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New watches with architectural motifs

Life of a modern man would be incredibly dull,Egypt colorless, and perhaps, sometimes even useless without art, which from day to day washes away the dust of everyday life from our souls, tired of usual troubles and problems. Artist Salvador Dali said that "art is a terrible disease, but for now we can’t live without it." Thus, the process of creating watches has long been considered not just a sphere of talented engineers, this occupation has turned into a real "disease", an amazing art, which is closely intertwined with other spheres of human activity, aimed at creation of the eternal and beautiful. The complicated process of wristwatch design involves a large number of specialists from different areas: watchmakers, mechanics, jewelers, engravers, enamellers, designers, artists, and even architects.
In modern life, high horology is even more closely intertwined with architecture, the objects of which are of great importance in human society. The significance of watches, as well as architectural structures, is seen everywhere: people cannot successfully exist without subjects of architecture, as well as without clocks, allowing to observe the course of time. For centuries, clocks were integral parts of architecture. Take, for example, the ancient solar or tower clocks, which turned more than a hundred years, being highly functional decoration of landscape of a locality.
Today's watchmakers have noticed the beauty of architectural structures from around the world. Masters adorn their unique watchmaking masterpieces with images of architectural buildings by placing different photographs or engravings on men's and women's watches. Architectural motifs are very popular among the models released in limited editions and devoted to an event or state. It should be recognized that each country of the world has its own unique architectural monuments, which became visiting cards and symbols of a country. For example, we can’t imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower, or China without the Great Wall, the United States without the Statue of Liberty, and Russia without the Kremlin. Now try to imagine a wristwatch, for example, of the world famous Swiss company “Patek Philippe” from “Nautilus” series with skeletonized dial, or the model “Audemars Piguet Royal Oak” without the octagonal bezel, or “Rolex Oyster” in rectangular case, or the Swiss watches from Vacheron Constantin with electronic display. I do not have enough imagination for this, because all of these works of art, time-tested, are so tightly fixed in my mind in their usual images that I can’t even suggest such transformation.
Watches with architectural motifs are of great cultural value, not to mention the material. After all, having a watch, which shows landscape of your favorite terrain or architecture of your native city, is true happiness. Such watch, of course, is appreciated by the owner very much, because it warms his heart, no matter how far he may be from the place depicted on his wristwatch.

Jaquet Droz Petit Heure Minute Monaco

Based on the experience of its great founder, Pierre
Jaquet Droz Petit Heure Minute Monaco Jacques Droz, the Swiss watch company “Jaquet Droz” created a unique wrist watch “Jaquet Droz Petit Heure Minute Monaco” for the charity auction “Only Watch 2011”, which was held in September 2011. Thus the company from La Chaux-de-Fonds has once again emphasized its adherence to the old traditions of Swiss Haute Horlogerie. By traditions of charity auction “Only Watch 2011”, which is held in Monaco under the patronage of His Highness Prince Albert II, all proceeds from the sale of magnificent watches are sent to the Research Center of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
The ivory enamel dial, made by a magnificent technique Grand Feu, is provided with a peerless miniature, showing the architectural structures and landscape of New Harbor and rocky promontory of Monaco. Above this masterpiece of art, written by hand, there is a small dial that displays hours and minutes. The men's watch “Jaquet Droz Petit Heure Minute Monaco” has an attractive design, which resembles the style of past time meters with majestic Roman numerals and minute markings like a railroad. On a small dial two graceful hands of pink gold are whirling in an eternal dance. The case with a diameter of 43 mm is also presented in pink gold of 18 carats, and the perfectly polished bezel accentuates the beauty of the dial miniature and reminds of a frame for a great picture. The front and back cases are covered with sapphire glasses.
Through the transparent back case the owner can see another amazing piece of art - automatic movement of caliber 2653.4. The excellent movement is equipped with two barrels, providing 68-hour power reserve at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. In addition, the caliber is equipped with 28 stones and rotor, made of white gold of 22 carats, decorated with Jaquet Droz engraving. The Swiss movement is characterized by linear anchor escapement, monometallic balance, adjusted in five positions, as well as shockproof system and self-compensating flat balance spring.
The men's watch “Jaquet Droz Petit Heure Minute Monaco” is a classical model, made in a refined style, so it has attracted the attention of many collectors around the world. The Swiss watch of Jaquet Droz is offered with a leather strap in brown color, stitched by hand, with a rose gold buckle. According to preliminary estimates, the price of the model at the auction “Only Watch” amounted from 30 thousand euros to 40 thousand euros. One of the collectors managed to buy the watch “Jaquet Droz Petit Heure Minute Monaco” for 32 thousand euros.

Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration with "architectural" movement

In 2011, the Swiss watch company “Blancpain” at the international exhibition Basel World 2011 presented its great men's wristwatch from the legendary collection “Villeret”. At first glance, this model seems to be just an ordinary beautiful and stylish wristwatch with a large truly "masculine" case from Blancpain. However, this is not that easy. This watch looks like a classical model with enamel dial (black or white), performed in a minimalist style with the use of Grand Feu and with two central hands. On the dial, in addition to gold “leaf”-hands, you can also see the clear Blancpain logo and Roman numerals, serving as hour markers. It will become much more interesting, if to turn the watch and look through the transparent back case of sapphire glass at a unique super-slim movement.
Before we turn our attention to the close relationship between this model and architecture, I would like to emphasize the size of the case that makes the watch incredibly stylish and original. Thus, the traditionally round case has a diameter of 45 mm and a thickness not exceeding 8.3 mm. A wristwatch with these parameters looks amazing at the man's wrist. A surprisingly attractive case of “Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration” is made of precious 18-carat pink gold. Due to the fact that thin “Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration” has a fairly large diameter, it is fundamentally different from all super-flat men’s models, which are often better for delicate feminine wrists. Thus, the Swiss watch “Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration” is a great model for tuxedo, a perfect example of elegance and fine taste.

movement of Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration watch - manufactory caliber 15B

Inside the stunning golden case, a super-slim manufactory caliber 15B of manual winding is constantly running, consisting of 117 parts on 20 stones and with a power reserve of 40 hours when fully wound. This movement, able to show the current hour and minute, has been previously used by the watchmakers in pocket watches from the same collection “Blancpain Villeret”. Each of these movements is decorated by the specialists of Blancpain with amazing hand-engravings, which offer views of the amazing scenery of the world. Generally, the company offers to each client to select his individual place that will be engraved on the movement. Thus, the presented models show landscapes and architectural monuments of the most beautiful places of the world. This is mountains and old castles in Switzerland, the Arc de Triomphe and the domes of the cathedral in Paris, a stunning view of the landscape and buildings in Japan, the unchanging symbol of China – the Great Wall of China, and the architecture of Hong Kong. For the charity auction “Only Watch”, held in September 2011 in Monaco, Blancpain made a special men's watch, which was characterized by classic white dial and engraved-by-hand movement. This movement (the same caliber 15B) is engraved with the landscape and architectural buildings of rocky promontory of Monaco and the Bay of La Condamine. The men's watch “Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration” was sold at the auction “Only Watch” for 42 thousand euros. For me, the most surprising is the fact that the engraving is applied directly on the movement bridges, not on the back case, as it often happens. It seems that the wheels and various gears of the Swiss movement are integral elements of beautiful scenery. It should be noted that from a technical point of view, the movement 15B is fairly simple, it is equipped with large bridges, so the field of activity was wide enough to create such masterpieces. The concept of this watch is truly unique, because the company “Blancpain” can offer a large number of modifications in accordance with the requirements of customers. The engraved items can change their appearance by the slightest whim of a customer. As the saying goes, “as long as you pay for it.” Such men's watches attract not only people who appreciate luxury, created by order, according to their personal preferences, but also conservative fans who never get tired of admiring traditional strict time mechanics.

Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration watch Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration watch backside (Chinese Wall)

The Swiss watch company “Blancpain” is going to limit the release of its "architectural" watches. The men's watch “Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration”, decorated with engraving of a place, is available in a single copy. If you are an ardent fan of ultra-modern classics, then you should refer to the official representatives of the company to buy the watch “Blancpain Villeret Grande Decoration” with individual decoration. In my mind, this men's watch from Blancpain is presented as an object, combining sharp contrasting elements: thin case of a large diameter, very "clean" dial, lack of additional elements, but with exquisitely engraved movement.

"The Kremlin Chimes" by Ulysse Nardin

In November 2010, all fans of Swiss watchmaking
Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition watch in Russia finally had a grand event, for which they had been long and carefully preparing. That is grand opening of magnificent watch boutique of Ulysse Nardin in Moscow, not far from the Red Square and the Kremlin. That important event was attended by the head of Ulysse Nardin, Rolf Schnyder, who died suddenly a few months later, in April 2011. The grand celebration was accompanied by beautiful music of the military brass band. The musicians were dressed in historical forms of the Russian army of the XIX century, and the guests of honor were taken to the door of the boutique on the white horse-drawn carriages.
Shortly after the opening of mono-brand boutique in the capital of Russia, in 2011, the Swiss watch company “Ulysse Nardin” released a unique watch “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition”, which is decorated with engraving of one of Moscow's most famous architectural structures, as a sign of respect for Russia and Moscow. Thus, the 43-mm case of “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition” is made of platinum, and the bezel and buttons on the side of the case are made of black ceramics fashionable today. The water resistance of precious case reaches 100 meters. A comfortable rubber strap with platinum clasp is attached to the case. This combination of finest materials creates a unique and unusual image of wristwatches.
The men's wristwatch “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition” differs not only by expensive materials, but also very complex mechanics. Inside the platinum case there is a Swiss automatic movement, made by the craftsmen from Ulysse Nardin and patented by the company, with 45-hour power reserve and perpetual calendar module, which allows you to configure your calendar by one motion of the crown. It should be noted that amazing person and talented artist Ludwig Oechslin, who is often called a "nutty" watchmaker or "brains" of the company “Ulysse Nardin”, has worked on the creation of “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition”. Ludwig Oechslin is known as the genius creator of the beautiful Trilogy of Ulysse Nardin – ultra-complicated wristwatches with astronomical complications, which the author himself considers as his best works. Therefore, all the fans of the company were expecting something special from the new watch “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition”. And as it turned out, for a good reason. The men's watch “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition” has the latest invention of Ludwig Oechslin, which makes the work with the movement of this level of complexity much easier. Thus, the owner of the watch can switch all the date indicators in both forward and backward. Everything is surprisingly simple, as in any electronic gadget: the second time zone is adjusted by buttons "-" and "+" (at "4" and "8" hours, respectively). One push on a button allows you to turn the hand for an hour, at that you don’t have to take off your watch from your wrist and stop the movement.
The dial of “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition”, which has a multi-level system of time display, is decorated with Cotes de Geneve. It is provided with the company logo and brand image of anchor, as well as T-shaped perpetual calendar indicator of light terracotta color. The large skeletonized hands are a pretty good design solution - they provide perfect readability of the dial, but at the same time do not close other indicators: big date, month, year, day of week and 24-hour indicator of local time. It is surprising that such an abundance of different apertures, windows, and hands doesn’t make the dial overloaded, and all indicators perfectly coexist with each other on a fairly small space.
And finally, the most interesting - engraved back case, showing the viewer the great Spassky Tower, one of the twenty famous towers of the Moscow Kremlin, built in 1491. On the Spassky tower the most famous Russian clock, Glockenspiel, is installed. The engraving of the old tower is made by hand by the best masters of Ulysse Nardin, it emphasizes once again the exclusivity of the watch “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition”, designed specifically for the Russian market after the opening of the first mono-brand boutique of Ulysse Nardin in the Russian capital. The high value of this watch is also strongly emphasized by the limited edition that consists of only 11 copies of the rarest watch “Ulysse Nardin El Toro Special Edition”. Apparently, the Russian watch fans will have to try their best to buy the Swiss watches of Ulysse Nardin engraved with the Spassky tower.

Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer in honor of the Brazilian capital founder

Like things of any art, the grand architecture objects receive their eternal life thanks to talented people who put all their strength and skills in their creation. The Swiss watch company “Hublot” has released a unique men's watch as a sign of great respect for the famous architect, whose works admire and strike all modern humans by their originality. The men's watch “Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer” (reference 311.AI.1149.HR.NIE11) was created in 2011 in honor of the famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who was lucky enough not only to live a very long life, but also to make a brilliant career. Last year, Oscar Niemeyer turned 104, and that is the number of new models “Aero Bang Niemeyer” presented by Hublot in its limited collection in honor of the genius architect and one of the most prominent Latin American figures. The name of the talented Brazilian architect is known around the world: for example, in the United States he is widely known as the creator and designer of buildings in New York, serving as official offices for the UN. The Swiss manufactory “Hublot” thanked Oscar Niemeyer, giving him his new watch. In fact, the manufactory “Hublot” had several goals in creating watches “Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer” (reference 311.AI.1149.HR.NIE11). First, the company wanted to express respect for the Brazilian architect, and secondly, to honor Brazil - a country where Hublot is struggling to remain popular. The question arises - why Brazil? One of the reasons for this desire for glory among Brazilian consumers is the upcoming Football Championship FIFA World Cup 2014, which will take place just in Brazil. And as you know, the Swiss watch company Hublot is the official timekeeper at FIFA World Cup 2014. Therefore, from this point of view, Brazil and Hublot have much in common.

Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer (Ref. 311.AI.1149.HR.NIE11) Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer (Ref. 311.AI.1149.HR.NIE11)

Returning to genius Oscar Niemeyer, who certainlyOscar Niemeyer with Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer (Ref. 311.AI.1149.HR.NIE11) deserves the highest honors, we can note specifically his following contributions: Mr. Niemeyer designed the Brazilian capital - the city of Brasilia, as well as some parts of major Brazilian cities such as Rio de Janeiro (hospital "South America, house “Niemeyer Tower”, etc.) and Sao Paulo (international exhibition complex, etc). Oscar Niemeyer is a legend of modern architecture, the flexible forms and sensual curves of which are merged in more than 600 of his projects. Diving into the depths of the Internet, I found a very interesting and touching video of a gift presentation to Oscar Niemeyer by the representatives of the company “Hublot”. Admittedly, the watch “Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer” in all its futuristic splendor looks very unusual at the wrist of elderly architect. First, it is made of special material – tantalum, shot-blasted, that shows the passion of Niemeyer for bizarre reinforced concrete structures, and secondly, the combination of colors is truly awesome: yellow and green elements on the coal-black dial imitate the colors of the Brazilian national flag. After watching the above video, I thought that 104-year-old Oscar Niemeyer would come to the indescribable delight, if he had such a gorgeous gift, for example, 30 years ago. Now, because of his rather poor health, that is quite natural in such age, deeply touched architect is not able to fully express his gratitude to the company “Hublot”. However, I am confident that Niemeyer, a fan of unusual and original, liked that watch. Especially that the back of a 44-millimeter case of “Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer” is engraved with the Palace of the National Congress of Brazil in the state capital and the autograph of Oscar Niemeyer. The building of Congress is erected on the project of Oscar Niemeyer in modernism style. Interestingly this architectural structure is built in the shape of a parallelepiped, which has two spheres, and between them there are two 100-meter skyscrapers. Under one of the hemispheres in the form of dome there is office of the Federal Senate, and under the hemisphere in the form of bowl - the Chamber of Deputies. But that's not all: the objects are connected by underground tunnels, what is very unusual for an architectural building of national importance. Once I looked at the photo of the Palace of the Brazilian Congress, I knew immediately who designed the spaceport Mos Eisley from "Star Wars". Speaking seriously, interesting shapes, colors and architectural futurism of buildings by Niemeyer from the middle of the XX century, today, are loved by all the masters and inhabitants of our planet.

Palace of the National Congress of Brazil (Oscar Niemeyer)

The men's watch, included in the series limited by 104 copies, has a skeletonized dial with yellow and green labels and hands, treated with Superluminova. These original lime-lemon colors, resembling the logo of the popular soft drink 7-Up, beautifully emphasize the nationality of the famous architect. Also on the dial in the positions of "3", "6" and "9" hours, additional counters of the chronograph are situated, and at "4:30" there is a date aperture. The opened dial reveals the greatly decorated movement of caliber HUB4214 with automatic winding, consisting of 252 parts and functioning at 27 stones. Through the skeletonized dial you can admire the impeccably polished and glace movement bridges, and the great PVD-treated rotor and black chrome plate. Thanks to the ultra-reliable winding drum and balance Glucydur, the men's watch “Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer” has a power reserve of 42 hours. This model is a true men’s variant with a big case of about 44.5-mm diameter, 100-meter water resistance. The bezel and six H-shaped PVD-treated screws are also performed of the above mentioned tantalum. The chronograph buttons on the case and crown are made of PVD-coated titanium with rubber inserts. The watch is supplied with two interchangeable black straps with buckles, treated with PVD, one strap of rubber, and the second of crocodile leather, hand-stitched with gray thread. It should be recognized that such interchangeable straps are a rather unusual design solution for this type of watch, but this chronograph from Hublot with a large case looks incredibly stylish and impressive.
An ardent admirer of the company “Hublot” can buy one of the remaining 103 copies of watches “Hublot Aero Bang Niemeyer” solely on the Brazilian watch market. The last 104th model, marked with individual number "104/104", was awarded to Oscar Niemeyer personally.

Brazilian National Museum (Oscar Niemeyer)Museu_de_Arte_Contemporânea (Oscar Niemeyer)

Around the world with “Michel Jordi Icons of the World”

The Swiss watch company “JORDI” was founded in 1988 in Geneva, as a brand, passionate for watchmaking and unique creativity, combined with ancient Swiss traditions of horlogerie. During its existence the company “JORDI” has released several models of watches, which are characterized by unique concepts, original design solutions and superior complex mechanics. For the Geneva watch exhibition GTE, which took place in January 2012, the company has prepared the unique collection of watches under the name “Icons of the World”. With this collection, which includes complicated watches, both in terms of design and technical part, the Swiss watch company “JORDI” pays its respects to some of the most legendary places and architectural sites around the world.
To create this exceptional collection, consisting of eight copies of wristwatches, CEO Michel Jordi invited one of the most talented watchmakers, Jean-François Mojon, from the Swiss town of Le Locle for co-operation. Swiss artist Jean-François Mojon is known worldwide as a brilliant watchmaker, he was awarded an honorary title "Best Watchmaker of the Year" at the Geneva Competition in 2010. Also, Jean-François Mojon is the creator of the most complicated chorological objects and wristwatches with many unique complications. For example, he has made such great works as Opus 10 and Project Z6 (designed in collaboration with the jewelery and watch house “Harry Winston”).

Michel Jordi Icons of the World watch movementMichel Jordi Icons of the World watch movement

For the watch collection “Michel Jordi Icons of the World” the ingenious watchmaker has designed an original module of the legendary watch complication - repeater. Instead of traditional gongs, the newest module of repeater has an innovative striking movement that produces a particular sound at a very low frequency of 2 Hz. This original sound is reminiscent of the sound of church bells. The striking movement of Mojon attached to the case is observed through the aperture on the dial, and the bell was created from a single piece of metal that provides the best sound of repeater. This movement assembled at 45 stones and decorated by hand guarantees a 72-hour power reserve, and a complication in the form of innovative repeater, according to watchmaker Mojon, will not negatively affect the general course of the watch. The Swiss movement with manual winding, set in “Michel Jordi Icons of the World”, is characterized by two winding drums, one of which is turned to the striking movement of repeater. The balance frequency reaches 28,000 vibrations per hour. Thanks to the ultra-precise caliber of Jean-François Mojon, the men's wristwatch “Michel Jordi Icons of the World” is able to show hours, minutes and seconds by the hands on a small dial, off-centered. Also the watch has indicators of day/night for the repeater (at "2" hours) and of local time (at “10” hours), indicator of repeater set and repeater on/off (at “6” hours).

Michel Jordi Icons of the World watch backside (Kremlin)

The image of watches, touched by talented designer Christophe Moinat, contains all the key elements specific to the famous watch series from JORDI under the title “Swiss Icon”: the convex sapphire crystal, resembling the shape of a pebble from the shores of a Swiss river Ron, served as inspiration for the creators of wristwatches “Icons of the World”, as well as the crown of cylindrical shape with a picture of the Swiss national flag. The motives of the ancient art of paper cutting, adapted to the modern perception by the masters of JORDI, add special charm to the design of watches.
Each model of “Jordi Icons of the World” is provided with a day/night indicator at "10" hours, which prepares a special "surprise" for the admired audience. He opens one of the unique places and architectural structures of the world. Totally the watchmakers created eight watches, reflecting the cultural heritage of eight great countries. Every watch from the "Great Eight" in its turn has only three copies. Of the myriad of "idols" of the world the Swiss watch company has selected eight sites and monuments of architecture, depicting them on the dials of its watches. They are the Great Wall, the Mausoleum-Mosque of Taj Mahal in India, which in 1983 was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Fuji Volcano on the Japanese island of Honshu, the mountain with an interesting name Sugarloaf, which it got because of the similarity with a piece of sugar, in Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. The motherland of the world watchmaking, Switzerland, is presented on wristwatches of JORDI by the commune Interlaken with the mountains of Eiger and Jungfrau, and beautiful Geneva – by its famous fountain, Jet d'eau de Geneve, located in the floodplain of the River Rhone, where the Genevan lake (Leman) is located. The United States are traditionally symbolized by the goddess of steel – the Statue of Liberty, "illuminating the world", and Russia – by the magnificent Moscow Kremlin, which is an ancient architectural construction and the oldest part of the Russian capital.

Michel Jordi Icons of the World (Interlaken) Michel Jordi Icons of the World (Kremlin) Michel Jordi Icons of the World (Great Chinese Wall)

The combination of materials, such as titanium and pink gold of 18 carats, for a 46-millimeter watch case emphasizes the strong character of the chronograph, supplied with a leather strap with fancy patterns and folding clasp. All watches from the collection “Michel Jordi Icons of the World” are characterized by a striking design of dials, and the rich colorful motifs create a lasting impression. Every year since 2012 the Swiss company “JORDI” plans to produce watches for men, devoted to this or that architectural monuments and cult places, so the admirers of this company are already waiting for the continuation of the parade "Idols of the world." Of course, every fan of Haute Horlogerie will want to buy the Swiss watch “Michel Jordi Icons of the World” to go into an exciting virtual journey around the world.

Graham Chronofighter 1695 — watches for real gentlemen!

George GrahamAt first, I would like to emphasize that the men's watch “Graham Chronofighter 1695” (reference 2CXAP.SO3A), first introduced by the Swiss company at the fair Basel World 2012, is a model for a true gentleman. Insistent desire of Graham for elegant and refined details and unique design elements always leads to delightful watch creations. However, as a rule, the genius essence watchmaking is the ability to design simple wrist watches based on the most complicated watch movements. By the beginning of 2012, the Swiss watch company “Graham” has designed a unique and graceful chronograph, which combines fundamental researches in Haute Horlogerie and elements of recognizable British style. This is not surprising, because this watch brand is named after its great founder - Briton George Graham. Well, gentlemen, fasten your tie by Windsor knot, set aside your stick and take a look at a high level of craftsmanship of Graham’s great heritage.
Looking at this watch, I have no doubt that this model exudes an active spirit and reflects the life style of the 30s of the XX century, a turning point, when surrounding thing began to radically change people and their lives. That time the British company BBC was established, and the first television broadcasts started. Television, radio and newspapers as mass media became popular and affordable. It was at that time, when the wonderful airship "Graf Zeppelin" first flew from Britain to North America. In the 1930s the world also saw the jet engine, designed by Englishman Frank Whittle. Let’s also mention the famous tea bag now! People definitely needed something that would help them to conquer the New World and quench their thirst for knowledge in amazing mechanics. Now we have a complete picture of that turbulent and ever-changing world, in which the watch company “Graham” worked, creating unique masterpieces of watch mechanics.
So, the manufactory “Graham” has designed its new men's watches - a unique tool for displaying the eternal and perfect time.
The automatic chronograph in 42-millimeter case is powered by complex Swiss self-winding movement of caliber G1745 on 25 stones. The balance oscillated at the frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. An additional minute dial is located on the main dial at "6" hours, and the date aperture - at "3" hours. Such places of indicators are a distinctive feature of “Graham” watches. To emphasize the subtle taste and style of a true gentleman, the craftsmen of Graham “crowned” their watches, clothing them in a case of the noble white gold of 18 carats.

Graham Chronofighter 1695 (Ref. 2CXAP.SO3A) Graham Chronofighter 1695 (Ref. 2CXAP.SO3A) watch backside

The gold back case is adorned with exquisite engraving, traditionally made by hand. The surface of the case is engraved with the Royal Greenwich Observatory building, which is the major astronomical organization in the UK of public financing. The observatory was established by King Charles II in far 1675 in order to clarify important coordinates for mariners. However, historically significant architectural buildings on the site of the modern observatory existed since the reign of Edward I. At the Royal Observatory a meridian circle is set, through which the zero meridian passes. The zero meridian was signified with a brass band, stretched at the outer court of the Observatory. Then the brass was replaced by steel, and from 1993 the zero meridian has been marked with a bright green laser beam that safely cuts the night sky of London in half. The connection between the British Royal Observatory and the watch company “Graham” is obvious, since it is known that the company's founder, George Graham, at the beginning of his brilliant career worked as an official watchmaker at that important public institution. On the back case, an aperture of sapphire crystal is cut out, through which you can see the balance wheel and escapement. This is also a kind of respect to "Honorable George," the company's founder Graham, who is the father of the first chronograph and creator of the cylindrical escapement. Graham’s escapement, as well as chronograph, are used in modern Swiss watch movements in some improved form.
The innovative spirit of the 30s of XX century also contributed to the rapid spread of new technologies in all spheres, including watchmaking. One of the innovations, firmly entrenched in aviation and mechanical engineering, was a special lever. The men's watch “Graham Chronofighter 1695” is equipped with such a massive lever on the left side of the case. This major lever serves to start and stop the chronograph function. The left-sided location of the start button of chronograph allows you to wear this watch on your wrist without discomfort because of the large size of the crown. The silver watch dial is impeccably decorated and has a dome shape, which resembles the style of the 1930s. The men's watch “Graham Chronofighter 1695” is a prime example of excellent craftsmanship of the watchmakers. This model contains all main characteristics of the oldest watch manufactory with a rich history.

Royal Observatory at Greenwichlaser of Royal Observatory

In addition to these characteristics, we can distinguish several technical features of “Graham Chronofighter 1695”. An automatic movement with power reserve of up to 48 hours is provided with shockproof system Incablock, and the dial is protected by durable sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides. Functions: chronograph with central second hand and 30-minute counter, date, hours and minutes. The men's watch “Graham Chronofighter 1695” (reference 2CXAP.SO3A) in golden case is equipped with brown crocodile leather strap. In addition, the fans of "simpler" models can buy the Graham Swiss watches with an engraving of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in excellent steel case. The colors of steel chronograph dials are also different (there are versions with white or black dial).

Hublot King Power “King of Russia”

After the well-known Swiss company “Hublot” launched its unique watch in honor of Argentine footballer Diego Maradona, the manufactory also paid tribute to the legendary racetrack Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, the race Grand Prix Formula 1 in Japan, the invincible English football club "Manchester United", and an American basketball player Dwayne Tyrone Wade. Now, in early 2012, the watch company “Hublot” has decided to pay attention to the whole nation, as the new men's watch is devoted to Russia.
I emphasize that Hublot is doing everything possible to win a leading position in the Russian market of “luxury” watch category. Thus, the new men's wristwatch of Hublot from the “King Power” line called “King of Russia” is released in a limited edition of only 25 pieces. All 25 models are presented in the case of "royal" diameter - 48 millimeters, made of 18-karat rose gold. Directly on the white dial, at "12" hours, there are the brand logo of Hublot and the famous Russian star, crowning the tower of the Kremlin. The model “Hublot King of Russia” is characterized by skeletonized dial and high-precision skeleton-movement. In the position of "3" hours there is a 30-minute chronograph counter, at "9" hours – a 12-hour counter, and a small second dial is placed in the position of "6" hours. Between the markings "4" and "5" hours there is a date aperture. Embossed indexes and rather large hands are treated with fluorescent solution in the best traditions of the company “Hublot”, a specialist in high-precision chronographs. The chronograph function is activated and stopped by pressing the buttons on the sides of the gold case at "2" and "4" hours.

Hublot King of Russia watch Hublot King of Russia watch backside

On the back of the chronograph, fixed by eight black screws, the viewers can see a beautiful painting, made of gold, one of the most significant architectural structures of the Russian capital - St. Basil's Cathedral. The painting is created on the white surface of the plate with photographic accuracy, and the legendary Cathedral appears in all its magnificent splendor, filled with amazing magic of ancient buildings. The Orthodox Church of St. Basil, the well-known monument of Russian architecture, is located on the Red Square in Moscow. The cathedral was built in 1555 - 1556 by order of Ivan IV the Terrible to commemorate the capture of Kazan. The picture of the great temple on the back case is framed by the inscription “King of Russia Special Edition”, and a gray self-winding rotor is seen behind the picture.

St. Basil's Cathedral

Run by automatic in-house caliber HUB4214, the Swiss watch “Hublot King of Russia” is water-resistant at 100 meters and provided with 42-hour power reserve. The black alligator strap with an insert of natural rubber and a folding clasp in rose gold of 18 carats completes the image of the chronograph with "Russian soul". By the way, it’s interesting that the fans of Hublot can buy the Swiss watch “Hublot King of Russia” only by individual order at the boutique of the company in Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Therefore, you should try well to get one of 25 pieces of exclusive watches “Hublot King of Russia”. It is known that the above men watch was designed by the masters of the company within the project “King Power”, also including watches in honor of Formula 1, the official timekeeper of which became the company “Hublot”. Interestingly, the watch in honor of Russia is not directly related to Formula 1, although, perhaps, the watchmakers of Hublot have been encouraged to the creation of "Russian" model by the forthcoming Russian racing stage. I would like to add that despite the Swiss roots of the watch “Hublot King of Russia”, there is something truly Russian in it.

In conclusion of this article I should say that all of these watches with architectural motifs are interpreted by each person differently, because a particular architectural structure means something special to each of us. There are places and buildings that look intimidating and unfriendly, and there are buildings where you feel warm and cozy like at home. The wristwatches are the same: when you look at some models, you realize that you will never wear them, and other copies sometimes evoke only positive emotions. Of course, sincere feelings depend on the price of the watch to a lesser extent, because the right marketing campaign can successfully sell even the most useless thing for a big money. Thus, a watch is always something very personal, it's "the best friend" of man, leading an active lifestyle. In addition, a watch with an architectural decor is a very profitable investment, since such models are often produced in limited series, and the price on them is greatly increasing in time. It turns out that buying such a watch, you get a masterpiece, located at the intersection of two ancient arts: architecture and watchmaking.


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