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wristwatch Ulysse Nardin -> Limited Editions  -> Genghis Khan

wristwatch Ulysse Nardin Genghis Khan
Brand: Ulysse Nardin
Series: Limited Editions
Title : Genghis Khan
Country of origin : Switzerland
Type of watch : men`s
case material : White gold
Waterproof : 30 m
power reserve : 70 of watches
Issued : 30
case diameter : 42 Š¼Š¼
Special Edition / Limited Edition
Hand Works
Genghis Khan is a great conqueror of his times, who managed to create, enrich and rise the whole Mongol Empire to peak of its power. Mongol Empire kept its power during more than 40 years after Genghis Khan death. Genghis Khan was born near 1155 on the shore of Mongol river Onon and at the beginning he got name Timugin. After many campaigns and conquests he got title Genghis, the meaning of which is still unknown. To 1225 came back to Mongolia, Genghis Khan owned lands to north of river Amu-Darya to east of Caspean Sea. His successors who continued the business of legendary ancestor were conquered Persia and south Russia. The success of Genghis Khan is in his intelligence and insight, as before beginning of his acting he didn't have any successors, making land for his future conquers, and associates, who could help him. For contemporaries and descendant of great Genghis Khan he stays the only one in Mongolian history a creator and reformer of Mongol Empire. One of the most popular watch companies Ulysse Nardin decided to transfer the exciting spirit of Mongol fights and greatness of legendary conqueror Genghis Khan through its perfect and great limited wristwatches which got the name of great conqueror – Genghis Khan. Model Genghis Khan (ref. 780-88) with complications, made by hands, presents real watch masterpiece and jewelery business. 70-hours power reserve of this luxury watch and magical movings of figures provides mechanical movement with hand-winding UN-78 on 36 stones. Flawless round case with diameter 42 mm is made from “noble” 18-karat white gold. Leather strap from crocodile skin with clasp from white gold is perfectly complements luxury view of this creation. Black onyx dial with scenes of past Mongol fights, figures of which are also from white gold, is covered with durable sapphire crystal , protecting perfect view of watch from scratches. Excellent view to watch also gives rotor of minute tourbillon which is situated on the lower part of dial and also is made from onyx. The form of bridge of the tourbillon is analogue of that which had place in chronometers of James Pellaton, which produced it special for Ulysse Nardin at the beginning of XX century. Four gongs, tuned on its tones, make Westminster stroke. After starting watch repeater begins to strike hours with note G, and minutes – note MI. All four gongs for half an hour strike in three different sequences of notes. “Unsinkable Mongol army” is up to 30 meters. The production of model Genghis Khan will implements during next 6-8 years with limited range of 30 pieces from 18-karat white gold and 30 pieces from 18-karat rose gold.

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wristwatch Ulysse Nardin Genghis Khan
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