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Cortina Réf. HA1132CH-5Aquamarina Réf. HA1113-1Freelook is french watch company , founded in 1999. The idea of creation of this brand is in developing and production new original products at reasonable price. Nowadays watch market is full of different wristwatch models, made from high quality materials and in different design.  That is why the founders Freelook brand, Magali Come and Vaxen Gujian decided to create new brand which will produce original wristwatch models, presented in unsurpassed design. As a result of designer and businessman there was the first collection of the company, including elegant models, covered with Swarovski crystals. To amaze collectors or connoisseurs of wristwatches with decorated watch with crystals is easy, as nowadays watch market is rich of such models. The zest of watches Freelook is in its incrustation on the cases and bracelets, bezels and dials. The technique of mount of crystals resembles the work with precious stones. Crystals Swarovski look like diamonds, mount to metal lugs. Crystals Swarovski is a center of concept of the company, with the help of which the brand got perfection not only in technique of mount but also in design of produced watches. Crystals Swarovski turn watches Freelook in perfect ideal of fashion style. The founders of the brand didn't make a mistake in choosing design, because for a short time the brand got popularity with its original wristwatches, nowadays presented in more then 37 countries in the world. Watches Freelook are made in its own manufacture in Paris using only the best materials and movements. The company produces men's and women's models, which won the hearts of many people. In the collection of the brand there are mostly women's watches. Diversity of models do not leave anyone indifferent, and wide range of collections let anyone to make a choice.
Collection Glamour Réf. HA9026RG-9AquamarinaElektra Réf. HA1130-1 presents colorful watches, and also chronographs, round cases of which are made from stainless steel. Dials in different shades are equipped with Arabic numerals or rounds, three lines, and also chronograph counters at different hour markers. Silicon straps of different colors depending on the color of dial are complemented watches. Water resistance of watch is up to 30-100bar. Cases and bezels of some models are decorated with crystals Swarovski.
Another collection Cortina includes chronographs with date indication, and also models made in classic style. Cases of watches are made from stainless steel, colorful dials are are equipped with Arabic or Roman numerals. Leather straps or bracelets from stainless steel are complemented watches. Water resistance is up to 50-100bar.
Also models from collection Elektra are original. These are elegant watches with cases from stainless steel and leather straps or steel bracelets. Some models of this line present embodiment of unique design solutions, displayed on the watch dials. The dial is made in the same style as and color as leather strap. Only central part of the dial is made in another color gamma on which two hands are situated. Another watches of this line are made from stainless steel of white or yellow colors. Steel bracelets of the same shades are complemented watches. Dials of some watches are decorated with crystals Swarovski in the image of different patterns.
Glamour is a collection of exclusive models made in different styles and versions. Here you can find models with round, square, rectangle cases, decorated with crystals Swarovski in different colors. Luxury models are embodiment of elegance and refining. Cases of watches are made of stainless steel or brass. Some models are fully decorated with crystals on which the crystals of another color display the time. Leather straps with crystal inserts the same color as on the dial and bezel are complimented watches. Hour marks of this watch is also made from crystals Swarovski. In this collection you can find elegant watches which cases are decorated with stones, and dials present night sky with stars and moon. Leather straps in different shades are complemented watches.
Van Der Graaf Réf. HA7120-110th anniversary Ref HA1999-1Original and unique women's models present in another collections: Lady Chronograph, Nouveautes, Sea diver, Stardust, Subaqua. These are classic chronographs made in different colors, sports models of diver's watches, classic models with steel bracelets and decorated with crystals Swarovski.
Men's collection of watches Freelook presents by the next collections: 10th anniversary, Nouveautes, Van Der Graaf.
10th anniversary and Nouveautes are collections of exclusive watches produced by the brand Freelook in limited edition -100 pieces. Cases of watches are made of stainless steel. Dials of watches presents embodiment of original designers ideas, equipped with three hands and indicator of date of the week in the view of little circle with the hand, showing the day of the week at the position of 9 hours. Leather straps or steel bracelets are complemented watches. Water resistance is up to 50bar.
Van Der Graaf are the original models made of stainless steel. Colored dials are equipped with Arabic numerals, three hands, aperture of the date at the position of 3 hours, 24-hours indication. Silicon straps are complemented watches. Water resistance is up to 30bar. Watches are equipped with quartz movements.
In wide range of women's and men's models everyone can find the watch by his own taste and will.

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