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wristwatch Ulysse Nardin -> Limited Editions  -> Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater

wristwatch Ulysse Nardin Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater
Brand: Ulysse Nardin
Series: Limited Editions
Title : Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater
Country of origin : Switzerland
Type of watch : men`s
case material : rose gold
Waterproof : 30 m
power reserve : 48 of watches
Issued : 50
case diameter : 42 мм
Special Edition / Limited Edition
Hand Works
Watch company Ulysse Nardin continues to amaze even exacting fans of luxury watch with its complicated technique of watchmaking. The bright confirmation of this is presented model of wristwatches Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater. On this model is presented technique cloisonne used in art of cloisonne enamel. To understand all complication and perfection of this model you should understand what presents cloisonne enamel. Enamel presents connection of silicon, potash and saturnin. It used to be colorless, but in connection with oxide of different metals got bright and deep tones. The most complicated process is preparing of gold wire, which serve as circuit for most complicated and perfect patterns. The usage of wires prevent mixing and overflow of colored enamel. This gold wire has width 0.06 mm and highness 1.0 mm and for creating it bends with the help of two tweezers. It is fixed on the dial with the help of heat-resistant plant glue. For induration of glue the blank is set in chimney with the temperature 840 C. Than, divided with gold wire circuit fills with colors of enamel with the help of goose pan. Then it treats with heat treatment. To get glossy surface and deepness of color, enamel inflicts with several layers, usually from 4 to 5. Then the surface polish as a result disappear roughness and enamel gets deep shining and gloss. All time-consuming process of creating enamel dial consists from more then 50 different steps, including 12 processes of firing, and takes more then 50 hours. Enamel dial gives to watches uniqueness and make it real masterpiece. Also watch company Ulysse Nardin became one of first manufactures which revived production of minute repeaters, the uniqueness of which gives moving figures jaquemarts on the dial. Nowadays, manufacture Ulysse Nardin stays the only one watch brand which decorates with jaquemarts the dial of watches with minute repeater. Movements with minute repeater differ with complications. Not looking at the simple substance of system which includes stroke barrel, spiral regulator, hammers and gongs, the main difficulty is in getting qualified and clear sounding. The sound of repeater is a result of vibration of gong, on which hammer strikes, and then strengthen thanks to watch case. Not looking at great achievements in science and newest technologies, production of minute repeaters can't be automatic. Every part of repeater processed by hands and at the same time presents musical instrument and watch movement. Every repeater adjusts individually which provides the uniqueness of the sound. In model Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater (ref. 726-61) found its embodiement all these complicated processes and it can be called a real masterpiece of watchmaking. Flawless perfect case with diameter of 42 mm is made from 18-karat rose gold. The dial with moving figures is durably protected with sapphire crystal. In the scene on the dial there is a crocodile which squeeze a little bird in its jaws. With activation of minute repeater the paw of lion stretching to swinging on the branch monkey began to move. 48-hours power reserve provides mechanical movement caliber UN-72. Brown dial is made from crocodile leather. Water resistance of the model is up to 30 meters. Model is presented in limited edition with 50 pieces.

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wristwatch Ulysse Nardin Safari Jaquemarts Minute Repeater
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