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New watches with floral decoration

True beauty never goes out of fashion. That is why the well-knownwatches with floral decoration manufactories complete their wristwatches with various plant decorations. The demand for such time meters is still high. There are many reasons.
First, flowers are always nice. And this is a strong argument for the fair sex to buy a watch of this model. Unlike men, they tend to purchase rather a fashion accessory than a functional device. Women's watches with floral decoration are seen by the ladies as an ornament.
Second, the kind of plant shown on a time meter is also very significant. Now many people are carried away with Eastern philosophy, interested in different ethnic cultural traditions. Each plant in the light of centuries-old ideas about its being is perceived as a symbol, an encrypted message. As a result, women's watch with a flower or plant ornament on the wrist of impressionable owner acquire the value of a talisman, a secret sign that must be read, comprehended and felt. In addition, in the process of floral decoration, the creative abilities of different masters fully manifest. Watches with similar decorations are created with the participation of jewelers, enamellers, engravers. Sometimes, all the masters are required at once to create one model.
Last year, many famous manufactories presented new women's watches with floral decoration. To realize these plans, the companies have chosen different approaches.

Mille Fleurs — enamel flowers from Bovet

In 2011, the Swiss company “Bovet” launched the collection “Mille Fleurs”. This is women's watches of extraordinary beauty, each model of which is decorated with a flower, painted on the dial by hand. The cases of “Bovet Mille Fleurs” are made of 18 carat gold in white or yellow. Their diameter is 39 mm. These women's watches can be worn on a strap of leather, which is matched to the tone of the dial flower. However, the design of the case allows to remove it, fixing the watch on a gold-plated chain, which is supplied with the watch. The movement is protected from moisture at a depth of 30 m. The watches “Mille Fleurs” are equipped with automatic caliber 11VA13. The movement has a power reserve of 72 hours. All models of “Mille Fleurs” have mother-of-pearl dials in black or white. Ten white diamonds are used as hour indexes. The staples are also incrusted. They are decorated with 43 diamonds weighing 0.21 carats. Some models have a bezel encrusted with precious stones.

calibre 1113

The dial of each timepiece from the collection “Mille Fleurs” is decorated with a flower. The model “Fleurier 39” (ref. AF39003-SD2-LT04) on a white dial has a picture of orchid. This flower symbolizes pure love, passionate nature. Orchids have long been symbolizing gentleness. That's why many fans of Feng Shui theory are tend to keep this flower at home as a symbol of love and peace in the family.
The lady’s watch “Fleurier 39” (ref. AF39013-SD2-LT01) is decorated with an image of lotus on a black background. This amazingly beautiful flower is equally revered in different cultures. Lotus was considered to be a divine symbol, a source of cosmic life, a sign of rebirth. The image of this flower accompanied people considered as spiritually clean and noble.

Fleurier 39 (Ref. AF39003-SD2-LT04) Fleurier 39 (Ref. AF39010-SD123-LT02) Fleurier 39 (Ref. AF39013-SD2-LT01) Fleurier 39 (Ref. AF39003-SD2-LT05)

On the dial of “Fleurier 39” (ref. AF39003-SD2-LT05) the symbol of fidelity – pansies – is depicted. The models “Fleurier 39” (ref. AF39013-SD123-LT02) and (ref. AF39010-SD123-LT02) are adorned with magnificent roses of red and pink flowers. These delightful plants have long been symbolizing heart, center of the universe, perfection. However, most often the beauty of roses reminds people of love in all its forms: sublime, romantic, passionate.
“Mille Fleurs” collection from the company “Bovet” allows any woman to buy a watch with a picture of the flower she prefers.

Premiere Flying Tourbillon — the movement with camellia from Chanel

The French company “Chanel” became famous above all for production of luxury perfumes and clothing. Now other luxury items are available under this brand too. In particular, the company “Chanel” produces watches for men and women of premium class. The time meters, in this case, would seem to be taken only as accessories that complement fashionable collections of clothing. But even the women's watches from Chanel were made technically perfect, not just beautiful.
In 2011, the debut model in “Premiere” series turned 25. Then the masters of Chanel first created a wristwatch with tourbillon. This year the collection “Premiere” has got a new unusual model “Flying Tourbillon”. This elegant lady’s watch has a case made of 18K white gold. Its outlines resemble both the picturesque octagonal Vendome Place in Paris and the upper part of the famous “Chanel 5” perfume cover. The length of “Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon” case is 37 mm, its width - 28.5 mm. Its water resistance is 30 meters. The lady’s watch “Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon” is equipped with two types of straps: satin or leather. They are black with 18-carat white gold buckle. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating is used as a top case. Bezel, sides of the case and crown of the movement are encrusted with diamonds. Totally, 127 round-cut gems of 2-carat total weight, and 101 baguette-cut stones of 5.2-carat total weight are used for decoration of “Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon”. In addition, this delightful women's watch has encrusted hands. 15 diamonds of complex cut are used for finishing.
The lady’s watch “Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon” has a ceramic black dial. The axle of hands is slightly off-centered upward. Thus, in the bottom of the dial there is a space for unusual decoration, which is also a part of the movement - flying tourbillon.
To create this complex element the masters of Chanel addressed to the experts from the leading research branch of the manufactory Audemars Piguet under the name “Renaud & Papi” (abbreviated - APRP SA). The result of their collaboration - flying tourbillon – consists of only 73 pieces. Its weight is only 0.432 g. The tourbillon makes one complete rotation around its axis per minute. The absence of the front bridge makes it more difficult and beautiful at the same time.
In addition, this tourbillon is shaped like a camellia flower, because this is what Coco Chanel liked. This plant is considered to be a symbol of steadfastness. In China, camellia is revered as an embodiment of healthy body and spirit. This tourbillon doesn’t only increase precision, but also serves as a decoration of “Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon” dial. Its heart is encrusted with 19 round diamonds. The movement of “Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon” comprises totally 225 details. It has the function of manual winding and power reserve of 40 hours. The movement is more reliable due to the presence of shock-proof system. It will be difficult to buy “Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon”. Totally 20 copies of this unique model were released.

women's watch Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon Van Cleef & Arpels Butterfly Symphony watch women's watch Chanel Premiere Flying Tourbillon

Butterfly Symphony from Van Cleef & Arpels

The watch and jewelry house “Van Cleef & Arpels”, of course, could not stay away from such a fertile idea, as depicting plants on watch dials. However, the masters of the company, glorious for their creative approach to any task, surprised fans of the brand again. Instead of expected enamel colors, the women's watch “Butterfly Symphony” (ref. VCARN9VG00) is decorated with a complex composition of mosaic oak and two flying butterflies, which also serve as hands.
The jewelers had to work hard on that new product from “Van Cleef & Arpels”. The case of “Butterfly Symphony” is made of 18-carat white gold. It is round (its diameter is 38 mm). The back case of the watch “Butterfly Symphony” is engraved with the serial number of each model. The bezel and staples are encrusted with 54 white round diamonds. The same gems in a number of 14 pieces act as hour markers.
The women's watch “Butterfly Symphony” has a black dial, made of onyx. Its background is provided with an image of oak - a symbol of endurance and longevity. Also, since ancient times this tree has been associated with courage, valor and glory. For creation of the oak’s trunk the masters used white gold. The resulting framework is incrusted with multi-colored pieces of mother-of-pearl. On both sides of the oak two butterflies fly toward each other. The right one serves as the minute hand and the left – the hour. The butterflies’ wings are incrusted with colored mother-of-pearl pieces.
The unusual retrograde hands of “Van Cleef & Arpels Butterfly Symphony” are driven by mechanical caliber JLC 846 of manual winding. The power reserve of this women's watch is 39 hours. Its strap is made of crocodile leather of unusual purple color. It is equipped with a white gold clasp. You can buy the watch “Butterfly Symphony” from the company “Van Cleef & Arpels” with a diamond-encrusted gold bracelet too, assembled from checkerboard-patterned links.

Crazy Sheherazade — Time for eastern tales from Boucheron

The company “Boucheron” pleased the fans of watch and jewelry art with its luxurious new products from the collection “Audacious Collection” last year. The watch “Crazy Sheherazade” will please those, who are fascinated by oriental culture.
In 1909, famous artist Louis Boucheron, who founded the brand “Boucheron”, first visited India. The country impressed the watchmaker so much that he began to use sensual and exotic design elements, peeped out there while working on new models. To this day, that same collection called “Audacious Collection” is completed with new bright and original time meters.
The watch “Crazy Sheherazade” resembles a decorative element, miraculously got into our reality from the famous Eastern tale "Thousand and One Nights." The floral ornament used for decorating dials of these models looks even more unusual thanks to the original technique of performance. And the materials used in these unique creations of Boucheron turn them into true jewelry.
The watch “Crazy Sheherazade” (ref. WA010227) has a round case of 42-mm diameter and 11.1-mm thickness. It is made of white gold. The front case is made of sapphire glass. The case is waterproof at a depth not exceeding 50 m. The bezel and staples are encrusted with 60 round diamonds. The strap is made of blue satin. It is completed with a buckle of white gold.
The watch “Crazy Sheherazade” is provided with a movement based on caliber GP 4000, created by the famous manufactory “Girard-Perregaux”. It is equipped with automatic winding. The watch “Crazy Sheherazade” has central hour and minute hands. A small disc with flower petal-shaped cuts serves as the second hand. Every moment it makes a slight movement, gradually turning around its axis.

Crazy Sheherazade (Ref. WA010227) Crazy Sheherazade (Ref. WA010228)

But the most interesting and amazing part of the model “Crazy Sheherazade” by Boucheron is mosaic dial, the pattern of which resembles a large colorful flower pattern or a kaleidoscope. This watch is decorated with oriental ornament “Lapis Lazuli”. The engravers had to work hard first to create it. On the base of the future dial, made of white gold, they have outlined a picture, cutting out 27 almond-shaped holes, which later will be filled with mosaic. The remaining details of the image are "perlage" engraved. Further, the workpiece is decorated with precious stones: sapphires of different colors, amethysts, aquamarines, diamonds and lapis lazuli. The resulting pattern is very similar to vitreous glass in eastern churches and palaces with a luxurious finishing.
The second watch from this collection – “Crazy Sheherazade” (ref. WA010228) – is decorated with mosaics, called “Sonora Sunrise”. It looks just as the previous model, only the colors of stones for the pattern were selected different. This variation of “Crazy Sheherazade” is decorated with multicolored sapphires and diamonds. The case of this watch is also made of gold, but of pink color. The strap of this model “Crazy Sheherazade” is made of red satin - to match the mosaic on the dial.
The company “Boucheron” managed to connect the watch and jewelry arts in this work. Also, those who are fascinated by eastern traditional culture will necessarily want to buy the watch “Crazy Sheherazade”.

Piaget: a new crop of flowers from “Limelight Garden Party” collection

Last year, the company Piaget pleased the fair sex with delightful jewelry models from “Limelight Garden Party Ladies” series. These women's watches, studded with diamonds and emeralds, resemble unopened delicate buds surrounded by young leaves by their almond-shaped cases.
This year has been marked for Piaget and its fans by completing the collection “Limelight Garden Party”. The very name of the series prompts that the floral motifs in the design of new models are still present. This year, Piaget turned to the image of rose. This flower has long been considered to be a symbol of unearthly beauty, ardent love, divine origin.
The lady’s watch “Piaget Limelight Dancing Light” (ref. G0A37171) is an elegant combination of black strap and case of noble 18-carat white gold. The case is round. The bezel of the watch “Piaget Limelight Dancing Light” is decorated with a track of 52 classic-cut diamonds, the total weight of which is 1.6 carats. A schematic rose of 18-karat white gold is movably mounted on the dial. Its outlines are studded with 155 diamonds. The total weight of these classic-fastened stones is about 0.6 carats. In the middle of the rose there is a small disk, provided with the golden hour and minute hands inside. The lady’s watch “Piaget Limelight Dancing Light” is equipped with a practical and reliable quartz movement, based on in-house caliber Piaget 56R. This model has a satin strap with a buckle of white gold, which is decorated with 15 diamonds weighing 0.1 carats.

Limelight Dancing Light (Ref. G0A37171) Limelight Dancing Light (Ref. G0A37172)

The lady’s watch “Piaget Limelight Dancing Light” (ref. G0A37172) has the same characteristics as the previous model. It differs only by the colors used. In contrast with the white dial and satin strap of the same color, 18-karat yellow gold has been used to make the case.
Another new model from the series “Limelight Garden Party Ladies” has a more elaborate design. To understand the women's watch “Piaget Limelight secret watch” (ref. G0A37170) is a time meter, not just an elegant adornment, one need to be smart. The hidden dial with hour and minute hands, studded with classic-cut diamonds (totally 101 pieces, the total weight of stones - 0.4 carats) is behind a sliding case of gold and mother-of-pearl. It is decorated with the image of rose, encrusted with 185 diamonds, which weigh totally 0.9 carats. 18-karat yellow gold was used for the manufacture of “Piaget Limelight secret watch” case. This model is equipped with a wide satin strap in white. The buckle is also made of yellow gold and encrusted with 51 diamonds. The total weight of gemstones is 0.2 carats. The lady’ “Limelight secret watch” has a quartz movement. It is based on 56R caliber, produced by Piaget.

Limelight (Ref. G0A37170) Limelight (Ref. G0A37180)

The last year novelty from the collection “Limelight Garden Party Ladies” is a unique model “Piaget Limelight high jewellery secret watch” (ref. G0A37180). This women's watch looks like a precious opened rose on a black satin strap sparkling with facets of gems. The case of “Piaget Limelight high jewellery secret watch” is made of white 18-karat gold. The watch dial is hidden under golden case in the form of rose petals, studded with 668 diamonds of classic cut, the total weight of which reaches 8.7 carats. The deployant buckle is also decorated with these gems. The masters spent 40 diamonds weighing 0.2 carats on its finishing. The lady’s watch “Piaget Limelight high jewellery secret watch” is provided with an in-house quartz movement of caliber 56R. There are two versions available of this luxury accessory - decorated with diamonds in white or pink.
These women's watches from Piaget can be called something between time meters and jewelries.
La Sirene watch
La Sirene — the flower for the Queen from Ateliers de Monaco

The small kingdom of Monaco has a great reputation around the world. This fact has a number of reasons: unique history of this principality, picturesque beaches, sailing regattas, and of course, marriage of Prince Rainier III, the twelfth ruler of Monaco, who held the post until 2005, and famous Hollywood actress Grace Kelly. The residents of this unique state love their country and are proud of it. Another reason for pride is the appearance of Monaco's own watch brand in 2008. It was named Ateliers de Monaco. In spite of such irresponsible age, the company's record is already impressive. Under the brand “Ateliers de Monaco” they issued watches with tourbillons in cases of precious metals.
The past year was marked for the residents of the Principality of Monaco by more than a joyous event. Finally, they saw the long-awaited wedding of the current ruler of the state - Albert II - and his lover - athlete from South Africa Charlene Wittstock. In honor of that joyous event, the company “Ateliers de Monaco” released a new women's watch, which became known as “La Sirene”.
The masters from Monaco devoted their creation to Charlene Wittstock. The lady’s watch “La Sirene” from Ateliers de Monaco is decorated with an image of flower called “The Royal Protea” (in Latin – “Protea cynaroides”, also “Protea artichoke”). This plant is considered to be a national symbol of South Africa, where the new-found princess was born. There protea is considered to be an embodiment of strength. The petals of this flower depicted on the white dial of “La Sirene” are made of faceted blue topaz. These stones adorn the decorative bezel, made of 18-carat white gold. It has a round shape, its diameter is 39 mm. In the center of Protea, shown on the dial, the sword-shaped hour, minute and second hands are fixed. This model has no hour markers.
Despite the fact that women's watch “La Sirene” is made by Ateliers de Monaco, its movement is Swiss. It is equipped with an automatic winding. Another useful complication of “La Sirene” movement is silicon escapement. The rotor is provided with personalized engraving, which emphasizes the exclusivity of this model.

Victoria from Backes & Strauss — unfading flower on your wrist

The company “Backes & Strauss” produces watches only from 2007, when it became a member of Frank Muller Group. However, it cannot be called young. In its native England the brand “Backes & Strauss” has been known since 1789. The most luxurious jewels were produced under this brand. Logically, the watches issued by Backes & Strauss will also be made of precious metals and stones.
The collection “Victoria” embodied aesthetic canons of the Victorian era. The designers of Backes & Strauss referred to the historical realities of the past of their country and created a truly unique modern women's watch. The design of this accessory has a style popular during the reign of Queen Victoria (from 1837 till 1901). Rich finishing, magnificent and heavy decor – these are distinctive features of art of that period, testifying of prosperity of the state.

Victoria Jonquil watch Victoria Rose watch Victoria Blue Heart watch Victoria Snowdrop watch Victoria Sunflower watch

Jewelry in the Victorian style even today can look modern. The lady’s watch “Victoria” from the company “Backes & Strauss” clearly proves this. Its elegant case made of 18-carat gold in white or pink has the form of a lush flower. The round mother-of-pearl dial of small diameter is surrounded by a kind of petals rim, forming twelve interlocking hearts, encrusted with diamonds. The decorative bezel is also adorned by diamonds. The precious stones for each of the models were selected of a particular color. The women's watch “Rose” is decorated with pink diamonds, the variation “Jonquil” - with yellow stones, “Snowdrop” - white, and “Sunflower” - with the color of "champagne". In total, each model from the collection “Victoria” is adorned with 240 precious stones. In addition, another four diamonds are on the dials as hour markers.
Another novelty in this series – the lady’s watch “Blue Heart”, created by Backes & Strauss for a charity auction. It has a similar design and slightly different finishing. The case of “Victoria Blue Heart” is decorated with 215 white diamonds and one of the petals is incrusted with 25 blue sapphires of the same cut. That’s why the model got its name - "Blue Heart".
All women's watches from Backes & Strauss of “Victoria” collection are equipped with reliable quartz movements. On the wrist, this classy precious flower is attached with satin strap with a golden buckle, the color of which is chosen to match the case.

Mediterranean Eden by Bulgari — changes always for the better

The Italian company “Bulgari” released the first watches from the collection “Bulgari Bulgari” more than three decades ago. However, this series is still popular among the fair half of mankind thanks to its unique style and stunning elegance. These are the qualities the masters of the company tried to reproduce in new models of this collection, called “Mediterranean Eden”. For these unusual women's watches pleased all buyers, the designers of Bulgari resorted to a series of little tricks. First of all, they decided to experiment with the size of cases. The lady’s watch “Mediterranean Eden” is available in two versions: their diameter can be 33 or 37 mm. Thus, this model is equally accessible for both plump ladies and slim girls with delicate wrists. Both models are equipped with Swiss classic movements, decorated with engraved Cotes de Geneve.
The cases of “Mediterranean Eden” watches are made of polished stainless steel. Bezel is decorated with engraving “Bvlgari Bvlgari”. The top case of all models from this series is made of sapphire crystal. The lady’s watch “Mediterranean Eden” (ref. BBL37FDSL) has a steel bezel. The bezel of “Mediterranean Eden” (ref. BBL33FDSPGL) is covered with 18K pink gold. The case of this watch is waterproof at a depth of 30 m.
The dial of “Mediterranean Eden” model is made of delicate blue-gray mother-of-pearl. The steel hour and minute hands are located at its center. The hour markers are absent “Mediterranean Eden” model. But the dial shows flowers, the petals of which are decorated with diamonds. The model with a diameter of 33 mm has 89 gems, and the total weight of the stones is 0.17 carats. The lady’s watch “Mediterranean Eden” with 37-millimeter case is decorated with 98 diamonds, the total weight of which is 0.24 carats. Another gem - "cabochon" tourmaline - adorns the crown of the movement.
The women's wristwatch “Mediterranean Eden” has another feature that certainly will please the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. In addition to beige alligator strap with stainless steel buckle, it has a satin strap and bracelet made of stainless steel or rose gold. They are easily replaced, allowing the owner of “Mediterranean Eden” model picking up the option suitable to her dress and mood.

Mediterranean Eden (Ref. BBL37FDSL) LadyGraff watch Mediterranean Eden (Ref. BBL33FDSPGL)

Lady Graff — a flower grown by jewelers

Many famous watch manufactories attract jewelers to the creation of watches. It is not uncommon when the companies, which produced jewelry, start making time meters under their own brand. One of these manufactories is “Graff Diamonds Limited”. In 1960, it was founded by jeweler Laurence Graff, who was fascinated by the secrets of cutting gems since he was 14. The company “Graff Diamonds Limited” was the first that started providing each of its gems with identification numbers, confirming their high quality.
The novelty of this company became a successful fusion of jewelry art and haute horlogerie. The lady’s watch “LadyGraff” is a delightful and at the same time functional adornment. This model has a tiny round case with a diameter of only 16 mm. Inside of it, there is a reliable Swiss quartz movement. The dial of “LadyGraff” model is encrusted with white diamonds in an amount of 61. Their weight is 0.95 carats. The time is determined by the central minute and hour hands.
The women’s watches “LadyGraff” are fixed on the wrist with a filigree bracelet. It is also encrusted with diamonds, but larger ones than on the dial of the model. Totally 109 gemstones of special cut are used for finishing the bracelet. Their total weight is 42.1 carats.
The decorative bezel is incrusted with a track of diamonds of complex round cut, making the women's watch “LadyGraff” look like a fantastic flower, shimmering at the Sun. This masterpiece of watchmaking and jewelry art is not available for each representative of the fair sex. And it is not even about the price of this model. Only 20 happy ladies will be able to buy a watch from the limited series “LadyGraff”.


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