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Moscow Watch Expo 2011

International specialized exhibition MOSCOW"Crocus Expo" WATCH EXPO, held October 27-29, 2011, is a landmark event for the time of the world demonstrates the importance of Russia and the Russian market for leading international companies.
    The purpose of this event was to acquaint visitors with the most interesting models of modern watches and clocks. The spectrum of products was represented unusually widely - from exclusive brands and fashion-hours prior to the product of democratic marks! This fall in Russia come new, exclusively shown in international exhibitions in Basel and the UAE. Moscow Watch Expo has become a platform where they could live to get acquainted with the best premieres of the year! Casio, Seiko, Luxor, Glam Rock, Anonimo, Thomas Percher, Quinting, Azimuth, Svend Anderson, Corum, Porsche Design, Epos - all of these brands presented their new products on display MOSCOW WATCH EXPO. The exhibition was held in the big hall of the exhibition center Crocus Expo. Many exhibitors have come to the design of their stands with a very creative approach: there were bars, and mini-restaurants, and just a small recreational area for visitors. On-site of Casio has been placed ATV, which with its powerful tires encounted models G-Shock; Fortis showed its watches in the stand in the shape of space satellite.
    Years of experience and a serious balanced analytical approach allowed the organizers to  work over details, reaching the highest level. Moscow Watch Expo 2011 covers all segments of the watch market :
Exclusive watches.
Classic watches.
Fashion-watch brands.
Sport watches.
Designer watches.
Interior clocks.
Equipment and tools for watchmaking business.
Historical exposition.
Thus, the "heart" of the exposure will be the most unique gallery of models - these watch models were created by well-known Swiss independent artists who have earned worldwide recognition.
The great interest of visitors will also cause the original historical exposition, the traditional time for exhibitions "Crocus Expo". A unique atmosphere of this festival in Moscow Watch Expo will create shows, competitions and shows.

Exhibition of Moscow Watch Expo is a unique trendsetter in the world of watches and center the pricing policy of the further development of the market.

Opening Ceremony of Moscow Watch Expo

    Moscow Watch Expo was designed to be the best branding platform for the presentation watch brands and accessories, an important event for industry professionals.
    The exhibition was created as a platform for the development of fruitful cooperation between the leading and emerging market specialists of watches for opening communication between clients and business partners.
    Moscow Watch Expo offered the broadest program of business, training activities addressed to professionals of all destinations in the world watch industry.
     Thus, engineers have demonstrated Seiko process of assembly and disassembly of the mechanical watches. Seiko also introduced new line of Grand Seiko, equipped with special electronic complexity introduced in mechanics, whose goal is to make the rotational motion of the rotor, so the second hand moves continuously, without jerks. The introduction of the electronic complexity could increase the precision mechanics before a Grand Seiko \ -1 second per day.
    Swiss watch brand Clerc presented a model with the case which consists of more than one hundred parts. And one of the models of  Swiss Corum so impressed one of the watch lovers that he had stolen one of the models directly from the stand.
    Manufactory Armand Nicolet introduced its new design, black carbon dial 3D. In fact, many brands have turned their attention to fashionable today three-dimensional space. So, Casio on their stands introduced new G-Shock and Baby-G, which are equipped with stunning three-dimensional dials. And the lighting model to Baby-G engineers came up with a multifaceted approach as-luminescence light in different colors.
    Also at MOSCOW WATCH EXPO was debut of company  Lancaster: the range of Italian fashion-brand Lancaster was first seen on the watch market in Russia. This brand strives to constantly be on top of fashion trends. It does not follow the fashion, and it creates fashion. In addition to wrist watches, the company also produces a collection of glasses, bags and various accessories made of leather. Lancaster company showcased a wide range of exquisite watches. It has released such collections as: Ceramik, Luxury, Pilo, Trendy, Swiss, In Voga, Non Plus Ultra. Watch brand Lancaster is in the middle price range.
    Orient introduced a new line Ferrap with the barrel case  and wheels on the dial showing the time.
    The American Watch Company Glam Rock introduced new women's watches with interchangeable bezel.
     Much attention of visitors attracted  Swiss watch company Azimuth. Especially such models  as the Mecha-1 BMF (binary time display) and Spaceship. The latter model was struck by its bold design for both men and the women.
    Particularly surprised visitors at the exhibition such famous brands as Quinting, Thomas Prescher, Luxor and Anonimo Firenze.

Anonimo, Azimuth and Lancaster watchs stand

     Quinting watches showed that the model depicts the earth in three dimensions, and, looking at the dial, we see that part of our planet, which saw the first man in space- Y.A. Gagarin. That is why the presentation of this model  was held in Moscow.
    Thomas Presher celebrity watchmaker of Switzerland, presented a clock with the Russian reactionaries arms. When you click on bicapital eagle flap, showing the time and after releasing the button takes the old coat bird majestically serene look. Several models of these watches were ordered by the Kremlin, and will be made exclusive watch for Putin.
Permutation of the crown to be worn on the right hand should take about six months Preseren Thomas, because the mechanism is not a mirror.
     Swend Anderson also presented a new model with a beautiful dial, depicting the star of the universe, and in addition, new models with erotic figures.
The Italian watch company Anonimo Firenze showed several new models of watches, such as Professionale GMT, Professionale CNS (model was developed to meet the requirements of the National Association divers), Anonimo - Firenze Dual Time Drass Gold-watch with two independent ETA movements, showing the time in two time zones, San Marco model with a modified design. Visitors were also able to see and evaluate a prototype of the first female model Anonimo Firenze, which are combined in an interesting way white crocodile skin, matted dial and 50 diamonds, each weighing 3 carats. Visitors had the opportunity to talk with the director of Anonimo Firenze David Cypres.
In conclusion, we note that the exhibition MOSCOW WATCH EXPO albeit was not as massive as, for example, Basel, but at this holiday of time art has been achieved the main principal to bring the souls of people love to watches and love for one of the most valuable part of our lives -Time. Because it is so small so we should  distribute it properly and  use the benefits of watches?, which help us a lot.

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Andersen Geneve
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Glam Rock
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Thomas Prescher
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