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wristwatch Ulysse Nardin Kremlin Set
Brand: Ulysse Nardin
Series: Limited Editions
Title : Kremlin Set
Country of origin : Switzerland
Type of watch : men`s
case material : platinum
Waterproof : 50 m
power reserve : 40 of watches
Issued : 30
case diameter : 40 Đ¼Đ¼
Special Edition / Limited Edition
Hand Works
second hand
Kremlin is not just oldest part of Moscow, main social-politics, spiritual-religion and historic-art complex of Russian capital and official residence of president of Russian Federation, Kremlin is a face and visit card of Moscow city and Russia in the whole. Every part of Kremlin is not just a page of city but Russia in the whole. Once the walls of Kremlin was the border of the capital, nowadays it is the center of Moscow. Nowadays Kremlin territory includes huge squares, small parks, grand palaces and great churches with gold domes. Here all old combine with new. Kremlin as an assembly formed at the end of XV century after finishing of uniting huge Russian lands in whole great state with the center Moscow. The building of Kremlin was under leadership of famous Italian masters and Kremlin built for more than 9 centuries. Kremlin is situated in the center of the capital incorrect triangle, the square of which is 27,5 ha. In 1475-79 on the highest point of Kremlin assembly was built Cathedral of the Assumption, which became the main cathedral of Russia. The building of the cathedral led Italian architect Aristotele Fioravanti. One of greatest architect buildings considers to be the belfry of Ivan the Great, the highness of which is 81 meter. The belfry was built in 1505-08 under the leadership of Bon Fryazin. Also on the Kremlin territory is situated the biggest weapon in the world – Tzar – cannon, built in 1735. Here is situated Tzar – dome, which was cast in 1733-35 under the order of Anna Ioanovna. This giant dome was cast by Russian masters I. And M. Matorins. Moscow Kremlin is a greatest monument of Russian history, genius creation of Russian architecture and art. Exhibition “The history of time” was organized in honor of 200 anniversary of Kremlin. There were presented 40-minutes representation by 120 guard of president regiment in whole uniform. Demonstration of marching watched 400 honorary guests. Didn't miss this event for all Russian people, legendary watch company Ulysse Nardin, presented luxury and elegant men wristwatches Kremlin Set (ref.139-10/KREM). This unique luxury model is made in technique of cloisonne enamel was dedicated to 160 watch company Ulysse Nardin. Enamel presents connection of silicon, potash and saturnin. It used to be colorless, but in connection with oxide of different metals got bright and deep tones. The most complicated process is preparing of gold wire, which serve as circuit for most complicated and perfect patterns. The usage of wires prevent mixing and overflow of colored enamel. This gold wire has width 0.06 mm and highness 1.0 mm and for creating it bends with the help of two tweezers. It is fixed on the dial with the help of heat-resistant plant glue. For induration of glue the blank is set in chimney with the temperature 840 °C. Than, divided with gold wire circuit fills with colors of enamel with the help of goose pan. Then it treats with heat treatment. To get glossy surface and deepness of color, enamel inflicts with several layers, usually from 4 to 5. Then the surface polish as a result disappear roughness and enamel gets deep shining and gloss. All time-consuming process of creating enamel dial consists from more then 50 different steps, including 12 processes of firing, and takes more then 50 hours. Enamel dial gives to watches uniqueness and make it real masterpiece. In this model masters united Swiss and Russian culture. This uniting found its perfect embodiment in case of this wristwatch, which is made in the form of Faberge egg. Under creation not less luxurythen watches itself, case worked designers of watch company Ulysse Nardin and St.-Petersburg artist Andrey Ananov. On the case-egg covered with diamonds, painted St. Basil's Cathedral, and also gates and walls of Moscow Kremlin. In design of case found honorable place and symbol of watch company Ulysse Nardin: stand of case is made in form of three gold anchors. Flawless round case with diameter 40 mm, is made from platinum. Dial decorated with the help of hot enamel with paintings of St. Basil's Cathedral, protected with durable sapphire crystal. Watches are equipped with movement with self-winding caliber UN-13 with power reserve of 40 hours. Black strap is made from crocodile leather and is equipped with folding clasp. Water resistance of the model is 50 meters. Wristwatch Kremlin Set (ref. 139-10/KREM) is presented with limited edition in 30 pieces. “This was embodiment of dream” - with this words of Rolf Schneider, president of Ulysse Nardin company, inaugurated presentation of this model of luxury wristwatches.

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wristwatch Ulysse Nardin Kremlin Set
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