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Watches with pictures of animals

Many people don’t take their watches only as useful and beautiful accessories. A person tries to express himself, show its world view through this object. That's why men's and women's watches are often made in a stressed minimalistic style or, on the contrary, completed with a number of vivid details and fanciful decorative elements. Each manufacturer decides by itself what pictures will adorn this accessory. However, the most famous manufactories have at least one watch among numerous collections with a picture of an animal.

From the cave arches on the watch dial

An interest in images of various animals, birds,
Lascaux cave and insects can be traced in the works of ancient artists, who lived in the caves. Today animalistic motifs in art are just as popular. As a result, images of animals also adorned watches of many famous brands, such as, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Ulysse Nardin, Bocheron and many others. However, before images of animals had passed a long way, leaving a trace in other kinds of art, and then established in horlogerie.
In 1940, in south-western France, in a place called Montignac, wind blasts rooted away an old tree from the land. A large hole appeared at the place, where it had grown. The old-timers claimed that an entrance had opened to the cave, leading to the castle, which had been adorning Montignac since the Middle Ages. Naturally, such a discovery excited all the neighboring boys.
Once, four senior high school students decided to go to though an underground passage to the treasure hunt. The members of archaeological expedition provided themselves with everything they needed - a flashlight and a small research stone. When the boys got into a hole in the ground, they found another hole inside, which had a slightly smaller diameter. Throwing their stone, the boys came to the conclusion that there was deep enough. A volunteer, armed with a flashlight, dug the hole up a bit and crawled inside. The guy got stupefied of what he saw. He was in a cave, where all the walls were covered with images of huge ancient beasts. The pupils felt that they had found the door to a parallel, magical world. And the pictures of prehistoric predators, frozen in hostile poses, skillfully reproduced by an unknown artist, plunged them into a real horror. So, instead of a routine way to school, the boys made a remarkable discovery. It was the famous today cave, known as Lascaux. It was painted at the dawn of mankind by an unknown artist, but many modern creators certainly would like to see their works produce such stunning effect.
Mahadeva Kandarya Temple - inlayThe scientists say that the earliest images of animals appeared in the Upper Paleolithic. They were mostly deer heads, buffalos, rhinos, horses, bulls, goats. The ancient artists, seeking to convey the maximum similarity, depicted them in full size.
With the development of civilization, people have not ceased to decorate their houses and other buildings with various images of animals and birds. In such cases, the bas-reliefs and paintings, depicting animals, could not only serve as decoration, but also carry a sacred meaning, symbolizing the purpose of construction or driving away evil spirits. Often architects and decorators turned to myths and legends, using images of fantastic creatures - sphinx, Sirruf, phoenix, etc. The famous gargoyles of Notre Dame de Paris, for example, praised in the novel by Victor Hugo,
armor with animal pictures act as defenders from dark forces.
Present animals were also
applied in architecture long before wristwatch was invented. For example, their images can be found inside the Egyptian pyramids. Here, as in ancient Greece, Rome, animals are totems - symbols of gods, not just ornaments.
Such symbols were used in the Christian tradition. Architects often decorated the temples with images of animals and birds for a long time. The most popular were images of fairy animals, as well as lions, symbolizing nobility, and fishes, which in early Christian culture were often associated with the image of Christ. Looking at these bas-reliefs, it is already possible to compare them with the round dial, with which today watches are provided. However, until such images have moved from the monumental buildings to the watches, they had to do a long way.
In the Middle Ages, images of animals have been widely used in heraldry. All sorts of heraldic figures were placed on shields and armors of warriors, representing a clan or a family. This is more like a wristwatch. Shield is, no doubt, a useful element of the equipment, and being adorned with the coat of arms, it acquires a sacred significance. At that the animals are not a decoration, but a symbol of some human qualities or philosophical views, and in some cases - a sign of good luck. The posture of animal had especial significance. The enemy could read the coat of arms as a message - warning and threat.
The most common were images of lion (symbol of power, courage and strength), deer (meant warrior, making enemies escape), wild boar (embodiment of courage), bull (sign of diligence and patience, and also fertility), elephant (symbol of long memory), horse (combined agility of fox, eagle's keen eyesight, bull’s strength and lion's courage). Images of various birds were also widely used. On the coat of arms the eagle signified power and generosity, the peacock - vanity, the owl - wisdom, the raven - longevity, the crane, which was often depicted with a stone in one of the legs, was seen as a symbol of vigilance. Some of these meanings have not lost their relevance today. That is why people, who want to buy a watch with images of animals, pick up the models of time meters with the animal, which is associated with certain traits to them.

To each their own

watch with tiger imageIndeed, today there are still many people, who want to buy watches with an animal on the dial. Moreover, the animalistic motives remained in demand at all times. The reasons for this are more than enough.
Animals are an embodiment of natural beauty, strength, grace and charm. Animalistic ornament is often placed on women's watches indeed. With this accessory the fair sex cannot only highlight its beauty and charm, but also to hint around about its character or mood. So watches turn into a tool of sending encrypted signals, similar to those signs, which in the past the young ladies sent to each other and secret admirers with the help of fans.
In addition, now all kinds of horoscopes and fortune-telling have come into fashion again. The interest of man to rituals and sacraments, as well as to various symbols and signs will not run out, probably, ever. Different religions and ancient cultural traditions attribute sacred features to animals, giving them a mystical force. So the beast turns into a totem, that is, becomes a symbol, an embodiment of some qualities or phenomena. Many people want to buy a watch that would become a real mascot to them. Symbols can be very different. Some people are looking for a watch with the picture of their horoscope or Oriental calendar sign. Someone simply contributes a specific value in the image of the beast.
There is another reason why adults willingly wear watches with images of animals. These stylized birds and small animals, decorated with engraving, enameling or sparkling jewels, remind us of the magical fairy world, which we often imagine in childhood. And how nice
it is to always havewatch with animal image a little piece of it, set in the case of time meter. Every second takes us further away from childhood, but reliable Swiss watches remain the memory of it on your wrist.
However, there is
another category of people, choosing time meters with animalistic elements of decor. They pay more attention to the technique, than to the image itself. In order to decorate watches with image of animal or bird, they use complex enamel painting, exquisitely cut precious stones, delicate engravings, made on precious metals. In addition, some manufactories go on, using decorative materials that were once parts of living beings. It concerns not only to genuine leather straps, but also those, reproducing the texture of animal leather. The dial is often decorated with snake leather (like the model “Technograph” from the company “Paul Picot”), fragments of shellfishes (often used by the manufacturers, such as “Cartier” and “Van Cleef & Arpels”) or wings of butterflies (design discovery by ArtyA).
But the manufacturers went on even further. Sometimes watches are not simply adorned with images of animals, but their cases are made in the form of a bird or a beast. The manufactories “Cartier” and “Bosheron” have especially succeeded in such experiments. The company “Ulysse Nardin” made movable figures of animals on the dials of some models. These animalistic jacquemarts illustrate the repeater, with which the wristwatch is complicated. Two butterflies that adorn the dial of the model “Butterfly Symphony” of Van Cleef & Arpels are also a part of complex retrograde movement. The designers of this watch and jewelry house have turned these mother-of-pearl insects into the hands.
A great variety of forms and materials used by the manufactories to produce time meters, allows anyone to buy a watch he has always dreamed of and maybe even couldn’t imagine.

Flock of birds from Boucheron, Chopard, Van Cleef & Arpels, Ulysse Nardin

The very first living creature that comes to mind at the mention of clocks is, of course, the cuckoo. The funny little bird, which by its appearance marked the beginning of a new hour, certainly remained a wonderful memory from childhood for many people.
Today, you won’t meet a cuckoo clock often. This cute archaism seems to have remained in our past forever. And it is impossible to put a cuckoo into the watch. However, many manufacturers keep on using images of various birds as decorations for their creations.
The watches from the French jewelry house “Boucheron” always struck with a luxury finishing. No woman can resist such accessory. All models, manufactured under the brand “Boucheron”, are adorned with various precious stones of intricate cut. Such watches are no longer a time meter, but a real piece of jewelry. Another excellent creation from the masters of Boucheron – the model “JwlryMachine”, created together with the famous company “MB & F”. The luxurious finishing is complemented by the most complex movement that has an unusual construction. First such construction was designed by MB & F for the model “HM3”, released in 2006. For the model “JwlryMachine”, it was slightly adapted by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, known for complex constructions created for various companies. This artist has become famous for his unique movements, which he invented for the models with poetic complications from the watch and jewelry house “Van Cleef & Arpels”. The retrogrades of Wiederrecht have become a visiting card of this brand. The movement of these watches works on 36 rubies, it is equipped with oscillator and gear, made for the company “Boucheron” by the craftsmen of manufactory “Girard-Perregaux”. It consists of totally 304 components. The lady’s watch “JwlryMachine” has an even more unusual case, rather than its prototype. This unique creation of the masters of “Boucheron” is made in the form of an owl. This bird has been associated with wisdom since old times. Owls were considered to be the embodiment of the night, the dream world. Today, this bird is revered as a symbol of erudition and insight. No wonder the people engaged in mental work are sometimes called “scientists-owls”.

JwlryMachine movement of JwlryMachine watch JwlryMachine

The case of watch “JwlryMachine” is made of 750-carat white or pink gold in combination with titanium. It is a three-dimensional image of an owl, decorated with precious stones. The women's watch of white gold is decorated with carved amethyst, weighing 35.27 carats, sapphires of blue and purple colors of about 5.17 carats total mass, and diamonds, weighing 0.96 carats. The crown is decorated with amethyst cabochon, weighing 0.33 carats. Amethyst cabochons replace the eyes of precious owl. The total weight of two stones makes up 6.34 carats. The decorative bezel and wings of the owl are sputtered with round-cut gems. The bird’s breast is carved from a single piece of amethyst. The model for those, who want to buy a watch of pink gold, is encrusted with rose quartz, which weighs 32.71 carats, and sapphires of the same color (their total weight is equal to 5.17 carat), diamonds, weighing totally 0.96 carats. The crown is decorated with "cabochon" rubellite, which weighs 0.33 carats. Another two rubellite cabochons weighing 7.88 carats, are used as the owl’s eyes. The color of straps, made of genuine leather, matches the hues of precious stones that adorn the case of the time meter. The eyes of the owl are two cone-shaped convexities, provided with scales of hours and minutes on the side surfaces. They are made of sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. The time is indicated by the hands, make through laser processing, and ceramic ball bearings. In addition to indicating the hours and minutes, the ladies watch “JwlryMachine” indicates the time of day, reflected in one of the owl’s eyes, and the date, the counter of which is located along the movement. The vibrations of the rotor made of 917 gold are seen under the top case, made of semitransparent stone. It seems that the bright plumage hides the owl’s heart. The parts of the movement, traditionally performed in the form of revolving drum, are located on the reverse side of the case.
The ladies watch “JwlryMachine” from the company “Boucheron” combines complex movement and luxurious finishing. It is a real piece of jewelry, impressive not only by the amount and exquisite finishing of precious stones, but also by an unusual design that has no analogues.
Another famous watch and jewelery company “Chopard” also acquired its owl. The novelty is a part of the series “Animal World Collection”. At the competition “10th Grand Prix d'Horlogerie”, held in November of 2010, the model “High Jewellery Owl” brought the brand “Chopard” the prize for the best jewelry watch. The issue of the novelty was timed by the company to the next anniversary of the writer Alexandre Dumas, whose 150th anniversary of birth was marked in 2010.
The ladies watch “Chopard High Jewellery Owl” has a case in the form of owl. It is made of 18K white gold. The case dimensions constitute 47.8 x 45.1 mm at thickness of 21.1 mm. It is waterproof, if the depth does not exceed 30 meters. The case of “High Jewellery Owl” is encrusted with round diamonds, total weight of which makes up 7 carats. To eyebrows of the owl are finished by the same stones, but of baguette-cut. Their total weight is 2 carats. The eyes of the owl are two miniature dials, decorated with guilloching and covered with sapphire glasses. Each of them has a decorative welt of baguette-cut sapphires of unusual yellow color. Their weight is about 4 carats.

High Jewellery Owl High Jewellery Owl

The watch “High Jewellery Owl” from the company “Chopard” is equipped with a quartz movement. With two dials, this model is able to simultaneously determine the time in another time zone. The watch “Chopard High Jewellery Owl” is fastened on the wrist with a black satin strap, fitted with a folding clasp. See also another variation of this model, made of pink gold. The eyes of the owl on the case of this watch are finished with baguette-cut rubies. A bright-pink hue is also selected for the satin strap.
Dominick BaronTo decorate the model “Tourbillon Paon” (ref. U2007-01-62) the designers of the watch and jewelry house “Van Cleef & Arpels” have chosen one of the most beautiful birds in the world - peacock. In ancient times, that image symbolized arrogance and vanity. Today, however, the peacock can be seen as the embodiment of a proud beauty. To reproduce its image on the “Tourbillon Paon” watch dial the designers from “Van Cleef & Arpels” have chosen the technique of enamel miniature. To perform this delicate and difficult work, they have attracted once again the famous enameller, Dominick Baron, whose workshop often performs similar work for many watch manufactories, for cooperation. By the way, it is not the first experience of cooperation with “Van Cleef & Arpels” for her, and this one, like the previous, has ended in triumph. To depict the peacock on the dial of the model “Tourbillon Paon”, Dominick Baron has used the technique of “cloisonné” enamel. A gold wire, outlining the image, is applied on the gold plate, which became the basis for the future miniature. After the craftsman has fixed it in the right position, the colored enamel powder fills up the resulting cells. After that, the ebauche is sent to the oven. After firing, the finished dial is polished to smooth the resulting irregularities and varnished.
Then the resulting miniature is placed in a round case, made of white gold. The watch “Tourbillon Paon” has a medium size. The case diameter is 42 mm. It is water-resistant at depth of up to 30 meters. The case of “Tourbillon Paon” has a decorative bezel with baguette-cut white diamonds encrusted. The staples are also decorated with precious stones. The strap is made of black alligator leather and provided with an insertion from white 18-karat gold. The watch “Tourbillon Paon” is equipped with manual winding Swiss movement. In the center of this model’s dial there are hour and minute hands. In the position of "12" hours there is a round aperture, where you can watch a skillfully executed tourbillon. In the model “Tourbillon Paon” is has become not only a useful complication that makes the time meter’s indications more accurate, but also a kind of decoration.

Extraordinary Hummingbirds (ref. ARN9VP00) Tourbillon Paon (ref. U2007-01-62) Extraordinary Hummingbirds (ref. ARN9VO00)

There are also other women's watches in the arsenalwomen's watch Classico Lady (ref. 8150-112/HUP) of “Van Cleef & Arpels”, the dials which are decorated with enamel bird. In a small case, the diameter of which is equal to only 38 mm, holds the image of the smallest bird in the world - the hummingbird. The watch “Extraordinary Hummingbirds” (ref. ARN9VP00) has an enamel dial, made by an ancient technique, called “champlevé”. To get the planned image a quite thick model, in which the engraver makes hollows, is prepared for the dial. Subsequently, they are filled with enamel of various colors. The model is fired, after which the dial can be polished, lacquered and put into the case.
In addition to enamel picture of the hummingbird, the watch “Extraordinary Hummingbirds” is adorned with diamonds. The bezel is encrusted with a row of these round-cut gems. The dial is decorated with stripes of diamonds of smaller size. The case itself is made of18K white gold. It is provided with a satin strap of black, which has a central fastening that has become a distinguishing feature of the watches, produced under the brand “Van Cleef & Arpels”.
The watch “Extraordinary Hummingbirds” is equipped with a special ultra-thin movement on the basis of caliber 830R. The winding is manual. Such movement is not often set in jewelry models. Thanks to this reliable movement, the women's watch indicates the time by two central hands of gold. The collection of” Van Cleef & Arpels” includes another variation of this model – “Extraordinary Hummingbirds” (ref. ARN9VO00). This watch, the dial of which also shows the enamel hummingbird, differs from the previous ones only by the background colors.
The jewelry collection of “Ulysse Nardin” has another model with a picture of bird. The women's watch “Classico Lady” (ref. 8150-112/HUP) is decorated with enamel miniature, depicting a fantastic bird with precious diamond crest. The dial is finished by the ancient technique of “champlevé”. For this purpose, the master creates hollows in the gold plate, which is used as a basis. Then they are filled with enamel of appropriate colors. For the miniature on the “Classico Lady” watch dial, blue, light-blue and green colors are used. The tail, crest and wings of the bird are encrusted with diamonds. The women's watch “Classico Lady” is adorned with totally 60 gems. Their total weight is 0.8 carats. In the center of the dial there are hour and minute hands of white gold. They are set in motion by the movement, equipped with automatic winding function, which has a power reserve of 42 hours. It is based on the caliber UN-24. The movement is enclosed in a round case. 18-karat white gold is used as a material for its manufacture. The diameter of “Classico Lady” case is 35 mm. The role of the top case is performed by sapphire crystal. The water resistance of this model’s case is 50 m. The watch “Classico Lady” has a rich-blue strap made of alligator leather.

Horses from Angular Momentum, Pegasus from Vacheron Constantin and Bovet Art: sometimes the time is running at a gallop

Arabian horse is not just the name of the breed. Like the phrase "Swiss watch", this phrase is synonymous with superior quality. Arabian horses were gradually grown in the Arabian Peninsula during the IV - VII centuries. Since the credit for that belongs exclusively to the Bedouins, who grew horses, capable of taking part in numerous battles with their owners, that particular selection helped them to create a breed of medium-sized, but very enduring, fast and accurate horses.
For the inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula, Arabian horses are still perceived as a symbol of their owner’s high status in society. So, the elite animals are alike expensive Swiss watches. For those, who are not able to keep real Arabian horses, the company “Angular Momentum” created the series “Arabian Horses timepiece”. The dials of these unique watches are adorned with images of horses. The series consists of six copies, but they are provided with the pictures of only five animals. These horses allegedly once belonged to the Prophet Muhammad himself. According to legend, one day he decided to test his herd for faithfulness to the owner. During the trip, Muhammad stopped in the desert near the oasis and set the horses free to drink. They rushed at full speed, and when they were just a step away from the desirable water, the prophet called the horses. At his call only five horses from all herd returned. Later those horses came to be known as "Al Khamsa" (in Arabic means "five"). The Arabs still believe that all breed originated from those horses.

Arabian Horses timepiece

The wristwatch “Arabian Horses timepiece” from Angular Momentum, devoted to these animals, has a round case of 18-karat white gold. Its diameter ranges from 38 to 42 mm, depending on the model. At the left side of the case there is the crown, adorned with black "cabochon" diamond. The men's watches “Arabian Horses timepiece” are provided with colorful dials, adorned with images of Al Khamsa horses, made in the art of Arabic miniatures. Some models have central hour and minute hands. Others indicate the time by the numerals that appear in the aperture at "12" or "6" hours. All watches from the series “Arabian Horses timepiece” from Angular Momentum are equipped with black leather straps, which have original central fastenings.
Bovet Art (ref. Feurier 39 Gold Hourse)The Swiss manufactorymovement of Bovet Art (ref. Feurier 39 Gold Hourse) watch - caliber 11BA13 “Bovet” did not pass by horses either. The model “Art” (ref. Feurier 39 Gold Hourse) from the series “Miniature Painting” is devoted to these beautiful animals. It would be logical to assume that the masters of Bovet will take a usual route, decorating this watch with enamel image of horse. However, in this case they’ve entrusted the engravers with reproducing the image of noble animal.
The figure of horse, crafted in pink gold, is placed in the center of black pearl dial of “Bovet Art”. The case of this model has a round form. Its diameter is 39 mm, the water resistance is 30 meters. The case is also made of 18-karat rose gold. The crown, adorned with an unusual engraving, is situated at “12” hours. The bezel of “Bovet Art” is incrusted with a row of white round-cut diamonds. The staples are decorated in the same way. The strap is made of black alligator leather and equipped with an insertion of 18-carat pink gold. The watch “Bovet Art” can be used as a pocket one too. For this purpose, the watch is supplied with a gold-plated chain, which can easily replace the leather strap. The watch “Bovet Art” is equipped with an automatic movement, which has a power reserve of seven days. The time in indicated by means of central hour and minute hands of pink gold. They have an unusual form and serve as an additional decoration for the model “Bovet Art”.
The manufactory “Vacheron Constantin” chose
Vacheron Constantin Pegasus a more creative way to implement such idea. The watch “Pegasus” (ref. Vacheron Constantin Pegasus) from the “Métiers d'Art” collection is decorated with the image of not a simple horse, but fabulous Pegasus. In Greek mythology, that winged horse usually bore the lightning of Zeus. "Pegasus" means "rapid flow". According to legend, the winged horse was the son of Greek god of the seas Poseidon and Gorgon Medusa. It was believed that, striking the ground with his hoof, Pegasus could open a new source of water. In addition, it was considered to be the favorite of the Muses, in other words - the patron of all the people, who chose creative professions. No wonder finding inspiration has long been called by the phrase "to saddle Pegasus". In a symbolic meaning this image was first used by the Knights Templar. They placed the image of Pegasus on their coats of arms as a symbol of glory, contemplation, and eloquence.
movement of Pegasus watchThe manufactory “Vacheron Constantin” from Geneva marked the 5th anniversary of its boutique in Moscow, creating the model “Pegasus”. This watch was issued in a single copy, but there is information about two collectors, who allegedly have ordered this luxurious accessory. Not everyone can afford the watch “Pegasus”, because their cost is about USD500.000. The watch “Pegasus” from Vacheron Constantin is made of white gold. The diameter of this model’s case is 42 mm at thickness of 12.7 mm. It is encrusted with 220 diamonds of baguette- cut. The watch “Pegasus” is fastened on the wrist by the black leather strap with gold buckle in the form of half Malt Cross - the symbol of Vacheron Constantin. The dial of “Pegasus” model is an enamel miniature, made by the ancient technique of “grand feu”. To create the image at the base, made of gold, the engraver makes hollows that are filled with enamel of different colors. The watch “Pegasus” has no hands. The hours, minutes, date and day are indicated by means of four apertures. In the center of the dial there is the figure of Pegasus, hand-carved from gold. The watch “Pegasus” is equipped with in-house caliber 2460 G4 with “Poincon de Geneve” from Vacheron Constantin. The movement of this model has a very convenient function of automatic winding. According to the creators, the model “Pegasus” should look equally advantageous on both delicate ladies' wrist and strong man's hand.

Jewelry exotics from Ulysse Nardin, Andersen Geneve

The manufactory “Ulysse Nardin” has long been known for its masters, who don’t create simple watches, but real works of art. And this is true for both complex movements and exquisite finishing of dials.
The watch “Jungle Minute Repeater” (ref. 721-22) from Ulysse Nardin is a small window into the world of wild jungle. This model has a unique dual-layer dial. “Cloisonne” enameling is used for its creation. To create an image, during several hours with the help of tweezers the master first puts thin wire of gold on the dial, shaping it and fixing with a special vegetable glue. So he as if draws the outlines of future picture. Then, using a goose quill, the master fills enamel of different colors in each of formed cells. For image to acquire the desired texture, this procedure should be repeated 4 - 5 times. After applying each layer the ebauche is fired in a special furnace at a temperature of about 840 ° C. Then the dial is polished to smooth the imperfections and make the image glitter. The men's watch “Jungle Minute Repeater” is equipped with basic mechanical caliber UN-72. It has a power reserve of approximately 48-hours. The movement is set in a round case, made of yellow gold. Its diameter is 38.5 mm. The watch “Jungle Minute Repeater” is fastened on the wrist with the strap, made of natural crocodile leather.

Jungle Minute Repeater (ref. 721-22) Jungle Minute Repeater (ref. 729-20)

In addition to indicating hours and minutes, this model from Ulysse Nardin has another complication - repeater. It is this feature that the figurines-jacquemarts, depicting the inhabitants of the jungle, illustrate by their movements. When the owner of this unique watch pushes the repeater button, located on the left side of the case, a melodic strike is produced. At the same time, counting the hours, the tiger waves its paw, and the rhino shakes his head; the toucan, measuring minutes, lowers its beak. Each 30-second period is marked by small fish that emerges from the lake for a moment. The unique men's watch “Jungle Minute Repeater” is released in a limited edition. It consists of only 18 copies. In addition, for those who prefer other precious metals, the manufactory “Ulysse Nardin” has created by 18 models of “Jungle Minute Repeater” with cases, made of red gold and platinum.
Other companies are also happy to put images of various exotic animals on the dials of their creations. For example, the manufactory “Andersen Geneve” adorned the watch “Or Gris Tigre” with image of a tiger. In ancient Greece this fearsome predator was considered to be a symbol of the god of wine, Dionysus, representing strength, violence and anger. In Chinese tradition, the power of tiger was seen as an allegory of justice. Thus, the animal becomes the protector from the dark forces. The tiger’s role is to curb the destructive forces of chaos and control them.
The model “Or Gris Tigre” from the collection “Montre A Tact” has an original case with diameter of 42 mm, which is made from an unusual combination of 18-carat pink and white gold. The top case represents an enamel miniature, depicting the head of tiger, resting in the grass. In the bottom of the dial there is a transparent aperture, covered with sapphire crystal, which indicates the hours. The case is equipped with a strap of electric ramp leather that has an unusual texture. The model “Or Gris Tigre” from the company “Andersen Geneve” has a feature in its design - transparent aperture on the side of the case, located between the staples, in which the strap is fixed, at 6 o'clock position. With its help the owner of this watch can discreetly get informed about the time, without attracting attention by turning the wrist. The movement for this model is based on automatic caliber, specially modified by the craftsmen of manufactory “Andersen Geneve”. All strong and passionate natures will certainly want to buy the men's watch “Or Gris Tigre”.

Or Gris Tigre Montre A Tact

The series “Montre à Tact” has another model with the image of feline. The masters of “Andersen Geneve” adorned the watch with the image of panther on a contrasting background of terracotta. That graceful animal had two patrons in ancient Olympia. One of them was same old Dionysus. In addition, Venus - the goddess of love and beauty - chose panther as her own symbol. Perhaps, the elegance and grace of this animal were the reason. According to the masters of Andersen Geneve, the representatives of both sexes can buy the watch “Montre à Tact”. A vivid image of the model is completed by the genuine leather strap of red color.
The other manufactories have also tried their best for the representatives of fair sex, who wish to buy watches with images of tigers. The famous company “Ulysse Nardin” has created the women's watch “Caprice” (ref. 130-91FC-8C/TIGER), the dial of which is adorned with the image of formidable predator. Their rectangular case of 35.4 x 35 mm size is made of 750 white gold. The front case is made of sapphire crystal. The case is waterproof, provided that the depth of water is less than 50 m. The case is adorned with round-cut diamonds of 3.8-carat total weight. The crown of the model “Caprice”, resembling a steering wheel by its shape, is encrusted with the same precious stones. This watch is equipped with an automatic movement, based on in-house caliber UN-13. It has a 42-hour power reserve. The movement set into motion the graceful skeletonized hands, which are located in the center of “Caprice” dial. Ten unusual pink sapphires are used as the hour indices.

Caprice (ref. 130-91AC/TIGER) Caprice (ref. 130-91AC/PANDA) Caprice (ref. 130-91FC-8C/TIGER) Caprice (ref. 130-91FC/PANDA)

The gorgeous enamel dial with incrustation is “Caprice” design zest is. This women's watch is decorated with the image of white tiger, which is considered to be a symbol of winter and allegorical symbol of metals in China. The masters used two emeralds as the animal’s eyes. In addition, the image of tiger is studded with white diamonds.
The ladies watch “Caprice” from Ulysse Nardin is equipped with an elegant gold bracelet with folding clasp. This model is available in other versions. The watch “Caprice” (ref. 130-91AC/TIGER) has white satin strap instead of metal bracelet.
The masters of “Ulysse Nardin” haven’t passed by other exotic animals either. The watch “Panda”, completely repeating the previous model, except the picture on the dial, appeared in the collection “Caprice”. Instead of the tiger, the enamel miniature of a panda with its cub, chewing eucalyptus leaves, adorns the dial. The picture is decorated with white and black diamonds. This women's watch is available in two versions: “Caprice Panda” (ref. 130-91FC/PANDA) with gold bracelet and “Caprice Panda” (ref. 130-91AC/PANDA) with black electric ray leather strap.

“Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey” from Officine Panerai

The Swiss company with Italian roots “Officine Panerai” started out with the production of watches for the army. To this day, the masters of the manufactory are not prone to excessive decorations for their creations. That is why the Panerai watches with pictures of animals still remain strict men’s accessories.
The series “Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey” (ref. PAM00831-832-833-SET) consists of three models. All of them are based on the design of “Panerai Luminor”. The cases of these watches are made of polished stainless steel. It is strong and resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The diameter of watch cases from the series “Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey” is 44 mm. They remain waterproof even when submerged under the water, if its depth does not exceed 50 m. These men's watches have straps of brown genuine leather with bright yellow stitching.
All models are equipped with automatic movement Panerai OP III, created on the basis of caliber Valjoux 7750-P1 at 21 stones. The power reserve is 42 hours. On the dials, combining black and steel colors, there are central hour and minute hands, coated with phosphor. The second hand on a single dial is situated at "9" hours. On the opposite side, instead of the 3-hour marking, the date aperture is located. The men's watch from the collection “Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey” has two top cases. The first one is made of thick sapphire glass, resistant to scratches. The second one is made of steel and decorated with skilful engravings. The series “Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey” has three kinds of men's watches: “Panerai” (ref. PAM00831) with the image of a lion, “Panerai” (ref. PAM00832), which is decorated with an elephant, and “Panerai” (ref. PAM00833) with a buffalo on the top case. Each model is issued in a limited edition of only 100 copies. The engraving is made by hand. To execute an exact copy of such a complex and delicate pattern, even the most experienced master will spend not less than one hundred hours of work. For decorating the models from the collection “Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey”, the animals that are associated with the image of strong and determined man were chosen.

Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey (ref. PAM00831) Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey (ref. PAM00832) Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey (ref. PAM00833)
Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey backside of Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey watch

Lion is the lord of the animal kingdom. For many hundreds of years, it has been considered to be a symbol of greatness and power. The ancients associated it with fire and the Sun, as well as with destructive forces of nature. The Egyptians revered the animal as one of the earth incarnations of the Sphinx. Lion is venerated as the embodiment of wisdom and courage, protection and justice. But at the same time the menacing predator symbolizes ferocity, cruelty and death. Therefore, the lion can act as both representative of evil forces and fighter against evil in all its forms.
Elephant is considered by most people as a heavy, clumsy creature. The well-known proverb that has placed the animal in a china shop gives its name a sarcastic overtone. A clumsy man is commonly called elephant. But for a long time the animal had a very different symbolic meaning. The elephant was often depicted on various amulets, talismans, which were believed to attract good luck, prosperity and abundance. However, the main value of this animal is its enormous force. At that, it can be gentle and creative, as well as violent and destructive. The elephant has a thick skin, which makes it alike emotionally invulnerable people. It is wise, sensitive, patient and forgiving. In addition, the elephant is a symbol of longevity.
Buffalo had a special significance for the North American Indians. That majestic animal was considered to be a symbol of power, strength, and stamina to life's storms. The Buddhists revered buffalo too. In their culture god Yama, who runs the nether world, was often depicted as a man with the buffalo’s head. At the old pictures, the wild animals had black hair. A domesticated buffalo was usually depicted white.
The watches from the collection “Special Edition 2007 Luminor Sealand for Purdey” combine reliability, inherent to all time meters of Panerai brand, and philosophical content, determined by the pattern on the top case. Such engraving shows not only a good taste of the owner, but some of his other personal qualities. However, even those, who simply love and collect rarities, can buy watches of Panerai from this series - a small number of issued pieces makes them more valuable.

Insect’s life, depicted by Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Andreas von Zadora, Chaumet

Extraordinary Butterfly yellow (ref. TBC22)In order to give their creationsExtraordinary Butterfly (ref. TBC22bl) brightness and brilliance, many watch manufactories use the image of butterfly. In ancient times, that delightful insect was considered to be a sign of immortality. Butterfly earned such reputation due to an unusual change of life-cycle phases. First it appears as a caterpillar. Then the symbolic death comes - the stage of pupation. Finally, the emergence of imago (full-formed butterfly) can be considered as rebirth. Today, this insect means featherbrained lady, carefree existence. Butterfly is a symbol of pure, uncluttered joy. In addition, in China and Japan it is considered to be a sign of love. By tradition, two butterflies mean marital happiness.
The Watch and Jewelry House “Van Cleef & Arpels” has created a series of time meters, decorated with images of this amazing insect. The collection “Butterfly” is a series of unique works, created by jewelers, engravers, and enamellers. The women's watch “Extraordinary Butterfly yellow” (ref. TBC22) has a round case of 18-karat white gold with the “Van Cleef & Arpels” brand central strap fastenings. It has a small diameter - only 38 mm, so it looks elegant even on the most delicate wrist. The strap of “Extraordinary Butterfly yellow” is made of black satin and has a gold buckle. The case is waterproof at a depth not exceeding 30 meters. The bezel and staples are encrusted with white round diamonds. The women's watch “Extraordinary Butterfly yellow” is equipped with a reliable Swiss movement, based on the caliber 830R with manual winding. It sets in motion the hour and minute hands, located at the center of the dial.
Enameller Dominick Baron, creating miniature for the products of many famous manufactories, also worked on the model “Extraordinary Butterfly yellow”. This time she’s adorned the dial with a butterfly, sitting in the center of yellow flower. The miniature is made by hand with “plique-a-jour” technique. In addition, the image is completed with several blue sapphires. The watch “Extraordinary Butterfly yellow” is issued in a limited number. Since a long and laborious work is required for its creation, only 8 copies are released. For those ladies, who want to buy a watch, made in a more restrained color range, the company “Van Cleef & Arpels” has created the model “Extraordinary Butterfly” (ref. TBC22bl). It differs from the previous one only by the image on the dial. The women's watch “Extraordinary Butterfly” is decorated with a miniature, depicting a butterfly on a black-and-blue background. Its wings are also made by hand with “plique-a-jour” technique, combine black, red, orange and yellow colors. The ladies watch “Extraordinary Butterfly” is also issued in a number of 8 pieces.

enameling of Extraordinary Butterfly yellow (ref. TBC22) watch butterfly enameling of Extraordinary Butterfly (ref. TBC22bl) watch

The company “Piaget” also decided to decorate the ladies Watches with images of butterflies. The unusual models named “Miss Protocole” have been already noticed with its original clasp by the fair sex. In addition, an easily interchangeable satin strap makes these women's watches a desirable accessory for any fashion lady. The case of “Miss Protocole” from Piaget has a rectangular shape. Its size is 44 x 33 mm, its water resistance makes up 30 meters. The case of the model “Miss Protocole” is created of 18K white or yellow gold. Its bezel and staples continue the picture, depicted on a miniature rectangular dial. The designers of Piaget decorated the ladies watch “Miss Protocole” with tropical butterflies, the color of which varies in different models. Their images are put on a gold basis by an unusual method. First, the master pounds the enamel into powder, then wets it and applies on the surface of the case. After that, the workpiece is heated up to 800°C. The finished enamel miniature is encrusted with diamonds carefully. Small classic-cut stones were chosen for the model “Miss Protocole”. This watch is decorated with totally 332 diamonds, weighing 1.97 carats.
Next to the image of butterfly, the miniature gold hands are situated on the dial of “Miss Protocole”. They are off-centered and made in the form of two leaflet contours. The women's watch “Miss Protocole” is equipped with a quartz movement that is created on the basis of in-house caliber Piaget 57R. The time meter is fastened on the wrist by a satin strap with gold insertion. Its color matches the color of butterfly's wings, shown on the dial. The main charm of this collection from Piaget is that every woman can choose an accessory of the color she likes. The women's watch “Miss Protocole” (ref. G0A33131) has a deep blue pattern on the dial and strap; the model “Miss Protocole” (ref. G0A33130) is made in pink-and-purple palette; an alluring shade of terra cotta is chosen for “Miss Protocole” (ref. G0A33132); and a luxury gold - for “Miss Protocole” (ref. G0A33133). It’s rather difficult to buy the watches “Miss Protocole” from Piaget, because each model exists only in a number of 8 copies.

Miss Protocole (ref. G0A33130) Miss Protocole (ref. G0A33131) Miss Protocole (ref. G0A33132) Miss Protocole (ref. G0A33133)

However, some companies are not limited by trivial application of the image on the dial. The watches made by Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof can serve a good example. Today, this unique craftsman from the United States is considered to be one of the best glypticiens in the world (artists who carve on colored and precious gemstones). For his unique talent Andreas von Zadora-GerlofZadora-Gerlof earned the nickname "Faberge of America". The artist was born and raised on the island of the Queen Charlotte, Canada. Being a little boy, he became interested in wood carving. Zadora-Gerlof enthusiastically copied the American Indian totems. However, when the future world-famous glypticien was 20 years old, while hunting he had an accident, which resulted in his right hand remained permanently paralyzed. Zadora-Gerlof took that as an incentive for the development of creative abilities. He studied the art of engraving on metal from the famous Indian master Gordon Crosse. Zadora-Gerlof continued his training in Germany, entering Idar Oberstein. Even then, he has won a reputation as one of the best craftsmen, engaged in stone carving. After graduation Zadora-Gerlof settled in California, where he opened his own workshop.
This glypticien, along with stunning jewelry, has recently started making unusual watches. All models of time meters, created by Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof, have a unique orbital dial. It is located on the lateral side of the case. The triangular hand remains stationary, and the dial rotates in a circle. At that the back case is always made transparent. However, it is not just a watch. These models are real masterpieces of jewelry art. For their creation the craftsman uses gold of different colors, precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires). Each new creation by Zadora-Gerlof becomes a sensation. That's why many collectors are seeking to buy watches he creates. The main distinguishing feature of time meters from Andres von Zadora-Gerlof is an unusual decoration of the top case. His wristwatch this glypticien adorns with sculpture images of various creatures. On one of his creations, the master placed the figure of a bee-uterus, the Queen of the hive.
According to one of the ancient legends of Egypt, this insect appeared when the god Ra created the Universe. Allegedly, at the exciting moment, he cried, and his tears turned into bees. In the Middle East, Greek and Islamic cultures, this insect is considered to be an allegory of the soul. The Slavs worshiped the bee as a symbol of love, because it has both honey sweetness and wounding sting. Today, it serves as the embodiment of diligence, zeal, dedication, creative and organizational skills, eloquence (no wonder "sweet talk" has become a catch phrase).
To create the watch “Queen Bee Andreas von Zadora”, decorated with the image of bee, a golden cellular honeycomb mesh, incrusted with small diamonds, was first applied on the case of 18-karat yellow gold. The figure of insect is fixed at the top. It was made of textured yellow gold. The wings of insect are made of white metal and diamonds. The body is adorned with the same canary-yellow stones. Two cabochon rubies act as the insect's eyes. The bee's head is adorned with the golden crown, incrusted with various precious stones. The figure of insect performs also a practical function. Those, who are lucky enough to buy a watch by stone-cutter Zadora-Gerlof, can use the golden bee as a miniature box for pills.

Queen Bee Andreas von ZadoraScorpion Andreas von Zadora

Another unique jewelry model by this master is adorned with a figure of scorpion. This arthropod is provided with a double meaning. On the one hand, the scorpion is a symbol of evil, vindictiveness, self-destruction, punishment and even death. On the other hand, it is a sign of deserved punishment, deep knowledge and comprehension of the world. Scorpion can poison a person. However, the residents of different countries in Africa believe that he also produces an antidote. That is why scorpion is considered there to be a sign of murder and a symbol of healing. The watch “Scorpion Andreas von Zadora” has a case made of 18 carat white gold, adorned with a figure of scorpion from the same metal. It is encrusted with diamonds. At the end of the scorpion’ tail there is a precious sting, decorated with deep red ruby of "cabochon"-cut.
The French Watch and Jewelry House “Chaumet” has created the watch “Montre Attrape-moi ... Si tu m'aimes GM”, decorated with images of bees. This elegant model has a small round case of 18-karat white gold with a diameter of 34.8 mm. Its back case is transparent. It is made of sapphire glass. The water resistance of case of this model is 30 meters. The ladies watch “Chaumet Montre Attrape-moi ... Si tu m'aimes GM” is equipped with a reliable quartz movement. It sets in motion the central hour and minute hands of “sword” shape.

Chaumet Montre Attrape-moi... Si tu m'aimes GM (ref. 081274_1006021) Chaumet Montre Attrape-moi... Si tu m'aimes GM (ref. 081274)

The ladies, who like the bright color combinations, will be attracted by the watch “Chaumet Montre Attrape-moi ... Si tu m'aimes GM”. Its dial is decorated with enamel miniature, depicting many small bees surrounded by precious stones. The watch “Chaumet Montre Attrape-moi ... Si tu m'aimes GM” (ref. 081274_1006021) is encrusted with diamonds, sapphires and amethysts of different sizes on the soft blue background among lilac, pink and white insects. The model “Chaumet Montre Attrape-moi ... Si tu m'aimes GM” (ref. 081 274) has a green dial with purple, red and white bees. It is decorated with rubellites and orange sapphires. Both watches have a decorative bezel, encrusted with diamonds of classic-cut. Each model is equipped with a satin strap, which matches the color of the dial. Its staples are also encrusted with diamonds. The straps are decorated with a fascinating little bee, embroidered by contrasting color threads. The buckles are made of gold.

Aquarium on wrist by Cartier and Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof

Man is not able to live under the water, but he is still constantly attracted by depths of the sea. Of course, first of all it concerns various scientific studies. However, in many respects people are attracted by the beauty of underwater depths. Unusual colors, intricate shapes and delicate grace of sea creatures cannot leave the aesthetes indifferent. Many people would agree that a good rest at the water does not necessarily mean tropics and scuba diving. An avid fisherman would prefer a get-together with a rod at the nearest pond to a costly fun with no catch. For those, who prefer not to eat fish, but admire it, an elegant solution - aquarium - has long been thought up. This element of the interior pleases the eye, but it requires constant attention. But if you put the charming fishes in the watch dial, you will receive a unique aquarium, which requires no maintenance and pleases the eye, at any time of the day.
Such idea, for example, came up with the designers of Cartier. The watch “Santos 100 Large” (ref. WM505010) is decorated with the image of striped tropical fishes. This model has a case of 18-karat yellow gold of original form. Its dimensions are 51.1 x 41.3 mm with thickness of 10.34 mm. The ladies watch “Cartier Santos 100 Large” has a wide bezel that is attached to the case with eight screws. It is encrusted with round diamonds. The watch “Santos 100 Large” is equipped with automatic movement, based on caliber Cartier 049. The case protects it from moisture, even when immersed in water at a depth of 100 m. The dial of “Cartier Santos 100 Large” model has the form of square. It is decorated with enamel miniature, made by “champlevé”. It depicts a flock of tropical fishes, swimming among crests of waves under the dark surface of the ocean.
In different cultures, such image can be endowed with its own meaning. Fish is often seen as a symbol of abundance and fertility. It is perceived as an embodiment of cosmic forces. According to mythology, in Japan the giant catfish is a support of terra firma. Many people in ancient times believed that was the fish, which transported the sunset across the ocean of the night for the dawn came again to the next day. The Jews consider the fish as a symbol of the Messiah, and even their names in this language are the same. The Christians see the fish as a sign of Christ. It symbolizes the purity of thoughts, belief. The word "ichthys" (i.e., "fish" in Latin) was taken as an acronym, which stood for "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior."
In design of the women's watch “Santos 100 Large”, the Cartier masters used their brand technique. The picture is not limited by the dial, continuing on the model’s case. The back case has an engraving and a small enamel fish. The watch “Cartier Santos 100 Large” is equipped with a strap, made of genuine alligator leather with folding buckle of yellow gold. Its color matches the tone of light-blue waves, decorating the case and the dial of the model.

Santos 100 Large (ref. WM505010) Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra Large (ref. HPI00330)

It won’t be easy to the fans of tropical deep sea dwellers to buy the watch “Santos 100 Large” from Cartier, since they are issued in a limited quantity. Totally 40 copies of this model are made.
The series “Cartier d`Art” has another model, decorated with the image of sea dweller. The watch “Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra Large” (ref. HPI00330) is decorated with the image of turtle. It is a symbol of wisdom, constancy, patience, long life and strength. Since ancient times, the tortoise has been revered as the embodiment of cosmic order. Indian myths depict the image of the Earth, resting on the backs of four elephants which, in their turn, stand on the back of a huge tortoise, slowly crawling through the universal chaos. It is also depicted on various amulets and mascots as a talisman against negative effects of water and fire. This meaning of the turtle’s image will please those, who want to buy a watch that could also serve as a talisman, protecting from harm.
The dial of the model “Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra Large” is adorned with the sea turtle image. The miniature is made of enamel, applied by ancient technique of “champlevé”. In the center of the dial there are hour and minute hands, made of white gold. The watch “Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra Large” has a round case. Its diameter is 46.1 mm, thickness is 12.9 mm. The case of “Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra Large”, as well as the folding buckle on the black alligator leather strap, is made of 18k white gold. The crown is situated on its left side. It has an unusual shape and incrustation in the form of blue "cabochon"-cut sapphire. The watch “Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra Large” has a function of self-winding movement. It is based on in-house caliber Cartier 1904 MC. The case protects the movement from water penetration at a depth of 30 m. The watch “Ballon Bleu de Cartier Extra Large” is also issued in a limited series. The masters of Cartier have created only 40 copies of this unusual model.

Sea Turtle

The stone-carving master, Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof, also got interested in sea turtle. Its sculpture image adorned the watch “Sea Turtle”. Just like other works by this master, this model has an orbital dial and fixed hand on the side of the case. Through the transparent back case you can observe the work of the movement. The case is made of 18K yellow gold. The crown is encrusted with a large round-cut diamond. At the relief top case there is a figure of sea turtle, made of gold. It is incrusted with various precious stones. The turtle carapace is cut from a single piece of amber. Two small rubies of "cabochon"-cut are used as the eyes. The head and fins of turtle are encrusted with white diamonds. The watch “Sea Turtle” is equipped with a yellow strap. It is specially chosen to match the amber, depicting the animal’s carapace.
All lovers of bright colors are recommended to buy the watch “Sea Turtle”. In addition, this model can be considered as a full-fledged jewelry.

Fascinating beauty of reptiles and amphibians from Cartier, Roberto Cavalli, Boucheron

Different kinds of reptiles aren’t able to evoke sympathy for everyone. Even the most harmless lizards and frogs often cause fears and phobias that accompany people from childhood. However, the peculiar beauty and grace of these animals often inspire designers to create unique things. Watches haven’t become an exception in this respect. It should be noted at least that many models are equipped with the straps of alligator, and sometimes, frog leather. Therefore, it is not surprising that some watch manufactories made reptiles not only functional parts of their creations, but also elements of decor.
Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier (ref. WS000302)
The company “Cartier” decorated the next model with a crocodile image. This animal resembles ancient dragons by its appearance. The Egyptians considered the crocodile to be both a product of chaos and embodiment of strength, able to regulate it. According to their beliefs, this is the inhabitant of the Nile, which devoured the Sun every evening for it could reborn again in the morning. So the crocodile acquired the meaning of night and darkness forces. The medieval fabulists used the image of the animal in their works to depict a two-faced person. The famous "crocodile tears", which the amphibian shed, eating its prey, became the reason. In the Christian tradition, the image of this animal is always associated with God's punishment. However, the crocodile can be considered as a good sign too. It is often called a symbol of rebirth, finding a new, happy life by overcoming ordeals. The crocodile, swimming against the current, means struggle and liberation from obstacles and barriers.
The watch “Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier” (ref. WS000302) has a unique dial with the picture of this ancient predator. The functional part with the minute and hour hands is slightly off-centered to the top of the case. Thus, it appears as if inserted into a circle of larger diameter, a part of which can be seen through transparent top and back cases. On the left side of outside dial is provided with a relief image of golden crocodile, sputtered with diamonds. Both circles are also incrusted with these precious stones. A total diameter of the watch “Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier” is 43 mm. It is made of white gold. The case is waterproof at a depth of 30 m. The strap with a central fastening is made of black satin (obviously, the masters of Cartier decided that a gold crocodile for this model will be sufficient). The watch “Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier” is equipped with a movement based on the caliber of MC 430 with manual winding. This unique accessory can be worn by both men and women. But to buy the watch “Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier” is not an easy task, since only 100 copies of the original model have been released.
The reptiles have a peculiar beauty and undeniable elegance. People have a special attitude to snakes. Their grace and cold, dangerous beauty has always evoked mixed feelings of fear and delight.

The famous fashion designer Roberto Cavalli has long been famous for his love to snakes. He founded the fashion house “Roberto Cavalli”, known for its unique products from leather of all kinds of texture. Recently, this brand makes not only clothes, but also accessories, including watches. While working on their design, Cavalli turned to one of his favorite images - various snakes.
These watches can become a real talisman for the holders. Snake has long been considered to be an embodiment of magical powers, which, according to ancient beliefs, gave rise to life. It is believed that this reptile is in close contact not only with the forces of water and earth, but also with the world beyond the grave. Always alone, shrouded in an aura of mystery, snake has the ability to rejuvenate, regenerate, shedding its skin. These reptiles were companions of witches, fortune-tellers and enchantresses, as the bore knowledge, including about the dark forces that could harm humans. Snake symbolized gift of future foresight too, because it was believed to have a keen vision that let it see in the dark or even with eyes closed. The Christians have snake as a symbol of wisdom. A confirmation of this can be found in the Gospel of Matthew (10:16). During one of his sermons, Jesus instructs his disciples: "Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves."

Roberto Cavalli S/S-RC-CLEOPATRA (ref. 7253 195 525) Roberto Cavalli S/S-RC-CLEOPATRA (ref. 7253 195 535)

The women's watch “Roberto Cavalli” (ref. 7253 195 525) from the series “S/S-RC-CLEOPATRA” has an original steel bracelet with enamel decoration, depicting an oddly curved body of reptile. Such snake ball is also called "Kundalini" ("snake power"). Often the animal in this case is represented as biting its own tail. It is believed that the symbol of kundalini protects sanctuaries or treasure caches. The snake-bracelet from Roberto Cavalli stores a tiny oval-shaped dial with hour and minute hands in its folds. The top of steel case of the model is made of mineral glass. The Roberto Cavalli women's watch is equipped with reliable and accurate quartz movement SEIKO VX10A. The steel case protects it from moisture at a depth not exceeding 30 m. The body of snake-bracelet is adorned with an engraving, depicting the scales, and green or coral enamel.
Those, who prefer more miniature female watches, are offered the models “RC EVA SNAKE 3RD 2H IP GOLD” (ref. 7253 132 517) and “RC EVA SNAKE 3RD 2H S/S.BLAC” (ref. 7253 132 515) by the house of Haute Couture “Roberto Cavalli”. Both are made of steel and look like a small snake, twisting the wrist of the owner. At the elongated head of the reptile there is an oval dial under a mineral glass. Two central hands, indicating hours and minutes, are situate on it. They are set in motion by the movement VC 00E. The case is waterproof at a depth not exceeding 30 m. These women's watches are finished elegant. They are decorated with engraved floral ornaments. The model “RC EVA SNAKE 3RD 2H S/S.BLAC” is covered with black varnish, and the variation “RC EVA SNAKE 3RD 2H IP GOLD” has a thin ion sputtering of yellow gold. The rhinestones, decorating heads and tail tips of snakes, give a luxurious look to the watches.

RC EVA SNAKE 3RD 2H IP GOLD (ref. 7253 132 517) RC EVA SNAKE 3RD 2H S/S.BLAC (ref. 7253 132 515)

The ancient watch and jewelry house “Boucheron” also addressed to the theme of reptiles. The unusual watch “Crazy Jungle Frog” with the image of frog on the dial completed the famous bestiary (the watch collection with images of different animals) of the French company.
Not everyone is able to sincerely admire the appearance of this amphibian. Hence the dual symbolic meaning of frog. The Christians considered it to be an embodiment of various aspects of sinful life. The Greeks and Romans sometimes called the frog a symbol of debauchery. However, in addition, it was considered to be an emblem of goddess Aphrodite (for the Romans - Venus.) In that sense, the frog was seen as a symbol of fertility and harmony between people in love. The Celts also took that amphibian as "Master of the Earth", who rules the power of healing waters.
In the interpretation of the Boucheron masters, frog turned into a good-natured and phlegmatic little pink creature that had a round shape. It settled on a blue dial in a round case, made of white gold with 42-mm diameter and 11.1-mm thickness. The strap is made of electric ramp leather of an unusual texture. It is colored in pink. The minute and hour hands, made of gold, are situated in the center of the dial. The seconds are counted by the pupil of the frog’s right eye. This movement creates an illusion that the animal now and then glances from side to side in search of prey. The women's watch “Crazy Jungle Frog” is equipped with in-house caliber “GP 4000” manufactured by “Girard Perregaux”. It is automatic. The movement is protected by the case against water penetration at a depth of 50 m.

Crazy Jungle Frog (ref. WA010205) Crazy Jungle Frog (ref. WA010202)

The company “Boucheron” produces the ladies watch “Crazy Jungle Frog” in two versions. The more luxurious one has a decorative bezel, adorned with diamonds. The bezel of “Crazy Jungle Frog” (ref. WA010202) has also an image of water lily, sputtered with colorful precious stones in position of "10 o'clock". In addition, the frog’s legs are put on the bezel. For those women, who want to buy a watch with a modest finishing, Boucheron offers the model “Crazy Jungle Frog” (ref. WA010205), the bezel of which isn’t incrusted.
The similar women's watch “Chameleon” (ref. WA010201) from the collection “Crazy Jungle” with an image of chameleon isn’t less interesting. Its dial is provided with a specific second hand at "7" hours in the form of a small fly, trying to dodge the sticky tongue of animal. The image of the chameleon is incrusted with various precious stones with total weight of 4.6 carats. There is a budget model of “Chameleon” watch (ref. WA010204). Its bezel is made of only white gold and has no incrustations.

Chameleon (ref. WA010204) Tourbillon Bestiaire Chameleon (ref. WA010201)

The collection of Boucheron has another model, adorned with the image of frog. The watch “Tourbillon Bestiaire” is a part of the series “Extravagant Bestiary”. This jewelry model has a case of 42-mm diameter, made of 18-carat white gold. The women's watch “Tourbillon Bestiaire” has a white mother-of-pearl dial with an unusual texture. A curling vine is hand-engraved on its glossy surface. A miniature dial with hour and minute skeletonized hands is situated at "1" hour. An aperture that shows the work of a tourbillon, with which the movement is equipped, is situated a little bit lower. It makes 21,600 complete rotations round its axis per hour. The tourbillon of the model “Tourbillon Bestiaire” has an unusual finishing. The masters of Boucheron adorned it with curly sprigs of white gold with tiny leaves. The watch “Tourbillon Bestiaire” has an unusually finished bezel. The lily flower, finished with precious stones, is situated at the left on the case. It hides the crown. The relief frog, incrusted with pink precious stones, is placed over the glass on the right side of the case. The women's watch “Tourbillon Bestiaire” is totally decorated with 282 rubies, sapphires and tsavorits (a special kind of garnet) of different shades, which reaches a total weight of 7.7 carats. For those, who cannot afford to buy a watch with such a gorgeous finishing, there is a budget version. 195 different precious stones of 3.3 carats weight have been used for finishing of this model. The women's watch “Tourbillon Bestiaire” has a pink or strawberry strap with an unusual texture. It is made of Galuchet leather. The strap has a buckle of white 18-karat gold. To buy the women's watch “Tourbillon Bestiaire” from the company Boucheron is not an easy task. This is 8 rare collectable timepieces.


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