a highly functional wristwatch. And the watchmakers, as real men, always giving women what they want and trying to please them, create unique masterpieces of watchmaking art that are both jewels and complicated wristwatches. If previously miniature female watches with quartz movements were considered to be normal, acceptable accessories for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, today the world's watchmakers are focused on the complex watch mechanics, creating mechanical watches for beautiful ladies with various complications and quite massive cases. One of the first complicated models with "fly-back" function of chronograph for ladies was a women’s watch “Blancpain Women Flyback Chronograph”, released in 1997. To date, the world's watch companies produce women's wristwatches with tourbillons, minute repeaters and chronograph functions. Most rarely the women’s watches are provided with astronomical complications, produced by Swiss companies “Maurice Lacroix”, “Vacheron Constantin”, “Breguet”, “F.-P. Journe”, “Patek Philippe”, “Zenith” and other daring watchmakers, who are trying to respond to a global issue, tormenting the entire male population from time immemorial, "What does woman want?". Let's look at some the brightest and most successful examples of models, belonging to the category of the most expensive ladies' watches.

Diamond splendor from Girard Perregaux

We’ll start speaking about the most expensive
women's watch Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie (Ref. 91701B53PB21-53A) women's watches in the world from a simple model in terms of its mechanism. In general, the characteristic of "simple" hardly suits to a Swiss watch, decorated with so many sparkling diamonds. In 2009, the Swiss watchmaker “Girard Perregaux” introduced the world its most expensive female watch “Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie” (reference 91701B53PB21-53A), which was also an excellent work of jewelers. The company “Girard Perregaux” took its famous watch collection “Cat's Eye” as a basis. The main factor contributing to the high cost of this watch is charming diamonds, which incrusted the most expensive female watch by Girard Perregaux “Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie”. However, this model is nothing but a watch, equipped with Swiss manufactory movement GP033R0 of automatic winding at 27 stones, which can be seen through the transparent back case of sapphire glass. The movement balance frequency is 28,800 vibrations per hour. The 35.25 mm x 30.25 mm x 10.45 mm case of the model has a fancy oval shape, elongated horizontally. Such case is typical for all watches of the family “Cat's Eye”. “Cat's” case of the model is constructed of white gold of 18 carats and is attached to a gold bracelet. The crown is engraved with a star, which is situated in a familiar position of "3" hours, only slightly moving out at winding. Such position of the crown is very convenient, considering the unusual oval shape of the model. The dial, in addition to two central hands, is provided with a second counter in the form of crescent and an indicator of 46-hour power reserve in the form of the comet’s tail between the marks of "3" and "4" hours. Frankly, the above mentioned indicators are difficult to see on the dial, studded with diamonds, which attract all viewer's attention. The model is water-resistant at 30 meters, although hardly someone dares to take a shower with this work of watch and jewelry art on her wrist.
Now about the "girl's best friends." The representatives of the Swiss watch company “Girard Perregaux” say the jewelers have spent more than 1200 hours of painstaking work by inserting each sparkling stone by hand into the elements of the model to create the watch “Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie”. In total, the case, dial and bracelet are adorned with 394 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 52 carats, 87 stones of which (7.5 carats) - on the case, 98 stones (6.5 carats) - on the dial, 5 diamonds - on the crown and 204 stones (38 carats) - on the bracelet. Another 145 gemstones weighing 0.35 carats sit on the gold self-winding rotor. Decorative elements, polishing, and overall design of the women's watch “Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie” (reference 91701B53PB21-53A) are made at the highest level by the best specialists of the company.
The women's wristwatch “Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Haute Joaillerie” reserves the title of most expensive watch in the collection of Girard Perregaux, and its cost reaches 1 million 130 thousand dollars, that’s why only a few heartily loving men will be able to buy a wrist watch studded with diamonds for the ladies of their hearts.

The most expensive bird from Cartier

Cartier Secret Watch with Phoenix BirdIn April 2010, the finest and most expensive bird in the world, Phoenix, rose from the ashes. Do not be surprised, because we are talking about women's wristwatch under the name “Cartier Secret Watch with Phoenix Bird”. According to ancient mythology, Phoenix is the only and unique bird, a special individual type that can burn itself and then revive again. Therefore, following the legend, the watch company “Cartier” released its women's watch in a single piece. This is not surprising, since hardly anyone can repeat such a great job.
The women's watch “Cartier Secret Watch with Phoenix Bird” presents Phoenix of great beauty, which carries a tiny pearl-colored dial with two small hands on its back, as if symbolizing a wonderful ambassador of the Time, a traveler across the expanses of Eternity. The bird and bracelet are made of 18-carat white gold and treated with rhodium. Each feather of the bird and each curve of the bracelet are encrusted with sparkling diamonds, the total number of which reaches a record - 3010 stones. The total weight of diamonds makes up 80.13 carats. In addition, the phoenix’ eyes are made of two purest emeralds, and the beak of the mythical animal is a pear-shaped diamond weighing 3.53 carats. As for the movement, the company does not give its full technical specifications in any press release that allowed me concluding: the movement of the watch “Cartier Secret Watch with Phoenix Bird” is quartz. While we are admiring the splendor of the jewelry model, we might forget that this masterpiece, among other things, is a wristwatch.
Admittedly, this unique bird is not easy to catch, probably impossible. It seems that in a moment it will take its diamond wings and disappear in the mist of fluffy clouds, blinding everyone with its brilliant luster. Only those, who will buy the women's watch “Cartier Secret Watch with Phoenix Bird” for the incredible price of 2 million 755 thousand dollars, will be able to tame this proud and rebellious creature. I admit, this jewelry watch, especially its price, takes my breath away.

“Royal” watch “Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette”

The next work of horlogerie, which I would like to draw your attention, is an incredibly expensive women's model, created by the magnificent Swiss watch company “Jaeger LeCoultre”. The exact value of this watch, issued by the company several years ago, is still unknown. We can say only one thing - the price of women's watch “Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette” passes far beyond $ 1 million. This high cost is due to two most important factors. More about them.
First factor: "precious." The most expensive female watch “Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette” looks rather like a chic bracelet than a watch. The model consists of square units, made of 18-carat white gold, some of them have a smooth polished surface, while others are incrusted with precious stones. A chaotic position of gold links, deprived of any system, resembles a charming mosaic. The most expensive female watch “Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette” is decorated with 576 diamonds. There is also a version of the model, incrusted with 400 diamonds and 11 “cabochon” onyxes.

Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette watchJaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette watch

Second factor: "mechanical." Despite the fact that this masterpiece is a work of jewelry art, the Swiss company “Jaeger LeCoultre” has not forgotten this is, above all, a watch. Among the polished gold and diamond links of luxurious bracelet there is a small silver-colored dial, covered with sapphire glass. The crown, which is located on the back of miniature case, does not distract from the aesthetic perfection of the gold bracelet-watch. To see two miniature hands and fine-printed logo of the company “Jaeger LeCoultre” on the tiny dial you must have keen eyesight. Inside the elegant accessory, created by talented craftsmen for the beautiful half of mankind, there is an in-house movement with manual winding Caliber 101. This is one of the most famous ultra-flat movements,Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette - calibre 101 designed by Jaeger LeCoultre in 1929. The movement immediately set the world record as the world's thinnest mechanical caliber. Caliber 101 remained champion until 2010. The ultra-flat in-house Caliber 101 from Jaeger LeCoultre consists of 98 minute details, it has the dimensions 14 mm x 4.8 mm and its thickness does not exceed 3.4 mm. It seems that the watchmakers of Jaeger LeCoultre designed that caliber specifically for the delicate wrists of graceful women, because, apart from the smallest parameters, the weight of the movement is also minimal - only 1 gram. The weightless movement is also distinguished by its grand filigree finishing, where every smallest detail is impeccable. The masters of “Jaeger LeCoultre”, of course, are very talented, as they managed to take the first step to conquer the capricious woman's heart, which requires perfection in everything. By the way, the watch company “Jaeger LeCoultre” is proud to announce that the wrist of Queen Elizabeth II on her coronation in 1953 was decorated with a watch, equipped with Caliber 101 from Jaeger LeCoultre.
Well, the ladies watch “Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette” is worthy of the Queen, and its price is, frankly, "royal". According to statistics, the model “Jaeger LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Manchette”, richly endowed with precious stones, is one of the most expensive wrist watches for the beautiful ladies that exist in today's world. This watch is a perfect decoration for any woman, and woman in her turn is the main "decoration" of our world. An expensive diamond watch, no matter how much it costs, is a negligibly small reward for those, who constantly makes the world more beautiful, warmer, more comfortable and richer.

"Ice Cube" of diamonds from Chopard

If the price of the above women's watch with diamonds is still possible to justify thanks to the famous superfine Swiss caliber 101, an incredibly high cost of the next model is simply beyond understanding. The Swiss watch and jewelry company “Chopard” has already joined the list of world champions as the creator of the most expensive women's watch in the world for $ 25 million. The ladies watch “Chopard Super Ice Cube” (reference 107002-1001), which we will discuss below, is much cheaper. However, the word "cheaper" in relation to the watch for 1 million 259 thousand dollars sounds at least funny. On the technical side, the model is not an object of horology, specific for grand novelty and complexity, but in terms of jewelry art, the most expensive female watch “Chopard Super Ice Cube” is a pinnacle of perfection.
The ladies watch “Chopard Super Ice Cube” is a beautiful symphony of square elements of 18-carat white gold, decorated with diamonds. There are also versions of this model, incrusted with black diamonds and pink sapphires, because, as you know, the company “Chopard” is “a fan” of multi-colored gemstones. All diamond "ice cubes" are connected with each other, and nothing breaks exquisite harmony. The most expensive watch “Chopard Super Ice Cube” (reference 107002-1001) does not have bezel or dial as such. On a square diamond case of 30 mm x 30 mm size under the sapphire crystal two miniature hands (hour and minute) are dancing like in a fairy-tale. Above them the company’s logo “Chopard”, fine-printed directly onto the glass surface, is located. The case gradually transforms into a bracelet, made of 18-carat white gold. The bracelet, just like the case, is completely sputtered with baguette-cut stones. The total weight of diamonds adorning the female watch “Chopard Super Ice Cube” is about 60 carats. The ladies watch “Chopard Super Ice Cube”, of course, attracts the attention of all ardent admirers of luxury diamonds. No woman will pass by this jewelry grandeur. However, the fans of complex mechanics will be a bit disappointed to learn that such a chic jacket hides a quartz movement. The water resistance is 30 meters.

Chopard Super Ice Cube (Ref. 107002-1001)Chopard Super Ice Cube (Ref. 107002-1001)

An interesting name of the watch "Ice Cube" is fully justified by the similarity of the model “Chopard Super Ice Cube” with a piece of ice, which shimmers in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. However, with the money, for which the company “Chopard” offers to buy its ladies watch “Chopard Super Ice Cube”, you could get not just a piece of ice, and a whole iceberg. The most expensive women's watch “Chopard Super Ice Cube” costs about 1 million 259 thousand dollars. Maybe it's silly, but when I hear such price for a watch, I think about a team of experienced guards that a happy owner will have to hire after purchasing and who will keep an eye on her left wrist all the time. So, if you decide to buy a watch for a very tidy sum, do not forget to put by some money to pay for qualified protection.

Ingenious union of jewelry art and horlogerie from Blancpain

Blancpain Leman Luxurious Diamond (Ref. 2926-5222-92S)With a huge cultural and historical heritage over its shoulders, counting more than 250 years, the Swiss watch company “Blancpain” has been considered to be one of the best representatives of the modern chorology world since its foundation, in 1735. Blancpain is a Swiss watch brand, which is included in the list of the leading watch companies in the world for its ancient traditions and unique philosophy. As stated by the representatives of the manufactory, the Swiss watchmaker “Blancpain” has never produced quartz watches, preferring complex mechanics. The company produces only about 10,000 watches a year, remaining true to its ancient traditions of Haute Horlogerie and unique philosophy of the brand.
In 2008, the Swiss watch company “Blancpain” surprised the world by creating the most expensive female watch “Blancpain Leman Luxurious Diamond”. This model is a real feast for your eyes and surprisingly interesting object of watch sphere, proving that diamonds will live forever in the hearts of all fans of precious beauty and luxury. The most expensive female watch “Blancpain Leman Luxurious Diamond” is made of 18-carat white gold and encrusted with 480 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 58 carats. The entire surface of the watch is covered with glittering precious stones: round case, bezel, dial and bracelet are decorated baguette-cut diamonds, forming a pattern similar to the system of masonry. I ask the masters’ pardon for such a rough comparison of their great work with a brick wall, but I can’t say more precisely. At careful consideration of the watch, you can see that each "brick" is ideal, and its finishing is flawless.
In addition to jewelry, the price
of women's watch “BlancpainBlancpain Tourbillon Baguette Diamond (Ref. 2926-5222-55B) Leman Luxurious Diamond” is increased by another important factor - the ultra-accurate Swiss movement, equipped with a tourbillon. Of course, today, tourbillon can hardly surprise anyone, but for women's watches, especially for a unique fine jewelry item, this is a rare complication. On the dial, in the position of "12" hours, an aperture with a magnificent tourbillon carriage, which creates an incredibly strong energy and excellent harmony with the brilliant charm of the model, is located. The women's wristwatch “Blancpain Leman Luxurious Diamond” is the case, when complex mechanics and jewelry form a unique symbiosis, merging into a single unit so that now it is hard to imagine one without the other. Inside the case, incrusted with baguette diamonds, there is an in-house caliber 25A of automatic winding, which gives life to the wristwatch and provides an incredible power reserve of up to 7 days (about 168 hours). The thickness of the movement is only 4.85 mm, it is assembled from 168 components and operates at 29 stones. The diameter of a unique case, in my opinion, is the most optimal for the female model - 40 mm, the thickness - 12.48 mm, and its water resistance - 100 meters. On both sides the case is covered with strong sapphire glass, which, shimmering, completes the overall shiny image of the model.
I believe that the above-described ladies watch is really worthy of "the best" title as the most expensive and most beautiful model. “Blancpain Leman Luxurious Diamond” is a stunning women's watch, despite its frightening price at 1 million 500 thousand dollars. Of course, not everyone will manage to buy “Blancpain Leman Luxurious Diamond” for one and half million dollars, but for those who succeed, the model will become a real gem of the collection. The women's wristwatch “Blancpain Leman Luxurious Diamond” goes far beyond the standard vision of objects, counting the time. This highly functional model will never be forgotten by the beautiful ladies.
By the way, a little later, in 2010, the Swiss watchmaker “Blancpain” introduced a women's watch from the same famous line “Leman” of reference 2926-5222-55B, which had the same specifications as the above-described model, but more "modest" design. Thus, the watch “Blancpain Tourbillon Baguette Diamond” (2 926-5222-55B), made of white gold, was finished with 164 baguette diamonds weighing 20.142 carats. 115 diamonds weighing 5.17 carats adorn the dial, and 16 stones weighing 0.55 carats - the golden buckle on the black leather strap, the rest stones - on the round case. Of course, the material value of this watch is a little bit lower than the previous model of Blancpain, but its significance, as a matter of Haute Horlogerie, hasn’t fallen anyway. A wealthy man can buy the ladies watch “Blancpain Tourbillon Baguette Diamond” for 1 million 372 thousand 700 dollars.

Piaget: “Surpass itself”

Before we start speaking about the most expensive women's watch, provided by the Swiss watch company “Piaget”, I would like to draw your attention to the ancient architectural term - ziggurat. It will help us to understand the concept of women's watch “Piaget Emperador Temple”. The word "ziggurat" comes from the Babylonian “sigguratu”, which means "top". Ziggurats were special towers, consisting of pyramids or truncated parallelepipeds, set on each other. In the upper parallelepiped there was typically a sanctuary or temple. The number of such truncated elements varied from three (the Sumerians) to seven (the Babylonians). Ziggurats were iconic architectural structures in ancient Mesopotamia. According to some sources, the Tower of Babel, probably, was one of those ziggurats. Now, let’s get back to modern days and see what would happen if we wear wrist watches with ziggurats, made of precious stones.
In spring of 2010, the Swiss watch company “Piaget” “squeezed” more diamonds in its cult watches from the series “Emperador”. The women's watch “Piaget Emperador Temple” is made of white 18-karat gold and encrusted with 1211 purest diamonds. The secret of this astonishing model lies in the fact the Swiss wrist watch “Piaget Emperador Temple” is made in the form of a miniature pyramid or ziggurat. Hence the name of the watch: “temple”. At first glance, the most expensive ladies watch “Piaget Emperador Temple” looks like an ordinary bracelet. Though why "ordinary"? The entire surface of the watch “Piaget Emperador Temple” is studded with precious stones, and the familiar dial of the watch cannot be seen immediately. As a great master of creating unusual watches, the Swiss company “Piaget” has made a "transformer" of its model.
Thus, the women's watch “Piaget Emperador Temple” opens twice. When you open the top miniature case on the rectangular case, you see a small mother-of-pearl dial with two hands, hour markers in the form of thin lines, and logo of Piaget. To see the result of the brilliant work of highly skilled watchmakers from Piaget, you need to open the second case of the wristwatch, under which a real "wonder" is hidden: a larger dial with two hands, tourbillon carriage at “12” hours and power reserve indicator at “6” hours. 173 diamonds decorate a little mother-of-pearl dial, 320 precious stones are inserted into a luxurious bracelet, and 690 diamonds – into the case. In addition, the stones are differently cut: round or baguette. Each diamond can boast of its ideal characteristics, and the stones are cut at the highest level. At the top of the "pyramid" there is a large emerald-cut diamond.

Piaget Emperador Temple

It's amazing how many diamonds there are and how complicated the mechanics are at the same time. Within the model two movements work at once, one of them is responsible for reading the first dial, and another respectively - for the second dial. From the viewpoint of complex mechanics, the fans of chorology are primarily interested in the second movement, which is equipped with a tourbillon module.
I can only add that the women's watch “Piaget Emperador Temple” brings a new meaning to the concept of "pyramid power." With so many diamonds on your wrist you are guaranteed with the best table in restaurant and the most expensive drinks on the house. Speaking seriously, the Swiss company “Piaget” released a single piece of the model “Piaget Emperador Temple”, which is estimated at 3 million 500 thousand dollars. However, the manufactory “Piaget” says it will be happy to perform an order for another piece of “Piaget Emperador Temple”, if the customer agrees to fund the costly process of making a model.

An incredible collection from the company “Piaget” called “Exceptional Timepieces” includes the most expensive women's watches, characterized by rich finishing with precious stones. For example, one of the watches from this splendid series is the women's wrist watch “Piaget Limelight Secret Ribbon Motif” (Reference G0A34133). By creating the well-known collection “Exceptional Timepieces”, the masters of the Swiss company “Piaget” followed its main principles, which read as follows: "Surpassing oneself. Going the extra mile. Continually pushing back the boundaries of excellence, surprise and wonder." Obviously, these values played an important role in the design and creation of such a unique female model, as the most expensive watch “Piaget Limelight Secret Ribbon Motif” (Reference G0A34133).

Piaget Limelight Secret Ribbon Motif (Ref. G0A34133)

The creators of this watch have used an interesting trick: the women's watch “Piaget Limelight Secret Ribbon Motif” is a real optical illusion. At first glance, the women's watch looks like an exquisite bracelet, encrusted with diamonds, the strips of which create an effect of rainbow-shimmering ribbons. These diamond ribbons twine the case like a cobweb. At a close look we can see that this masterpiece of jewelry art isn’t just a bracelet, it has a little ticking "heart" – the quartz movement Piaget 56P, which allows us to name this subject a wristwatch. An interesting system the watch case is equipped with makes it possible to push the diamond ribbons in the center of the case and open the watch dial. The dial design also continues the ribbon theme, perfectly harmonizing with the aesthetic splendor of the women's watch.

Piaget Limelight Leaves (Ref. G0A34135)

The excellent watch for beautiful ladies has a case, made of 18-karat white gold with dimensions 31 mm x 52 mm. The case is encrusted with 187 white baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 17.9 carats. The mother-of-pearl dial is adorned with 37 round-cut stones weighing approximately 3 carats, and the bracelet of white gold, as well as the case, is decorated with 250 baguette-cut diamonds weighing approximately 39.9 carats. After simple calculations we get the number 60.8 – this is the total weight of all precious stones that adorn the most expensive female watch “Piaget Limelight Secret Ribbon Motif” (Reference G0A34133). Hence the incredible price of the model - 1 million 610 thousand dollars. It is known that the most skilled watchmakers and jewelers work at the Swiss watch company “Piaget”. It is not surprising, since impressive abilities and tremendous professional experience are required to create such a beautiful watch, as “Piaget Limelight Secret Ribbon Motif”. And the most important thing is not just to create specific models, but to make sure that they have their individuality, a kind of novelty that will be appreciated by all the fans of high watchmaking, who pay such a large sum of money for a watch. According to representatives of the watch company “Piaget”, the idea of this model of more than one and a half million dollars cost is based on the play of shapes and light, it united bold design and creativity of the best craftsmen.

Piaget Limelight Leaves (Ref. G0A33154) Piaget Limelight Leaves (Ref. G0A33157)

I should add that Piaget has several more models, the prices of which can plunge into shock. Among the most expensive women's watches from Piaget there are the following models from the series “Limelight”: “Piaget Limelight Leaves” (G0A33154) with a quartz movement 56P and diamonds weighing 78.4 carats - about 3 million 370 thousand dollars; “Piaget Limelight Leaves” (G0A33157) with a quartz movement 56P and diamonds weighing 64.1 carats - approximately 2 million 100 thousand dollars; “Piaget Limelight Leaves” (G0A34135) also with a quartz movement 56P and diamonds of 76.2 carats - approximately 2 million 400 thousand dollars; “Piaget Limelight Tonneau Large” (G0A31057) with a mechanical automatic caliber 561P and diamonds weighing 43.6 carats - 1 million 300 thousand dollars; and “Piaget Limelight Tradition” (G0A00685) with the movement 40R of manual winding and diamonds weighing 49.7 carats; and “Piaget Limelight Tradition” (G0A29085) with automatic caliber 530P and diamonds weighing 64.7 carats – for 1 million 400 thousand dollars each.

Piaget Limelight Tonneau Large (Ref. G0A31057) Piaget Limelight Tradition (Ref. G0A29085) Piaget Limelight Tradition (Ref. G0A00685)

In conclusion of our, I hope, fascinating overview of the most expensive watches for the beautiful half of humanity I would like to add that there are many very conflicting points of view regarding high prices on watches. Some humanists think that a million dollars can be spent more productively than on a time meter, no matter how unique it was. With this money, for example, one can provide the starving people in Africa with food for at least two months, and with three million dollars - for six months. Of course, this is true. As they say, opinions differ. But the watch companies around the world continue to create the most expensive watches, and the wealthy fans of chorology continue to buy them. There can be several reasons. For example, the client, having made such a grand purchase, gets incredibly powerful moral satisfaction, as well as great aesthetic pleasure. As such an expensive object of art, of course, has what to see and admire. In addition, the purchase of expensive watches of any well-known brand is an incredibly good investment, especially if you become the owner of an exclusive special thing. And if we speak specifically about women, no one else can feel the beauty and appreciate the perfection of precious stones, which often decorate the most expensive women's watches, more pungently. I guess all ardent fans of modern horlogerie with million-dollar objects are looking forward to new price records and new models of watches, which will take their places of honor in the category of "the best". Our watch portal Montre24 keeps its eye on the innovations of the modern watch market, so, dear readers, see you!


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