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Volna Watches

VolnaDepths of the ocean and the best traditions of watchmaking is the source of inspiration for the brand «Volna». As creators say, «Volna» is a tribute to the epoch of "cold war" and an embodiment of the harsh images of Soviet military equipment. The arms race in the service of which the great powers have put a huge industrial and intellectual potential, represented the power and force of technological progress.

During the so-called "Cold War" was nothing but a nightmare - under threat of extinction from the face of the earth several times turned out to be not only individual cities, but even countries with populating them with people. Despite this, many people on our planet are still symbols and images of those years, causing tenderness and nostalgic memories. This nostalgia with a light hand of designers from Switzerland, was embodied in the brand «Volna», - the first collection of watches with a Russian name.

For the first time these watches were presented at the annual exhibition in Basel. Design watches «Volna» embodies the image of the harsh Soviet military equipment. Artists Creator gave all the power and reliability of submarines, conquering the ocean depths: uncompromising and endurance of these invisible "monsters." Feature of the watch «Volna» was that used in the manufacture of titanium casing and a special ship steel, non-corrosive, anti-magnetic and does not cause allergic reactions. Movement of watches «Volna» - Swiss automatic ETA officially certified.

The Soviet Union was a leader in watchmaking: the work of the masters and watch industry in general, were in second place in the world, after Switzerland, of course. However, today, Switzerland, paying tribute to Soviet colleagues, said its slogan: «Russian Heritage Swiss watch». Soviet nuclear submarines 60s became the aesthetic embodiment of the brand. Basically «Volna» presents two main collections: «Typhoon» and «Typhoon Siberia».

Masters of the company «Volna» one of the fewVolna who work with titanium class G5, exceptionally resistant and resilient to external shocks, corrosion.
Model «Typhoon Siberia» on the brand «Volna», released a limited edition of 125 pieces, combines high technology with the traditions of watchmaking. Over time the G5 titanium used for medical purposes mainly because of its antiallergenic properties. This material contains no nickel, and thus it is two times lighter than steel. In the world of watchmaking titanium entered recently, because of the hard work with this material is not easy.

In the early 1960s, the Soviet watch production goes to second place in the world market for mechanical watches timepieces. The result of such an industrial breakthrough was the emergence of a particular style of watch: diving under the special order units of the Soviet Navy. Typically, these models are distinguished by a massive 60 mm steel case, crown with protective cap and rotating welt. Water resistance of this model is designed to a depth of 200 meters. The developers did their best to reproduce the image of a submarine in the collections «Volna»: All models are waterproof, and certified to be waterproof to three hundred meters deep. This enhanced protection from moisture guarantee patented double crown and security indicator.

Opening the series «Typhoon» are also made of titanium, natural rubber and hypoallergenic stainless steel 316L. Starting from the smallest cog belt buckle and finishing, every part is manufactured in Switzerland, according to the status of the Swiss Made. Experts estimate the optimum size for watches of this class - 46.5 millimeters. Hull lines «Typhoon», straight and curved, smooth edges and accented corners, twin the chronometer with professional tools submariners.
«Volna» on the wrist is your chance to feel like a real sea wolf, tough, strong and ready for any event.

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